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Millionaires & Billionaires Listen UP!

And you thought you were immune from the Camps – think again!

Looks like you’ve waited too long, and you are each about to pay the price for that hesitation. The creatures you’ve been sharing a business-bed with throughout this long and bloody trail to reach the end-of-the-USA; will have major and disastrous consequences for you all. The blatant looting of this nation, coupled with the tens of millions of jobs that you have overseen as they were sent offshore was catastrophic to the millions whose jobs you murdered—but you were unmoved—because your own “take” from each of these ventures has so massively increased your already obscene income-levels. What you and your cohorts have done to this nation by sacking the population and then turning on us as Enemies of the State would be appalling enough; but then you added the looting and criminalizing of the population which makes Ancient Rome look like child’s play by comparison. And now in these final days you have made a huge mistake: You have violated the first rule of every Outlaw, Bandit, Terrorist or Traitor:

You have forgotten that you cannot ever trust your accomplices! NO professional criminal can afford to ever trust their “partners” and apparently you have trusted the dark-powers behind this latest ‘takeover attempt’ and that mis-step will cost all of you EVERYTHING!

You were only necessary for a short time anyway, even though you took the blood-money and did the heavy lifting of covering up so much criminality, until it became too late to hide the scale of this TREASON from the public. Apparently you still seem to feel that you are ‘NECESSARY’ to the entire scheme, going forward? Guess what: You are no longer necessary!

Here in an interview beginning at 3 min 54 sec, that sites the letter by Albert Pike that was written in 1871. This document reveals the need for, and the outcome, of all three Zionist created World Wars; which is and was the basis for everything currently underway. (1)

The world is still fighting for its life in many far-flung places, and the link I was planning to introduce here was CENSORED by U-Tube so it cannot be presented here. But what the video carefully and fully explained was what is planned for the planet, under the current free-for-all being guided by the corrupted West and led by Zionist occupied Israel & USI. Here’s the now useless-link so that you can see the blatant CENSORSHIP for yourself,

Here’s the note that I sent along with the video, when I tried to make it available to everyone. “EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO Because this is what we did to Iraq for ten years of no-fly zones, between Daddy’s War and Juniors aftermath. It’s WHAT WE DID to Libya, to Palestine and what we have planned for Yemen, Pakistan, and other countries that we want to OWN. The ‘Arab-Partners’ cited by France in the video are NOT the people of those countries, they are the completely corrupted-puppet-leaders that we keep in power. This is also what is planned for US, here inside BATTLEFFIELD AMERICA, as well!” Tomahawk missiles & phosphorus for all: One hell of a way to end our freedoms…

Incidentally, contrary to what U-tube says in its effort to justify this blatant CENSORSHIP, U-tube has chosen to implement their Zionist policies a full month ahead of time, in honor of keeping this information from the people that need to see the video—so that they could decide for themselves the truth or the lies represented therein: One more example of the real terror that is being felt by those that will be sending all of you to an early grave.

Amerika will have a huge cherry to put atop this rotting-dream for having slaughtered yet another whole nation—because in addition to having almost all of everything that they paid to all those would-be accomplices, (that would be you and all your criminal associates) over all those years, they will have all your loot as well, to swell their treasuries again; but you’ll all be dead.

You know from experience that having too many disgruntled former workers around is dangerous—so why wouldn’t your former partners just spend some bullets and get you over with now? Unless of course you just happened to have amassed a private shadow-army of your own to protect you from their mercenary forces? “What’s that you say? You have influence?” Not any more, because you’ve become a liability that needs to vanish ASAP: Just in case your predicament might infect others before they can be taken down as well…

The good news is you probably won’t make it to the camps; but then you won’t be able to survive either; so you’d better save that last bullet for yourself, as you were never really all that strong anyhow! And you were so looking forward to that life on easy-street with all that artificial power to command, still at your fingertips – Oh how the mighty will be falling like autumn leaves in a Hurricane! What’s that you say? “Oh yes the global financial meltdown AND the thermonuclear war?” Sorry, wrong again; the BACKLASH has begun and all those petty little-evil schemes are choking on each other and all because you overreached! Well, in fairness it was really because you could never successfully control that Zionist-contagion that began to hunger just a bit too much, to slaughter everyone throughout the whole Middle East for starters. You should’ve stopped that vicious beast, because as usual she’s about to go insane again and this time she wants to attack both Russia and China in the bargain, along with every other nation, including this one.

Your problem is that you cannot directly attack this country (the preferred method will mimic what was recently done to Libya) while you are pretending to free other countries who had just begun to want the freedoms we just lost! Your credibility is shot and you didn’t even see this coming—perhaps you were too busy BEHIND CLOSED DOORS just laughing your ample-asses off at what was about to end the world in your favor?

Intelligent conquerors know that they must not begin to celebrate until the victims have been totally decimated—strike two against your side for impatience and indiscretion. How ironic that your love of the same money that is now worthless; is what is about to bring you down to the absolute ruin you all so deserve! The handwriting is on your walls. The walls that you now must hide behind, from the rabble of the world, that when they’ve had enough; will begin to tear you limb from limb. How much have you spent just to prevent this day from ever coming? You and the Fourth Reich will be uprooted together because you conspired together to steal the planet—and even the broken people cannot and will not tolerate that any longer…

Your political and military crimes have surpassed the ancient crimes of the Caesar’s and all who came before them. You have become an abomination upon the world and that must be paid for! Raised on GREED, nourished by HATE and goaded by ARROGANCE, your fantasies were star-crossed from your earliest beginnings: So go ahead, try and implement that final chapter that you’re so convinced will “work.” But KNOW this: You will never escape what you have so earned for so many centuries past that every future is now closed to you—forever!

Here’s another view about what is about to happen that you’ll probably love—but you will not live to see it take hold because you were always just more Road-Kill in the onslaught to rid the world of everyone who is not a totally-dedicated-Zionist!

“The key weapon wielded against all peoples in every country is PsyWar – Psychological Warfare – that has successfully: (a) incorporated two, maybe three billion people into the IT Cybersphere allowing growing partial/total control over them, and (b) persuaded billions of people to willingly accept this. The rest of Mankind – the other 3 or 4 billion are “useless eaters” as David Rockefeller once called them – just don’t count because they’re too abjectly poor and are not part of any “mark;” there’s literally nothing the Corporate Overworld can sell to them. Thus, they are implicitly earmarked for controlled extermination over the next generation through war, disease, starvation, urban violence, environmental contamination, artificially induced “natural” disasters, or by just plain letting them waste away…

As I write, the surveillance and control infrastructure can read this article, plot my location from their satellites using the cell phone in my pocket as a GPS transponder, spy on what I read, write and navigate on my laptop, and God knows what more…

We had better find the answers quickly because we are fast coming to a fork of world historic proportions on the road of human destiny. We either climb up the high road leading to human evolution which will necessarily entail the painful but necessary destruction of the Global Power Elite and all who support, consolidate, empower and fuel its growth, or… we slip down the low road into a dark abyss of death, destruction, mass hypnosis and the end of the human spirit; a vision pretty close to what men throughout the ages have described as Hell…

What road will you take? We can still make the right decision. There is not, however, much time left.” (2)

I just didn’t want to let the opportunity to “let you all know” that your efforts to kill us all have not gone unnoticed. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this little chat!

Jim Kirwan

1) Rense & Tim Rifat – 7 min 58 sec video

2) War for Total Control

You can also view this article at


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