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No formal funeral–services will be held for the Death of the Nation.

This oil-sketch was done over thirty years ago. I’ve forgotten the title. This hints at the kind of isolation that led millions to stay quiet while this nation and the world died yesterday, with the formal end of 2012.

There are no longer any laws to guide us, no roads to ease our individual-journey, only SILENT dangers and sudden inexplicable crimes against us all. Dates, times or places, along with human-history have all been shredded in anticipation of the coming of those confrontations that have been linked to all that we call—WAR.

Owns the coming year!

Recently: “Most guns are to be outright banned. Under the head senator of the committee that controls what laws can be introduced (Diane Feinstein). So they’re going to try, with the new larger majority in the senate to pass the new Assault Weapons Ban – where most guns are banned, they shut down gun shows: They shut down any sale of any firearm; giving a firearm to your grand-son: That’s all banned. But none of that compares to basically all gun owners; depending upon the interpretation ‘most’ having to go to the ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms); NO JUDGE, NO JURY, NO BACKGROUND, NO PROOF. You’ve done NOTHING WRONG, you’re GUILTY.

You’re not guilty until you’re proven innocent—you’re GUILTY. They can just deny you the ownership of the guns you legally bought and went through a background check (to own-k). The media spins this and says things like “Gun Owners should pass background checks – gun safety classes” This is how guns were banned fifty-plus years ago in New York…

…You will bring all the guns you already legally own including stuff manufactured in the last hundred years—this is all guns—this IS anything semi-auto ~ you bring it in and this lady (Feinstein) and her ATF, a known criminal organization ~ they will then decide IF YOU CAN OWN THE FIREARMS.” (1)

The ATF is the bunch of thugs & criminals that Hillary Clinton (in the absence of Attorney-General Janet Reno) sent in with flame-throwing tanks to wipe out the people in the Branch Davidion Compound in Waco, Texas. Their building was burned to the ground. America was attacked illegally by the government in that action.

InterventionThat illegal attack then, created today’s breaking-point.

The same ATF that led the dead-on-arrival feral War-on-Drugs; was also the same agency involved in the FAST & FURIOUS gun transfer with Mexican Drug Cartels. Obama & Holder distributed hundreds of assault-weapons, in volume, to global drug-dealers. Obama and his AG were both involved, yet together, these two TRAITORS “officially-ruled” that they were not-guilty of any wrong-doing.

REMEMBER, no one has gone to JAIL for the attempted-takeover of America, since even before George W. Bush was crowned dictator on 12-12-2000.

Now the ATF is in charge of whatever happens to anyone “that actually goes to them for judgment”. Neither they, the president, congress nor the courts have any right to INFRINGE on anyone who has the protection of the Second Amendment.  By trying to arrest, fine or seize any weapons from any citizen—

It is the Feral-Government that is breaking “the law” and
government officials should be arrested!

Since the gravity of this problem began to surface—DISARMING THE PUBLIC—most people are totally confused about how to respond; or even how to begin to deal with whatever might be coming with this latest new set of illegal-orders. Gun-owners are the targeted citizens that took the Second Amendment at face value, and now are to be illegally-arrested after-the-fact because the feral-government is again changing the rules, long after the facts, on which their current actions are based. (2)

This is NOT about guns, this is about TOTAL & ILLEGAL CONTROL of all the people in this place that must be forcefully RESISTED by gun owners and by every person that wants their freedom back.

People ask me: “But how can we resist and be effective: What can we do, where do we start, how will we know what to do when the time comes?

When U.S. General George Patton who said “Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country” spoke to the same problem that American-draftees faced then, that each of us faces now: Patton had some sage-advice for the young who had never faced the kinds of death that any war demands from ordinary people in the same way that ordinary gun-owners and patriots have been forced-to-face today. The key to everything is what just happened to all Americans in the last few days.

George S. Patton, the real person was a lightning-rod filled with controversy both on and off the battlefield. However, today we need to be able to understand what most did, when Patton was fighting for us against the NAZI’s.

In the 1970 film George C. Scott as Patton says: “The NAZI’s are the enemy, wade into them, shoot THEM in the belly: When you put your hand into a bunch of goo that a moment ago was your best friend’s face: You’ll know what to do!”

Ironically we are now still fighting NAZI’s: 4th generation NAZI’s! They are the current-global-Zionists, the Amerikkkan traitors that have joined forces to become more savagely-evil than were the troops were that we fought against during WWII. The Third Reich gave rise to Israel’s Fourth Reich of today. That was the plan all along.

This cancerous-death-sentence has attached itself, for money, to the mindless new-world-order that condemns humanity to permanent enslavement or death: Unless we come-together-now to remove this global-cancer. If this does NOT happen then the world as we know it will simply no longer exist.

Ally yourselves with those frightened young recruits as they listened to a two-star general when he explained to them the reasons that men and women need to fight back today, against this tyranny, that has found its way into America in 2013.

Jim Kirwan

1) Bill: Legal Gun Owners Must Surrender to ATF

2) The last four articles from 2012:

Goodbye to History, December 30

Sun Tzu & Fatal Errors, December 29

The Rock & the Hard Place, December 28

It Really Is This Simple, December 27


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