Everything Old Is New Again

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We have run the gauntlet, intensively, for the years that have already passed in this so-called New Millennium. The shadow-powers have been very carefully restructuring the Feudal-powers of old, to once again crush the 90%, into serving the 10% in perpetuity—again!

“The period of history from the 5th to the 15th century was known as the Middle Ages. During this time, the law of the land in Europe was known as the “feudal system.” This was the manner in which the upper 10% (the nobility) controlled the lower 90% (the serfs or peasants).

There were a few kings who were very wealthy and powerful, who owned all of the land. To maintain control of this land, it was broken into fiefdoms and pieces were given to friends of the kings (barons). The barons then allotted land to their friends and allies in order to govern efficiently. It was in this manner that the “nobility” was created, and the land passed down through these select few families by manner of inheritances.

The reward of being delegated this control came at a price. To maintain the control of the fiefdoms, manors and estates, the nobility had to pledge fealty to the kings and pay them taxes and homage.

It is estimated that just over 90% of the population of Europe were peasants. Most peasants were basically slaves. They were provided with a small shelter on an inferior piece of land and the “protection” of the noble in charge of that area. In return, they worked for the estate, farming the land with no recompense, paying taxes and having no control over their own lives. Some peasants were “free” and had their own small businesses: blacksmiths, carpenters, bakers, etc. They paid for the protection of the “lord” with money, goods and services.

Peasants had few rights. They could be taxed at any time, were obligated to use (and pay for) services of the manor like mills or large ovens, and had to request permission for marriages, change of locations or educating their children.

Each year, the peasant was required to give the best part of his harvest to the lord of the manor. The peasants were not allowed to own things that made their lives easier, like oxen or horses, for example. A peasant did not own the land on which he lived and was therefore obligated to live where he was told, grow what he was told, and farm in the manner in which he was told. They were not allowed to hunt on the lord’s land – poaching was an offense punishable by death. They were not allowed to cut trees for firewood, but forced to gather fallen branches in order to stay warm. A peasant was not allowed to have real, effective weapons – those were reserved for the armies of the nobility, in order to keep the peasants in line and immediately quell any quest for dignity and independence.

Most of the peasants seemed content with the arrangement because they received security and safety from the lord. He was obligated to protect them from marauders and barbarians, and provide enough land for subsistence. Serfs could be used as a commodity, and traded. If the control of the land changed hands, the serfs were included in the transaction.” (1)

How was this different from what has been going on since September of 2007—until this blood-drenched moment—when the global-banks have been reconstituted, to fund their new royalty (And our enslavement). The fake-funding was stolen from the 90% of us, to rule absolutely over the new serfs & slaves. That is all that’s left of those of us who thought we were free? Americans would be insulted to be called “peasants” yet that is all we are today; since the clock above reached “2013”!

“CARAVAN” created in the early 70’s

Even  just that long ago we see a return to the Feudal Days of slaves and peasants, to superstitions, oversimplifications and flights of fantasy that speak of ancient powers, where life was not to be lived-fully, by ordinary people. Not shown is the brutal poverty, the hopeless toil without reward. Can we really choose to go back to the time of the fifth through the fifteenth century where there was no chance for most of those that had to live in that?

The very last bastion of freedom is being challenged by traitors inside and outside the feral-government to strip Americans of our weapons, under the second amendment that sought to keep Americans free from this blatant-tyranny for all time. If Americans won’t fight to keep and use their weapons, against this throwback to the fifth century—then there will no longer be anything but peasants and the filthy-rich—which from history we know is a nothing but a colossal lie that ends anything approximating human-life, anywhere on this now backward-planet of eternal war—paid for by human-bondage, hatred, rape and torture—as long as the phony-money holds out?

“Is it really a leap to say that we are still living on the feudal   system?

Members of the global elite still meet and choose the leaders of the world, based on which of those leaders will “swear fealty” by agreeing to the agenda set forth by said elite. The Bilderberg group, with their influence on world policy and finance, are the king-makers – future leaders are vetted by them, then their campaigns are fully funded. In this way, control trickles down but it is just one small group of people who actually call the shots.

On a more local level, think about the home you “own.” The properties that we think we own are taxed on an annual basis in most places. As the economic debt goes higher and higher every year, so do our property taxes. As we improve our properties, our taxes increase. If you think you really own your home or land, try skipping your tax payment and you’ll see how quickly the true owners appear. We are merely tenants.

Our income taxes go up every time the barons government, needs more money. This leaves us with less money for us to feed our families. Income tax is not optional – it comes off your paycheck before you see a dime of it. You are paying for the privilege of working.” (1)

Today more than ever-before, we have crossed over into official personal bankruptcy—given that we can no longer earn enough to have anything left over after the new taxes, fines and penalties that have been added to the 80% to 85% that we already pay back to the government, from our ever-shrinking salaries. With the addition of the new and sky-rocketing costs for fuel, food, energy, electricity and water as well as the specialized taxes for health-care, insurance, prescription medicines and our portion of the WAR-MACHINE that never shrinks! We are already DEAD. We just don’t known that yet, but within three months, that will become crystal clear to everyone both here and all-over-the-planet.

Officially the government now takes over 100% of whatever we can manage to scrape together, every week, just to survive.
That’s NOT FREEDOM that is being a DEBT-SLAVE!

“We must be granted permission and pay even more taxes for the privilege of going about our every day lives. We must purchase a license to drive on the roads, build on our properties, or hunt and fish to feed our families. Even with a license, hunting is only allowed at certain times per year – self-sufficiently feeding your family with game outside the specific 2 week windows throughout the year is illegal. If we farm, we are obligated to comply with overbearing regulations in order to sell our home-raised food to others. If we choose to farm without chemicals and toxins, we aren’t allowed to advertise the fact without filling out crippling reams of paperwork. We must bow to the FDA and destroy some of the nutrients in our food (pasteurization) if we want to sell it to others.

Speaking of monopolies, Monsanto, aided and abetted by friends at the FDA, is attempting to take over the farming industry. If a farmer refuses to use the frankenseeds, and a bit of pollen drifts over from a nearby farm who has sold out to Big Agriculture, the independent farmer can be taken to court and sued into oblivion, losing his property and his livelihood.

If we choose to educate our children at home and raise independent thinkers, we must also be subject to “oversight”. Most states have a governing board which tests home-schooled children on an annual basis. Parents are told what their children must learn and the timeline on which they must learn it.” (1)

On this front—watch this masterful report about how we came to be in this position. This was a major part of the life of Charlotte Iserbyt. Spend an hour and 14 minutes on The Miseducation of America, if you have any doubt that we are going backwards at the speed of light. (2)

Then take another look at “By Invitation Only…” for what lies immediately ahead – for far too many that still call themselves “Americans”. (3)

Jim Kirwan

1) Serfdom and the Feudal System: What’s Old is New Again

2) Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full – 1 hr 50 min video

3) By Invitation Only…


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