Asymmetrical Warfare

Aftermath of the1933 Reichstag Fire

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What we in 2013 are about to be dragged into will be the ultimate Asymmetrical Warfare.

Americans do not tend to think of WARS as Asymmetrical. Most believe that warfare has its own symmetry. Therefore Asymmetrical or “the lack of symmetry” seems impossible to believe because WARS are “symmetrical by nature” in the minds of most people. However a quick glance at recent history proves otherwise.

The NEXT-ATTACK upon America will most likely resemble the 1933 attack upon the Reichstag buildings in Germany. The fire-bombing left that nation without a formal seat of government and opened the door for Hitler to take over in its’ wake. Feinstein is already making noises about how “we need another Reichstag in this country.”

This is parallel to what PNAC (Project for a New American Century) called for, BEFORE 911, when they said they needed “A New Pearl Harbor”.

In the Reichstag Fire, the1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and the September 11 attacks on the USA: All three false-flag attacks had the same things in common. Each was an orchestrated and encapsulated event in itself. Each involved their populations that had suffered massive and immediate effects which sent shock waves thru their governing bodies that had to be dealt with. Each of these three events changed the course of their own government’s original-direction, at the time. False-Flags are used because they tend to work, unless as in our own case they have been overused to the point that the public is more than AWARE of them. History has shown us that these false-flag-events were pivotal. However all-bets-are off-now because for too long this global-government has been using LIES to substitute for the actual reasons for going to war in any case…

Illustration source unknown

Feinstein is seeking the same kind of massive change in the attitude of America’s people as soon as 2013 starts. Diane Feinstein wants a radical re-alignment and an end to the Republic in order to massively and simultaneously THREATEN and SHUT-DOWN the American people—just long enough—to create her new fascist-police-state with a minimum of public-resistance.

In her mind and in the minds of those who will carry-out this next attack what should be clear to a stunned US Public: is that “in order to protect most Americans from more-attacks; Martial Law is mandatory and anyone that challenges the coming presidential order will be automatically labeled as a terrorist or worse. During the coming attack and immediate aftermath—no doubt the Constitution loving and determined Americans who reject the inherent panic in such policies, will be demonized. The public will instead be mobilized to CRUSH all resistance to MARTIAL LAW, given the severity of the coming ATTACK—based on the horrific nature of whatever Feinstein & our OWNERS decide to do to us!

ADVANCE FOR TUESDAY, DEC. 7–FILE–The battleship USS Arizona belches smoke as it topples into the sea during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. The ship sank with more than 80 percent of its 1,500-man crew, including Navy radio operator Burton Lowell Carter. (AP Photo)

After Pearl Harbor, where about the same number of Americans were killed, as those who died on 911: America rounded-up Japanese, of American descent, and shipped them to P.O.W. camps in the Western US for the duration of the war. The coming “WAR” will be “unending” (According to Cheney & the architects of the WARS that we are committed to continuing). Unlike conditions in the 1941 internment of the Japanese there will not be a release of anyone classified as a THREAT to the current Police-State that Obama & Company are planning.

Whatever this next-attack turns out to be: It must be so catastrophic that there won’t be time to think about what happened or who actually did the next-attack. The military and the traitors will be running the AFTERMATH, and will supposedly kill anyone in the affected zones that does not immediately follow their every thought. That will happen as the scale of the event and the public’s fear, combine, to freeze most people in a nationwide PANIC! That’s exactly what all such ATTACKS are designed to do. That’s also why these tactics are called Asymmetrical Warfare. We must begin to ACT immediately; to prevent the nation from being driven into FEMA-CAMPS or LOCKED into SURRENDERING any more of our already fragmented human-rights—but especially the second-amendment!

This nation is massive and does not compare in any way, to any of the states that we have previously targeted for WAR. The United States has never fought a civilian population as well armed and potentially as well prepared, as the US could turn out to be. This makes virtually everything about the coming false-flag literally “up-for-grabs”!

The so-called powers that be have NOT done their homework. They have put out all kinds of garbage, in leaked supposedly CLASSIFIED memos, about how they plan to arrest and disappear millions of Americans—but they have neither the strength or the back-up for what they might want to threatened us with, this time around.

In cases such as Katrina, a small and devastated area was available which they could SURROUND and take physical control of, once they imported hundreds of thousands of troops and cops—they were able to create something akin to shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, and call it “powerful”. The same kind of thing happened in New York during Hurricane Sandy; well defined areas hit hard by the storms, and backed-up by thousands of troops and bodies deep to keep out anyone that wanted to help – that’s not power, that’s COWARDICE by those who FEAR the people they want to murder, or leave them to die from exposure-as was done in Hurricane Andrew in Florida, (Over 5,700 died) the warm-up for Katrina!

Once the entire nation is put on official notice of MARTIAL LAW then everyone will be responsible for themselves. Cops will be confined to their own areas; so they have nothing like the forces that were so evident during the whole of 2011 against OCCUPY. Places like Oakland California, a total of about 645 cops (NO BACKUP, NO STATE TROOPERS) because every area has to deal with whatever they were originally created to serve. State National Guard units – good luck with that, most of that organization is still fighting other wars outside this country—and as for FOREIGN TROOPS? If they are here already they would have to have been discovered as they need to eat and sleep and have some kind of recreation: So far all the rumors of their impending-presence have yet to be verified.

This nation is massive and the police were not designed to be troops in charge of forcing the public to do whatever traitors want them to do. The public can be a monster, once aroused, and if they decide to confront the droid-cops face-to-face with arms: The cops would be slaughtered on contact and whoever among them survives will end their day by running for their worthless lives. That’s what the Feinstein’s, the bankers and the Obama criminals FEAR the most—because the people in this huge country outnumber THEM at least a thousand to one.

In Germany at the beginning of WWII, Hitler had too few troops to do what he wanted to do initially; so he bluffed his way until he got comfortable enough to begin to carry out his threats. This country is currently in the same situation—they do NOT have the depth of forces needed to do much except in some isolated places—but TAKE ON THE ENTIRE COUNTRY SIMULTANEOUSLY – no fucking way!

That’s why they are trying to spread the VIPER program to attempt to terrify the driving or traveling public in a few locations. If they had to spread their Mickey-mouse forces over an entire state they would be instantly slaughtered. Once the population begins to see through this criminal-charade and hold the cops and their bosses responsible for the hundreds of murders they’ve committed; then everything will begin to change. Until now there have been no charges, no penalties, and no jail time served – that must happen!

The public has been cowardly, and it might remain so, but if the public finally SNAPS and realizes that THEY’VE GOT NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE – then this entire farce will go up in smoke faster than a grease-fire STRUCK BY THUNDERBOLTS instead of fire retardant. These fools are literally playing with FIRE: possibly with Nitroglycerine as well.

Once cops are ATTACKED, before they’re ready for it, and have to deal with the slaughter of some of their own that might signal a whole new kind of day. Cops are not the only ones that can conduct SURPISE-RAIDS in the middle of the night. That will change everything. This so-far one-sided-bullying can’t last much longer—because the THREATS being made by this government can’t hold-up: They KNOW it and so do those of us that have thought about this shit from time to time.

Someone said this to me yesterday about Disarming Us:

“They already have in any way that matters. The guns are simply a fetish object clung to by idiots who are the metaphoric frogs in boiling water refusing to jump.

Gun owners are cowards, cretins, and convinced that the fig leaf that hides their nakedness is a gun. The gun is defending no ones rights. It may stop a robber, it may kill a cop or two, but against an F-16 it is nothing.”

Of course the idiot failed to understand that for the F-16 to be used it must have fuel, weapons and communications to find his or her target. It must also have a base that is secure (food, supplies & communications) as well as the security to venture out among us without getting slaughtered as they routinely are, inside Afghanistan now. Iraq is not much better. Yet the public doesn’t know how bad things really are. Those in much smaller places, than anything the size of the USA, are getting their asses kicked in so many more places that it’s embarrassing now—which is why we’ve resorted to drones instead of planes, they’re cheaper.

Our aircraft are SHOT after years of war with not enough maintenance to keep them flying: All our priority weapons and funding goes directly to ISRAEL. The US can’t even afford to fix its own planes. Our worn-out troops have been damaged by too many tours-of-duty, TOO MUCH DUEXPOSURE and NO MORALE AT ALL. Why else is the biggest killer of US troops overseas now SUICIDE?

Is one big bullshit machine!

If this country attacks its own people then all those worthless pigs and politicians and their flunkies will soon discover what it means to


With the worst kinds of criminality while failing to consider that most of those people bought their own weapons intending to fully USE them to the limit – rather than surrender everything to “THE CHOSEN RACE” or to the “EXCEPTIONAL-PEOPLE”: Both of whom are already immune to every LAW under the sun?

Here’s what the government is threatening us with now. Read some of it – look at the video, and around the web. Decide for yourself if this country is run by TERRORISTS or Americans—because the answer to that question is as clear as the Treasury is NOW-EMPTY! (1)

There’s also this CONFLICT OF INTEREST. (2)

Jim Kirwan

1) Obama Would Call on Military to Disarm Americans During National Emergency

2) Zionists Are a Fifth Column in America?


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