Everything That Goes Up

Must Come Down

Illustration by David Dees

As a boy I turned a very powerful hand-carved bowdark-bow towards a fantastically beautiful afternoon sky, on a summer day.  I paused briefly: Then pulled the bowstring all the way back and fired a target arrow into the air that seemed to go up and up and up forever.

I turned back to my friends with a sigh of satisfaction and then we heard the scream. Instantly, the five of us began to run toward that sound that had gone from startled-pain to a raging boiling anger. Curses spewed from a man several hundred yards away. There he was, a man with an idle-lawnmower just getting to his feet: Blood was running down his shoulder, and when he caught sight of us coming toward him he calmed down, just a bit. We were very young and very terrified. Apparently he had been mowing his lawn when that arrow suddenly graze his neck – had it been an inch further to his right, or had it been a hunting arrow, he would have been hit in the neck, probably killed and no one would have heard another sound from him…

Apologies seemed as lame as they were, so five terrified children listened while the man’s anger began to subside. I never forgot the horror when I realized, not just that someone might have died, but that if that had happened—I was RESPONSIBLE. I had been so intent on firing the arrow that I never considered if, or where, it might come down. The man forgave me and I mowed his lawn for weeks: But that ‘accident’ gave new meaning to the words ‘personal-responsibility’.

No one seems to consider anymore, what can happen, because of what we do ‘TO’ other people’s lives. Too often we are immune to the pain and the anonymous deaths’ of other people—because of what is done by some for money, greed, or power. Whether an unseen shot is fired from a bow, a hand-held weapon or a drone, the end result can all too easily be the same. The entire planet has now been declared “A FREE-FIRE ZONE”.

National boundaries have been ignored by a US president that doesn’t give a damn about who he kills or what he annihilates by his and ultimately our actions: But the world REMEMBERS and the day is coming when a massive-payback will replace ‘Amerikkkan-Arrogance with FEAR & TERROR of what is about to be. Even as this criminal-world is in the process of shutting down the planet to all except


who will soon begin to die by their hundreds of thousands just because THEY COULD DO whatever the hell they wanted to—or so they have always believed.

This planet has become completely LAW-LESS over the last twelve-years and that degree of this global-imbalance IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO BEAR. Correction is what 2013 will bring. Billions will die in this process. When the slaughter finally subsides those that created and inflicted this Hell upon the earth shall no longer exist—but it’s what will happen in the meanwhile that huge numbers of us will not be able to survive.

As a child becoming a teenager, I began to understand how one “fights” in the world for whatever is desired. First of course was the physicality of ‘fighting itself’ and the levels of that shadowy world that lay just beneath the surface of childhood. Time passed and I began to explore how people converted physical fighting into legal efforts to alter conditions and to wrest from others, whatever result was sought, without needing to go to blows or bullets to affect real changes. But while I was growing up, the entire system of civilization was being dismantled, faster than this could be grasped by most of us.

Politics was destroyed first during the Dirty-Harry administration. Too many people had discovered how to vote themselves MONEY and thereby become filthy-rich, and to an extent “powerful”. All anyone had to do was dump their ethics, murder private conscience, and focus only on getting rich!  Anyone who was that determined could quite easily become filthy-rich: The price they paid was that they would no longer have any actual-humanity, or any scrap of a human-soul. Now we have an entire world filled with these self-created robots that worship COMPETION as much as they hate cooperation and the natural-world that we’ve almost finished obliterating.

While this was happening to most, people were unlearning civilization and replacing it all with the New-Feudalism. It was not clear at the time, but it’s blasphemously-obvious now. The Profession of Law began to clearly be a joke when John Mitchell became Attorney General under Nixon.  Everything in our world, after that farce, became nothing but globally-connected criminality at the top. It’s all been going straight down-hill, along with national politics ever since. To anyone awake, none of this comes as a surprise: In fact most still wonder ‘what took us so long to get to this point’? Whatever ups and downs occurred along the way—the one clear thing is:


We can’t use the government or the law to fight these thugs, because they OWN both of those, long with the MEDIA, the courts, and the entire congress. In fact if you study the actual-details you will find that the Zionists literally already own the United States and everyone of any note, within this place. The areas of life and protest that were once thought to be available to the public are gone now—totally. This place is completely LAWLESS.

The so-called REPUBLIC was murdered long ago, and the proof of that can be seen in how we allow state after state to shred the second-amendment to prove to anyone that might still doubt their power—just how DEAD & BURIED this place really is.

But in their rush-to-absolute-power GOVERNMENT-TERRORISTS have overlooked some vital flash-points that are about to wound them to the core. They thought they ended the LAW, and with it they believed they ended any ability of ordinary people to ever-resist their tyranny. They have done this through the violent-terror of the Police-State itself. But they’ve forgotten than once they successfully murdered the LAW, then NO-ONE needs to pay any attention to anything they say—because what gave them their supposed powers were “THE-LEGAL-LAWS” which made the USA possible.

Uniformed-thugs with plastic badges are all that we are left with. On their own, these creatures are not nearly as threatening as they believe they are. They each live somewhere and there are other people in their sordid and disgusting lives. They have to eat and sleep and sometimes they want to do ordinary human things like have a drink with their co-conspirators or take in a game now and then—but all of that will soon be over; once the public begins to identify them one by one, as those that have been used to end our way of life.

So far they have racked up huge numbers of people; publicly-tortured, tasered, beaten, raped, spit upon, and of course there are now hundreds that they have murdered in their “custody,” and they got away with all of it for the past twelve years! What they have NOT become aware of yet—is that violence and intimidation is definitely a two way street—and always has been! They just failed to remember this conveniently overlooked fact, on their way to becoming mini-gods, in a universe of DROID enforced existence. 2013 will bring with it the rise of those that will make it their business to change the terms of who does what to anyone who actually wears a badge or who is a part of this criminal-machine.

Everything these thugs have done to us routinely, under the false-color of no-longer existing “Laws” – may soon begin to also come to those that had a FREE PASS since TRAITOR-CHENEY-BUSH began to rule the roost, from 2001 until Obamanation replaced them, with his own brand of GLOBAL-TERROR INC.

Midnight RAIDS have become a staple in the world of SWAT-TEAMS and half-assed FBI and other RAIDERS that masquerade as law-enforcement. What these disguised creatures really are, are nothing more than free-lance murders and thieves doing what every criminal has always longed to do, but haven’t had the badges to accomplish what they’ve always dreamt of doing!

What will happen to “the raiders” when they find themselves being raided, assaulted, raped and tortured in the middle of the night? Will their lives begin to change? Will they need to begin to look over THEIR shoulders, every time they decide to go anywhere? They too can be seen or heard or confronted amid the mobs THEY ROUTINELY TORTURE, as part of their private-pursuit of the criminal-life they’ve chosen to pursue?

“THEY” are members of a very small clubs in reality. When they begin to lose people as they go about their lop-sided raids they’ll be going in the name of the Terror-Government: Soon they will realize that when they run into trouble with the public, there won’t be any more backup for them to call, because their buddies will already be “otherwise occupied” while  trying to stay alive themselves.

As the numbers of these unofficial-enforcers begin to shrink, the truth of their actual situation will begin to dawn. They will have only themselves to blame. Those who made them fall-guys for the CRIMES they were sent to do, were just protecting themselves from ever being caught—and that’s the reason why the enforcers must be terminated. It was the same in NAZI Germany when the Brown-Shirts were slaughtered en masse.

This happens to soldiers and to cops and even thugs as well; once they begin to figure out they’re nothing but patsies for the real criminals they’ve been blindly-protecting for at least the last thirty years.

These creatures say they BELIEVE IN LAWS, but if they did, they wouldn’t have infiltrated every major part of this society with their own criminals. They would not NOW be so impatient to take away every gun in the nation, but if they don’t, there’s a good chance most of those guns will be used to kill the TRAITORS, and rid this country of these murderous-Zionists that came to kill us long ago.

As this begins to dawn; it also becomes clear that just as Hitler slaughtered his Brown-Shirts, as soon as he no longer needed them, Obama’s modified Brown-Shirts will also need to die soon, after the NEXT FALSE-FLAG arrives!

“The NEXT-ATTACK upon America will most likely resemble the 1933 attack upon the Reichstag buildings in Germany. The fire-bombing left that nation without a formal seat of government and opened the door for Hitler to take over in its’ wake. Feinstein is already making noises about how “we need another Reichstag in this country.”

This is parallel to what PNAC (Project for a New American Century) called for, BEFORE 911, when they said they needed “A New Pearl Harbor”.

Source unknown

In the Reichstag Fire, the1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and the September 11 attacks on the USA: All three false-flag attacks had the same things in common. Each was an orchestrated and encapsulated event in itself. Each involved populations that had suffered massive and immediate effects which sent shock waves thru their governing bodies that had to be dealt with. Each of these three events changed the course of their own government’s original-direction, at the time. False-Flags are used because they tend to work, unless as in our own case they have been overused to the point that the public is more than AWARE of them. History has shown us that these false-flag-events were pivotal. However all-bets-are off-now because for too long this global-government has been using LIES to substitute for the actual reasons for going to war in any case…

Feinstein is seeking the same kind of massive change in the attitude of America’s people as soon as 2013 starts. Diane Feinstein wants a radical re-alignment and an end to the Republic in order to massively and simultaneously THREATEN and SHUT-DOWN the American people—just long enough—to create her new fascist-police-state with a minimum of public-resistance.

In her mind and in the minds of those who will carry-out this next attack what should be clear to a stunned US Public: is that “in order to protect most Americans from more-attacks; Martial Law is mandatory and anyone that challenges the coming presidential order will be automatically labeled as a terrorist or worse. During the coming attack and immediate aftermath—no doubt the Constitution-loving and determined Americans who reject the inherent panic in such policies, will be demonized. The public will instead be mobilized to CRUSH all resistance to MARTIAL LAW, given the severity of the coming ATTACK—based on the horrific nature of whatever Feinstein & our OWNERS decide to do to us!” (1)

The Zionista-filth that owns this government and virtually everything that matters in this place are the real BLOOD-ENEMIES of THIS COUNTRY. We, the Americans, must rise and remove them from this place and end them as a force within the world—the sooner the better!

Jim Kirwan

1) Asymmetrical Warfare


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