Deciphering Government Thought-Crimes


Since 911 this government has been ruling the USA by various Bureaucratic Fiats’ that are kept in place by psy-op events and false-flag CRIMES that continue to be committed against the American-public; to justify that which cannot be justified.

To get to the bottom of this we must engage in an overall decryption of the time-line: Exactly HOW & WHY this nation has become—and has remained—totally-paralyzed in the face of the WAR that began on September 11, 2001.

Sandy-Hook to 911 and back-again to Sandy-Hook

At the moment the government is trying desperately to force the current false-flag operation down the collective-throats of the public: To justify the criminalization of gun-ownership while eliminating the right of Americans to defend themselves against the government. The public must DEMAND an immediate FREEZE on anything & everything that congress wants to do TODAY: At least until the government’s own 90-day cover-up has run its course.


The public has always been the KEY-TARGET of every act committed in this war against us. This is why every step has happened—on national-television—in ways that have tried to force the public to believe in that which they have failed to clearly show: From 911 all the way to Sandy Hook.

On 911 – Television reporters were claiming that Osama bin Laden did the attacks, just fifteen minutes into an attack that lasted an hour and 47 minutes: Because that was what the whole world was supposed to believe, from that botched false-flag attack which started the global WAR on America.

The same clutter of false-information and blatant-government-lies was also used to convince the public again, in the WAR-on-IRAQ of Weapons of Mass-Destruction. No such weapons were ever present. From that point government has expanded our war-footing to now include, not just the Middle-East, but 32 more nations in Africa as well. This was made possible by DRONES that augment the dying effectiveness of our failed military-missions, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Ironically all of these military-announcements are meant to show Americans the government’s picture of the planet; which is false and misleading. These lies were told to DISTRACT the American public from the truth which is that the WAR-on-AMERICA is about to totally DISARM the public, in order to triumph over the Constitution and the now dead Republic. This crime has ALWAYS BEEN THE REAL TARGET OF EVERYTHING that this nation has been trying to finish since 911.

In Aurora Colorado another botched massacre plot was tried, but fell apart almost immediately. That failure necessitated Sandy Hook, to finally-force the disarmament of America’s Second Amendment citizens, in order to trigger arrests, imprisonment, torture and murder of anyone that resists being formally disarmed.

The continuing Psy-OP incident in Sandy Hook continues the basic plan, on television, to evoke a FASLE-REACTION to a fictional crime. Their version was already-in-place for the FICTIONAL-SOLUTION to conclude their version for their NEED TO DISARM AMERICA.

This government is following the Communist-Manifesto to the letter.

The dumbing-down of the public, mentioned prominently in the Manifesto, was thought to have been completed long before Sandy-Hook ever took place. However, each level of implementation to alter our ability to think-critically has now been shown to have failed. Now the public is DECONSTRUCTING this lying-government, their sponsors and the corporations. Individuals can and will be prosecuted for what they’ve done throughout this WAR-on-US and for their continuing assaults upon humanity; as well as their destruction of the oceans, skies and the earth in order to end the freedoms enjoyed by humanity—anywhere upon the planet.

Sandy Hook was a colossal failure. This classic-psy-op can now be used to prosecute every part of the government that had anything to do with whatever was done, or lied about, inside this supposedly FINAL STRAW that was needed to finish disarming the American public… (1)

What can now clearly be seen from what happened with the destroyed evidence in Sandy Hook is nothing short of a USI, Mossad, FBI, CIA, Connecticut State Police coverup. Imagine a giant-blender with every agency involved.  When the public started asking the QUESTIONS that must be asked: Once that happened everything from every agency was clearly complicit, not just SUSPECT. The public must DEMAND a HALT to everything. An open and public investigation, of our “Just-Us System” and every clearly-wrong-fact in what supposedly happened at Sandy Hook is REQUIRED!

From the local police to the president; whatever this government has claimed, as part of the truth in this entire psy-op—must be challenged and thoroughly investigated. This can be done during the 90-day freeze: Before any congressional action can be taken concerning the public’s right to have and keep the Second Amendment untouched, by government or the police-state in any way.

The government has been so determined to force the public to surrender, that they rushed this latest series of crimes through and blew every facet of it, so badly, that the exact opposite of what they wanted to happen—has happened.

The determination of the people has overcome the criminal elements of the government. The subjugation of this criminal element is slowly being implemented: That’s why this congress is trying to crush us with forced changes to the Second Amendment, before their crimes become clear to the whole world. Everyone is “WATCHING” and now we’re on the verge to taking direct action to end this nightmare.

The dominance of the American people has become so frightening to the criminals that they must now submit to the people. This is why there is a government-panic to push their latest criminal-legislation into being: Before the public DEMANDS real PROSECUTIONS for everything and everyone involved from 911 to the present moment.

The subjugation of our criminally-elected officials, has become obvious and will now come back to bite them. It is now they who will submit to the LAW as written in the constitution. This is what happened recently that brought on this awakening of the American public.

The government got caught; fabricating evidence, falsifying the

existence of people, of weapons, of victims and potential shooters not to mention all the blatant lies of the government at every phase in this supposed “official-explanation” of what happened at Sandy Hook.

None of what happened there could have been done without the collusion of Lt. Paul Vance, the bogus cooperation of the coroner, the media and the total rearrangement of every part of this event, hour by hour, over most of the last twenty days since the behind-the-scenes-CRIMES in Sandy Hook took place.

Where are the bodies? Where are the supposed perpetrators? What happened to the weapons or the evidence surrounding the bullets used to kill the bodies that have never been displayed! What is the actual and provable evidence that crimes were committed? What did happen? How much was fabricated and how much was part of the psy-op?

Before 911 the Patriot Act had already been written and was just waiting to be implemented; which it was. Sandy Hook on the other hand was created to fulfill the legislation that Senator Feinstein had already written, to DISARM the American Public, and was just waiting for the false-flag to succeed in Connecticut to make everything look necessary. Instead, that backfired!

Feinstein & Obama got busted. They can no longer just skip-over “the evidence” or the supposed FACTS. They have not proven anything which they initially claimed. This is why the government wants to go straight to CRIMIALIZING GUNS & GUN OWNERS throughout AMERICA!

The public does NOT agree with the government on criminalizing guns. Feinstein, when she realized that Sandy Hook FAILED, leapt directly to her supposedly new Bio-weapon (false-flag) attack on America that would pale-everything that has supposedly already happened to America. Her new fantasy would “kill hundreds of thousands of people” and would prove her-contention that there is a “THREAT” to be afraid of, besides her and the entirely criminal-government of this failed nation.

The truth is that Zionists want to kill us. They “live” just to see the blood because they like it—and they love the idea of killing Americans!

The dominance of the American people over the servile government is being implemented, whether they like it or not, one day at a time!

Jim Kirwan

1) Sandy Hook & What Requires Disarming Americans? – Morris 8 min 38 sec video


Everything That Goes Up Must Come Down


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