NDAA in 2013 – Created in 1974

The entire plan around illegal arrest & detention by the government that declared themselves to be at war with the public of the USA – is not just bogus: The current takeover and takedown of the United States was planned by the Reagan Administration using National Security Directives that date back to 1983. Everything from the PATRIOT ACT to the current DISARMING-of-America was begun by Rumsfeld and Cheney, who traded off between White House Chief of Staff & Secretary of Defense: Plus Bush Senior and Kissinger when this unholy crew of Zionista’s came together after NIXON was disgraced. Jerry Ford was the appointed-traitor who was planted in the White House to allow all of this to be created.

Our “National Security Papers” that were ghost-like papers’ from 1983, quietly became the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2011. Obama then authorized the change from “national-security papers” that had been growing in the dark from 1983 to December of 2011. The papers were then turned from their illegal form into a formal document that was signed into national-law, on January 1, 2012.

By January 1, 2013, the feral-government was still trying to force the public to accept what this government considers to be a fact: Namely, that the Constitution and the Republic are totally dead, because the TRAITORS say that this nation is at WAR. The THREAT that they constantly speak of, concerns not foreign-terrorists, but the very real-threat to their own discovery.

There are sometimes telling-hints in popular television events that offer the average person some clues as to what government is doing. Why is it SO NECESSARY to understand the minds of the US traitors that are taking over? Bear in mind Hollywood enjoys special-access to the military fantasies of the Pentagon in order to use their very special brand of psy-ops, not so-subtlety, to convince the naive public to believe the crap they want to plant in the public mind.

There is a television series called ALIAS, which is a fictious-entertainment series in theory. The series ran from 2001-2005. In episode seventeen, of the first 2001 series, a National Security Directive is used (81A) to “lawfully detain” an active agent in theory forever—without trial: This is a supposedly-real National-Security-Threat. In 2001 the public had no inkling that a day could come when such fictitious-sounding yet totally illegal actions could ever become a routine part of life in these United States.

Intervention‘Alias’ shows the viewing public that by 2001, the government had (in their minds) already dumped Due-Process and Habeas Corpus, along with Freedom of Speech (1968) and the right to question the government about any of their actions or illegally declared WARS.

Basically nothing that is happening now is happening because of any actual THREAT.

What is GOING-ON-NOW is the final chapter in the WAR that was begun by the INTERVETION of the United States Supreme Court on 12-12-2000 which forced the public to accept George W. Bush, as “the Dictator” who called himself “THE DECIDER.”

“The writ of habeas corpus is a court order a prisoner can obtain requiring the jailer to come into court and justify his detention of the prisoner. It is a traditional way in which those held can demand a fair trial by jury in a civilian court. The writ of habeas corpus is a treasured part of our traditional liberty. Belief that the British were infringing it was one cause of the American Revolution. (The writ is called a “privilege” rather than a “right” because it is a creation of the legal system rather than a natural right, like the right to free speech.)” (1)

This is January 6, 2013. The entire population of the United States is the clear target. The traitors are those who will succeed, if they are not stopped, before the entire nation can be DISARMED.

Another controversial position taken by President Obama is the expansion of federal authority beyond Afghanistan in the war against terrorism. In a secret interagency memorandum issued by the administration’s legal counsel in 2010, wherever someone who is a threat to the security of the United States is located, even outside of war zones such as Afghanistan, it is lawful to kill him “if it is not feasible to take him alive.” This expanded geographic jurisdiction was demonstrated in the case of Anwar al-Awlaki, an alleged leader of al Qaeda who was killed in 2011 by an American drone in Yemen with secret consent from the Yemeni president. Thus the war is not simply restricted to terrorist activities in Afghanistan anymore; it can be anywhere. The case was also unprecedented in that it marked the federal government’s targeted killing of a U.S. citizen without a trial.

It would be difficult to find a more insightful source into the Obama administration concerning these legal issues than Attorney General Eric Holder. In a speech to students at Northwestern University School of Law this past March, he reveals the administration’s position as one whose actions “must always be grounded on the bedrock of the Constitution – and must always be consistent with statutes, court precedent, the rule of law and our founding ideals.” After praising the Executive Branch’s fairness in allowing terrorists to be prosecuted in civilian courts, he goes on to explain the necessity of occasionally bypassing those courts in favor of military tribunals:

“Military commissions are also appropriate in proper circumstances, and we can use them as well to convict terrorists and disrupt their plots. […] Reformed commissions allow for the protection of sensitive sources and methods of intelligence gathering, and for the safety and security of participants. […] A key difference is that, in military commissions, evidentiary rules reflect the realities of the battlefield and of conducting investigations in a war zone. For example, statements may be admissible even in the absence of Miranda warnings, because we cannot expect military personnel to administer warnings to an enemy captured in battle. But instead, a military judge must make other findings – for instance, that the statement is reliable and that it was made voluntarily.”

The Military Commissions Act of 2009 redefined who would be eligible for trial before military commissions, stating that an “unprivileged enemy belligerent” is compared to the previous “unlawful enemy combatant.”” (2)

This evil-dance of deceptively criminal-non-choices is still being used to try and terminate what’s left of the nation. This has taken the form of a massively-botched series of crimes that have been going on officially since the school shootings in Columbine. They’ve been progressing of late, from the botched lone-gunman theory in Aurora, Colorado up to the determinedly-clouded Murders in Sandy Hook Connecticut on 12-14-12.

The goal has been to force the public to REACT to the murder of twenty school-children; by liquidating the Second Amendment in order to end the deaths of anyone that will or might be killed by gun-violence, anywhere in the USA. They’ve created a problem that they want us to buy their solution to. But of course, the whole insanity in Sandy Hook is to DISARM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.

Look carefully at the details which this graph clearly shows. There were 1,094,248 deaths that comprised the top ten “BIGGEST KILLERS” in America last year. Of this number 11,493 were caused by Firearm related Homicides. This means that approximately 95% of all the deaths that occurred in this country were NOT RELATED to Firearm Homicides.

Why then this push to ignore the huge number 529,000 supposedly DIED from tobacco use, while we CRIMINALIZE THE SMALLEST NUMBER OF DEATHS RECORED, among the top ten killers of human beings – in order to DISARM THE PUBLIC.

Illustration from Jewish Preppers

People will be slaughtered by anyone with weapons which includes the government at all levels and the criminal-population. The sudden bounty of defenseless Americans will force the national-crime-rate to skyrocket. Organized and free-lance criminals will triumph while the public cowers in fear, because no one who is not part of government will be able to protect themselves from the legal and illegally held weapons of the traitors that will then own this entire nation. (3)

We are running out of time to openly challenge the cowards that want to administratively do what they cannot do physically—yet: Which is to DISARM the people of the United States. This is NOT going to be allowed to happen. It will take everyone to actively begin to directly challenge this band of global-criminals, who want nothing less than the total destruction of this country… and CONTROL OF THE WORLD!

Jim Kirwan

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3) America’s Biggest Killer’s: The Chart Anti-Gunner’s Don’t want you to see


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