Lt. J. Paul Vance

Who is he really?

There are many questions that ought to be asked of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who met with first responders in Newtown Connecticut (six days after the shooting). The same can be said for the reasons for his visit.

Was that part of this charade managed by J. Paul Vance in his role as Department Spokesman and Media Relations Commander for the Connecticut State Police? Or was Eric Holder’s role in this to “advise & consent” after the fact? Was his advisory role slanted more toward the FBI and the Federal aspect of the fallout, from whatever-the-hell happened in Sandy Hook on 12-14-2012?

Maybe Vance should have answered some of the questions in this article, and then he would not be under-scrutiny, even more today, than he was initially? (1)

“Tomorrow really must be the day of the apocalypse. How else to explain the truly awful decision to send Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder to Newtown, Conn., to meet with investigators and first responders? Holder, himself the target of investigations into reckless gun violence, is the last person who should be charged with looking into what happened last week. As we continue to see fallout from “Fast and Furious,” conservatives are expressing disgust at the thought of Holder’s latest endeavor:” Posted by Jake Tapper 12-20-12. (2)

There are also a great many more questions that need to be answered on the record by Lt. Vance as well. Today Godlike Productions is screaming foul because they are reporting that their web-site was “called-out” by Lt. Vance as one of those social-media-sites that has crossed the line in their reporting on the Newtown mystery-murder & cover-up, by the police at every stage of this farce which has been proven to be a massive HOAX all-round.

In their reporting on events and those involved in “having ultimate-responsibility” for what has transpired in Sandy Hook—GLP apparently mentioned “Police Futurists International” as having had something to do with Lt. Vance, which apparently set off alarm bells among the vast police-cadre that is supposedly “in-charge” of the ongoing fiasco that is rapidly becoming

“The Mystery-Murder of the Century.”

The reason so many red flags went up by mentioning PFI is because they are an organization composed of three major organizations: Futures Working Group PFI/FBI, Police Futurists International and the FBI. The real problem with this three-part-organization is that they are joined at the hip with the FBI.

PFI as an insider organization has not been known to be friendly to the public in the police-state that we are now living in, since 911.  All anyone needs to do is listen to Lt. J. Paul Vance in his remarks to the public to “know” that we are no longer living in a country where the so-called police actually work for the public.

This is from the document in question from PFI/FBI, which in today’s climate is the opposite of reassuring to anyone that cares about the future of this nation or the freedom of our people, not to mention the need to retain the second amendment untouched by government. It is the natural right of any man woman or child to be able to defend themselves from any criminal government that comes to take away our weapons, or to limit our choices that allow for absolutely

NO INTERVENTION by government or anyone else, in any way.

“Policing 2020 is largely a product of Police Futurists International (PFI) and the Futures Working Group (FWG), a collaborative partnership between PFI and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. PFI was created in 1991 after a decade of work and visionary leadership. Founded by then-Supervisory Special Agent Dr. William Tafoya (FBI), PFI was established to advance the study of how future issues will impact on policing. In the spring of 2002, PFI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the FBI to create the Futures Working Group. The mission of the FWG is “to develop and encourage others to develop forecasts and strategies to ethically maximize the effectiveness of local, state, federal, and international law enforcement bodies as they strive to maintain peace and security in the 21st century.” (3)

On the surface the remarks above about the sanctity and the virtues of the FBI and the PFI might make sense—if this nation was not now facing wholesale slaughter, financial treachery and global-collapse—most of which is due in LARGE PART to the mismanagement of everything since the FBI screwed up the entire-investigation surrounding 911.

When Lt. J. Paul Vance took the microphone and told the people of this nation that their comments were not relevant, and their questions would not be answered, it was clear that this “event” was going to be problematic all-round.

In trying to establish just who Lt. Vance is, his information about himself is only available if you pay to discover whatever it says. Here’s the gist of it for those interested in what he officially stands for. (4)

Personally I’m still waiting for his APOLOGY & FULL DISCLOSURE, to the public, that he promised BEFORE the judge slapped us all with a 90-day hold on any real-facts or conclusions reached; by the keystone cops (That includes the FEDS). These are same people who continue to re-write this story each and every day without any explanation as to all the physical evidence that continues to disappear. The dead also appear to be anything but deceased. The “suspects” all seem to end up being released because Lt. Vance “a State Police Commander” (with only the rank of a Lieutenant?) of the Connecticut State Police has decided that this CRIME was committed by a lone-gunman (whose body has also disappeared).

The public can have no faith at all in a state that puts forward such obviously moronic-authoritarians that refuse to directly face the criminal elements in their own departments. The routine covered up this crime, is an INSULT to the public that needs to know what happened. We need to know who did what and for what reason (there is always a motive), so where’s the motive this time? Who profited from this? Which one of the various possible killers did what, when did they do it, and why?

Any cheap suit with a plastic badge can be brought in to mouth whatever instructions are coming down from whichever shadow officials are covering up this time. But this was no ordinary crime. Someone special was needed: Lt. Vance is definitely not up to the job and should be summarily-fired!  (5)

Vance opened this can of worms when he stepped in front of the cameras on December 17, 2012 and told the world to basically ‘shut-up and let the police handle everything.’ That same thing happened when 9-11 took-place and we all know how well that has not gone—even twelve-years-on 911 still continues to haunt the nation: Because no actual or open investigation was ever done in that crime, where nearly 3,000 people were murdered.

Where are the crime scene pictures, inside or outside the buildings? Where are the bodies or the caskets of the twenty dead children? Why the stone-wall of deathly SILENCE surrounding so many inconsistencies that have turned this reported mass-murder into nothing more than another totally-busted psy-op game gone completely and totally awry?

Of course the government needed this additional “lone-gunman-false-flag” to seize the weapons of all Americans—because an armed-public would be counter-productive to stealing the rest of the nation. Those in charge of this CRIME are eyeball deep in what comes after Sandy-Hook—so therefore government wants to insure that nothing will interfere with what they planned to do, by committing this series of crimes on 12-14-2012. Maybe that’s why Lt. J, Paul Vance was needed to present the perfect authority figure that “NO ONE SHOULD QUESTION” as the point-person to guarantee that no one can add or subtract to whatever Vance says happened? If anyone does forcefully question, he has promised to do what has now supposedly happened to GLP: The outcome of which is still unclear.

Enough of this garbage, the public needs the truth. It’s been about three weeks and still we have no definite autopsy reports, no clarity on which gun did which part of the supposed killings that no one has seen? We have a number of weapons, another number of suspects many of whom were cut-loose, without explanation. We’ve seen actors doing eulogies for people that are suspected of being living individuals, or others that went missing years before—but still no comment at all from the so-called police?

What happened to the governor of Connecticut or the A.G. of Connecticut, have these creatures nothing at all to say? Of course the traitor in office pretending to be president showed up and did his obligatory speech that led directly to his call to DISARM the COUNTRY but meanwhile his administration continues to slaughter civilians and children the world over.  That number of dead is huge compared to our own loss of 20 people (even if they did die). Meanwhile who will morn those that died from our direct actions that far exceed what supposedly happened in Sandy-Hook.

This place has become as sick as whatever perpetrated this HOAX! The governor, the AG, the president and Vance “the mouthpiece for all of them” and all of them need to be held PUBLICALLY ACCOUNTABLE for all of this, before another week goes by…

Jim Kirwan

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