How This Government Got Caught I

Part One

Command Headquarters the War on Men – 1964

On Friday the Fourth of January I made an appearance on the Mike Harris Show on the that opened some topics not previously discussed. I’m working on getting the tapes of that program made available to a wider audience, but in the meantime, I’ve made some additional-notes about what was discussed last Friday, because that was basically~

“How This Government Got Caught.” (1)

On that particular ‘Friday’ Feinstein & Obama had leaked the fact that they planned to pass their secretly crafted bill to DISARM the American-public on the same day that the interview took place: But that part of that Friday, DID NOT HAPPEN. What happened instead was that both Obama and Diane Feinstein were BUSTED just long enough to give the public a real-chance to recapture our DOMINANCE for the coming battle over the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

Throughout this entire chapter of events, this government has done the UNTHIINKABLE. They have clearly shown us that they are only pretenders to power and in that process government has shown the public they are the true enemies of the people of this place. The so-called president of USI has declared what no other nation in history has ever dared to claim. We are the only nation to ever claim that we have total control over the lives of every single person on this planet; along with who-in-the-world: Has the right to live or die, anywhere on the earth. In so doing he has also declared that no border of any nation means anything at all to the current-resident of the Oval Office because “we are at war” with the entire planet!

Here at home; everything that can be done has already been done to take-away our ability to resist the Zionistas and their attempted criminal theft of every human-right or “law” which was once protected by hundreds of national and international laws the world over.

However to ‘finish-off any of their global-takeover plans they must first DISARM all the people of this place. If they fail to do this THEY ARE FINISHED and all of them will die, because of that failure.

Clearly the US is currently on-record as being defenders of the rogue state of Israel. This has been proven to be the case over and above any “needs” which the US might have, to remain a viable state in the Community of Nations the world over—and none of this has ever been a real secret.

As Americans we must force changes upon this government!

As of this moment the US government is NOT a legitimate government. They represent USI and have proven themselves to be nothing more than a part of a criminal-enterprise—openly—at least since JFK was murdered. Jack Kennedy was killed to make the point that “NO ONE” INCLUDING ANY U.S. PRESIDENT, can be allowed to stand against them. After Kennedy’s death that point was driven home again & again & again with the deaths of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The US Constitution actually obligates every American: NOT just our supposedly-sworn officials to REFUSE TO OBEY any illegal or unlawful-order that is given to Americans by criminals masquerading as legitimate officials. This is true whether it comes from a Domestic or a Foreign-influence acting on behalf of the government. By continuing to ignore this fact, this government has labeled itself, as the blood-ENEMY of every man, woman and child in America. This must not ever be forgotten.

Just ‘Who the Hell are these TRAITORS’ to tell anyone that “Nothing in the world matters anymore except the ego’s of the scum which the Zionista’s and the owner’s of the old USA say, as the rulers of the New World Order. Our collective response to both Israel and to Obama’s Shadow-Puppet-Show has to be told: “BACK-OFF-CREATURES”! The DOMINANCE inherent in people the world over will crush you for the insects that you are, at the end of this metaphorical-day that is dawning. We will not rest until all of you are gone from what passes for the political-scene; which ‘THE FEW’ have illegally tried to steal from ‘THE MANY’, thus leaving the whole world hanging by a thread, until a true-balance is restored.

This will happen in six-months time. What we need to collectively do now is to STOP this UNCONSTITUTIONAL VOTE which targets our ‘right to defend ourselves’, with the weapons of our choice to keep these global-criminals from ending our way of life forever.

If we must, then we shall shut down the congress and put this government on trial for TREASON. We need to return to the most basic laws of this land. Beginning with the 2nd Amendment and from there we need to destroy the criminal-edifice that our SILENCE ALLOWED our parasitic-global-enemies to create. We need to again become the people “IN-CHARGE” of our own lives: Just as we need to end the careers of the pedophiles, the sex-traffickers, the mafia-controlled drugs along with the “legal” and deadly psychotropic drugs that have perverted several generations of people. Sandy Hook is probably the best poster-child possible for how “not to live” in America today, tomorrow or ever-again. Above all, the US needs to disabuse itself of the idea that anyone can ever trade the actuality of real-security (Built on TRUST and interaction) for something rooted in absolute FEAR and Terror with no interaction ever-allowed between any two people—ever again!

The false-security being peddled to America is just SLAVERY-INCARNATE, by another name that will be followed, without a doubt by the deliberate slaughter of over four-fifths of the global-population and NOT just of the USA.

The United States and our weapons are the only real and determined block that stands between ourselves and the UNCONDITIONAL- SURRENDER of the USA to everything EVIL in the world, without firing a shot. We are the Dominant Force in this long ago declared WAR on AMERICA—provided that Americans STOP fucking around , stand up to the tyranny while we begin to dismantle this global-parlor-game that we allowed ourselves to get sucked into “For a FEW Dollars More.”

If congress wants to avoid being lynched, then they need to begin to REPEAL things like the PATRIOT-ACT, the NDAA along with all the treasonous acts they’ve put into place when Congress gave Bush his License to Kill.

All of this must start with REPEALING ALL THE GARBAGE Gun-Control laws that got their start with the murder of JFK.

Ironically the Death of JFK in 1963
Was USED by those who killed him then,
To end the Second Amendment
From 1963 to the present moment.
Those who collaborate now with this continuing crime
Against the Constitution
Are as guilty as those that began this unholy Quest
Over 50 years ago today!

“Everybody knows the game is Rigged, and everybody knows the Good Guys lost” But it’s one thing to “KNOW” something—it’s altogether another thing entirely to collaborate with the criminality that has made this a reality. What remains to be done, is whether the public (just 3% of us) will get back up again to spit in the aging-faces of our own worst enemies. If we do that; then we can overturn their plot that has already STOLEN so much of our way of life—before they can finish the NIGHTMARE that they have “lived to create” while this nation will die the ignoble and hideous death that they’ve designed for us…

Either we discover our natural-dominance or the survivors will spend eternity in the gutters with the slime that have already designed everything from our thoughts and actions, our diets and our sex-lives, our education and medical needs (with mandatory addictions thrown in) along with DEMANDING our total SILENCE concerning anything and everything that will commence to happen to those that might survive any coming use of real-force inside the US. We cannot allow the false-flag of Sandy Hook to go UNANSWERED, especially now that they have been forced to admit, that nothing in what they say happened, actually did (which is why this is a real FALSE-FLAG). (2)

Jim Kirwan

1) Deciphering Government Thought Crimes

2) Lt. J. Paul Vance, Who is he Really?


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