How This Government Got Caught II

Part Two

This all boils down to how many of us are still gutless and still afraid of those shadow-government-creatures that have been INTIMIDATING the PUBLIC since Kennedy was murdered.

We’ve been SILENT now for over twelve very-long-years. What we’ve forgotten how to do is to actually “contemplate” this situation from beginning to end.

We need to become massively VOCAL for the next three months 24-7, week-in and week-out. If we can’t or won’t do that then there won’t be a country left, to fight about!

This WAR on America began with the assassination of President Kennedy. It was begun with EXTREME PREDJUICE! Think about it!

These killers murdered a sitting U.S. President and the terrified public basically did NOTHING at ALL about that crime. Afterall this was their first ‘real’ and “seriously deadly crossing of the line” – which the entire CONSTITUTION was written to prevent and yet it happened…

With all their crimes against us on the table now: We can see exactly what they have tried to do to all of us. Thanks to Sandy Hook we can clearly see why they chose to embellish everything from the assassination of JFK to LBJ’s “Great Society” and his TREASON against America, during Israel’s ’67 War, when Israel tried but failed to sink the USS Liberty. Going from Vietnam, through Panama and Grenada to the first WAR on Iraq committed by Poppy Bush: With each of our lawless pre-emptive strikes THEY engineered our ever-closer UNCONDITIONAL-SURRRENDER to these same thugs. Yet throughout all of these illegal-and public-wars the public here took no real notice or ACTION against any of our illegal warmaking, because too many here were buying stock and getting rich: Just like the bastards that they were imitating by keeping silent. Consequently neither the LAWLESS-USI nor the illegal-territory of mindless Zionist-Israel was affected in the slightest, by the decades of torture, rape and slaughter which we used our global-positioning for – for all those years after WWII.

That’s why we must AWAKEN the sleeping but still dominant Giant that we supposedly were before we let them ruthlessly remove JFK from history. With something this CLEAR we can no longer afford to ignore any more CRIMINAL ACTS which might emanate from this International-Criminal-Cabal.

Take back your rights by defending the second-amendment now; before it’s too late. From this point on, everything else will flow. If we do it we might just be able to avoid WWIII. If we FAIL, then in the eyes of history we shall no longer have been people anymore. Americans will only come to be seen as a bunch of COWARDLY-PRETENDERS who simply RAN when they had to face this choice. Deserting their own best-interests it will be clear that Americans chose to RUN rather than even try to Vanquish the Vipers that had attacked them time after time—until this place and all its former works will completely disappear from Human-History.

If we don’t stop this here and now then we’re going to get to a position where nobody is going to be able to “win” anything! If we can avoid violence by DEMANDING that America comply with the LAW (The Laws that all THE MANY must still obey) – forcing the government and those in government positions to follow the same laws that the 99% have to follow, each and every day.

The Inherent LAWS of WAR.

The facts on the ground prove over and over again that this government does NOT have the troops, or the force they NEED. But primarily they do not have the WILL of the population behind them. If they ATTACK the United States militarily—then ALL BETS ARE OFF! Then everything that they or we might or might not do goes straight into the toilet. If we allow them to kick-over this bucket of deadly-actions against the people here; it’s not just a ‘demonstration’ that would be affected: They would instantaneously be having a direct affect upon the entire nation, simultaneously. They do not have enough cops or troops enough to even think about doing that.

This government has completely failed to recognize that there must be a stable-society to effectively support an attack upon any nation. But if the target is the nation that is home, to most of the forces, they want to use against us—means that the force they want to use will most certainly and immediately become destabilized.  No one on either side of this will be able to function intelligently; much less “WIN” an illegal WAR being waged by an OUTLAW-GOVERNMENT AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE. It’s not only outrageous: The very thought of this is INSANE.

Whenever we attack any smaller nation we surround that whole country (Just as we have already done to Iran). Iran is in BLUE:

But inside every country we’ve attacked before, our “troops” inside those target countries have been surrounded our their people on the ground and the population has always succeeded—every time that situation has happened—time after time and still we have learned NOTHING from so many outright defeats.

Ironically the above was and still is true. Yet this government’s solution to all these wars we’ve continued to lose is just this: “So we’ve lost a few wars. Now we’ll attack America and PROVE to the world just how powerful we really are”! Horseshit – They are not going to be able to successfully do this. It is not possible for them to do this: Because this depends solely on their being able to coerce us into UNCONDITIONALLY- SURRENDERING to THEM — so they won’t have to fight us directly.

If government tries to forcefully TAKE our guns or anything else away from Americans physically (as they are now threatening to do) then when those SWAT Teams kick-in doors and begin to search the homes of individual Americans, most of them will never make it back to their vehicles. It will be the aroused “other neighbors” that will come to the aid of those under attack: Others will reverse the thrust of these bogus attacks and force the uniformed thugs to pay for every yard they try and TAKE, until they’ll begin to run for their own lives and at that point these government invasions will end. This will not play-out like any other place where criminal governments just attacked and seized the guns of their own citizens. But then there was NOT the heritage or the affiliation with weapons, elsewhere, that this country has enjoyed since it began to lean toward becoming a nation.

This situation must not be allowed to reach that point—because if it does then all hell will be unleashed and the chaos will end everything that might be at issue now or in any remaining but questionable future…

Until Sandy Hook – the population of the USA was pretty much sound asleep. Now that is no longer the case. Those in-charge of the government cover-up must be arrested and charged, beginning with Lt. J. Paul Vance, in an on-camera arrest and the public-disarmament of that creature. The CRIMES committed in and around Sandy Hook will not go away, so Vance and all those he’s protecting need to be arrested in order for the public to even begin to get to the bottom of this outrage from the Shadow-Government’s failed psy-op in Sandy Hook Connecticut.

How much rides on the Second Amendment?

Everything that lives is born with the reflexes to defend or avoid their own death ~ and people are among those living beings. This government has decided to use “SAFETY” and government “SECURITY” TO PROTECT THEMSELVES from the public. But to take-away the right that every American has to defend the right to their own lives, or the lives of those they love, is inhuman and when that is practiced on a nationwide scale it becomes GENOCIDE against the entire population.

The Feds are on-record now thanks to Feinstein & Obama who have clearly stated that despite the second amendment they are going to TAKE all our weapons away from us (for our own safety of course). They want to do this because unless they do—they cannot finish their own ILLEGAL TAKEOVER of this place until the PUBLIC is totally DISARMED. Equally this crime of theirs DEMANDS that every able-bodied person in this place come together to STOP this government not just on the 2nd Amendment, but across the board on every illegal act they have put in-place to kill most of us in the end!

This country was founded on the idea that every person has the right to live their own lives, without INTERVENTIONS from some fifth-rate thugs in a criminal-government that has decided in SECRET to steal everything that we chose to be a part of our own lives, without interference from anyone else.

It is clear now, with hindsight, from the murder of JFK and thru all the treachery and treason that flowed from that Black-Day directly to this—That this must end and it must end now with the end of this government’s illegal INTRAVENSIONS in every aspect of our lives.

We have to return to a much simpler form of government because this course can only take us all back to the Feudal-Age, at light speed. Briefly we have to stamp out this parasitical-cancer that is consuming every person in this country today.

That are making so many continuing demands on all Americans

I have a special suggestion for every one of you.
Buy yourself a one-way ticket to North Korea,
Get on that plane, and DON’T COME BACK – ever AGAIN.

North Korea has already met all your conditions
They’ve BANNED everything you’ve DEMANDED BE BANNED HERE

But definitely enjoy the beautiful Republic of North Korea!
~ End of First Hour~

Jim Kirwan

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