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From the two hour interview on Friday, January 4, 2013:
The first 20 minutes

MH: “Do you remember 8 or 9 moths ago when Homeland Security got 1.2 billion .40 caliber hollow-point bullets for Homeland-Defense? What are they going to do with all this? What’s their plan?

k): “These people aren’t even cops; they don’t have any training at all. The weapons they are trying to give them: The bullets they are purporting to be going to use against us are going into the hands of people that used to work at Starbucks or Kinko’s—these people are not trained for anything, consequently the second that this starts to be implemented—most of those weapons and most of those bullets are going to end up in the hands of patriots—and the people of the United States are going to take them away from those folks: That isn’t going to be much of anything.

That was done, mostly as a scare-tactic to push most Americans into believing that ‘we don’t have a chance!’ What we have to look at is who has the weapons and how can they use them—they (the feral government) are still stuck over and over again in something that in the words of Sun Tzu who wrote the essential book on war, (8,000 years ago) called The Art of War. This is about how one approaches War… Apparently the military-academies have forgotten about this, because they no longer pay any attention to it.

InterventionWhen you go back and look at the situation from afar – from 200,000 feet up; when you look down on the United States and you try and envision just HOW this gigantic place could be attacked-successfully; and it sure as hell can’t be done by the kinds of people they have in their service. Or the kinds of people they want to employ somehow, to subdue the American public.

The Supreme Court started this, they got us into this war with an INTERVENTION on 12-12-2000 that they chose to do against the people of the United States when THEY (Illegally) appointed George Bush to be president. That was the official launch date for this war on the United States. It’s been going on now for 13 years. As of late we are in the DOMINATE position because of all of their overuse of ‘false-flags’ or ‘false-attacks’ of fake-terror. All of these things have come together to turn the table—in the last month this thing has begun to turn 180 degrees IN FAVOR OF THE PUBLIC, and in OPPOSTION to the criminal-government that began this war and wants to end it by killing all of us.

We have more than a little-chance now: To end this war this year and STOP IT! All we have to do is continue to act upon what we are seeing and what we come to know about what they DO and what they’ve (already) done to us. It’s a hard thing to get your mind around, but the more information comes in, the easier it is to see just how badly they have “managed” their take-over of the United States – forcefully.

(k): This is largely due to the number of the truths behind all those voices that have been speaking out since this all began.)

They (the government) have their ideas all wrong. They spent all of 2011 trying to show us (and the world) how powerful “they” are—but it was false, because everything they did to us back then, was carried out by massive amounts of force that they had to import from all over, from different states and from around the country to make it look like they had massive-force on their side—that is just not true.”

Once this thing comes DOWN on the entire United States; every police force will be stuck using only their own troops… If confined to your own area and to your own ‘area’ ONLY—cops were never meant to be an occupying-force, they were meant to help civilians when needed – not to control the entire population, forcefully.

MH: With Chertoff – they’ve gunned up and geared up and law-enforcement morphed from being peace-officers into being enforcement-officers — k): but it did not expand their numbers in any sizable degree. MH: Their methodology changed, they are militarized and they’ve geared up. They’ve got tanks now and armored vehicles but… — k): but they are still confined to using insane people; they are absolutely NUTS—all they want to do is kill or hurt people so they’ve let them into the ranks. They’ve changed everything they could change from what they were when they were peace-officers to what they are now. When the enforcement-thugs, that’s what they are, and we’re now fighting them—but that’s not the same thing as an OCCUPYING ARMY.

We don’t have the facility in the United States to let in the kinds of numbers that would be needed to take even one major American city – and this country is HUGE! Look at Vietnam on a map, that’s a tiny little place. Look at Iraq on a map (the size of California) – look at any of those countries where we have had – Panama, look at the places we have ATTACKED and we still haven’t “won”. But now we are making this bold statement to the planet that:


That’s bullshit, because they can’t do that.

They can’t do that to us, especially since we’re starting to wake up—thanks to Sandy Hook! Little by little, and the population has been really slow about this – they’ve been really stupid for a very long time—it’s been thirteen years guys. But all the way along the line, it’s time that we began to put some spine back into this and put these people back into the places they belong in which begins with jail—and preferably ends with the gallows.

MH:  I read an article the other day called “What I saw at the Coup” by Matt Bracken – did you see that? It’s a great article! It’s written by a hypothetical-white-house-advisor who is waiting on death-row to be hung—it’s fascinating and its here. (1)

I wonder has anybody else noticed that none of the people put in-charge of garbage like HOMELAND-SECURITY HAVE EVER HAD ANY REAL EXPERIENCE EITHER MILITARIALLY or in any form of “SECURITY” before being put in-charge of these behemoth agencies that were created solely and utterly to destroy this country from the inside out?

MH: “The first thing they want to do is they want to break our spirit to break our will but these guys are not the right guys to do it they’re a bunch of buffoons.”

k): You know this entire thing, if you think about it is that we are almost in a position of having WON already. If they actually want to go to war with us physically—and yet they’re not willing to negotiate—then basically we’ve already won, according to Sun Tzu. MH: Sun Tzu says the way to win a war is win it before the first blow or before the first strike is ever made. k- Yes and he says because we outnumber them a thousand to one and because they are in a position—and ‘we’ have the true Art of War on our side with the thousand to one ratio over them—they basically don’t have a chance! THAT’S THE REASON THEY HAVE TO DISARM US. They cannot go to WAR as long as we are ARMED.

There are just too many of us to take, they just can’t do it. Look closely at what just happened when a rag in New York State published the names of gun owners in just one place. Literally the entire nation is ARMED an adding to that number each and every hour. We ARE NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUTA VERY DEADLY FIGHT,  and the feral-government knows this deep in the core of their corrupted beings – it’s way past time that the PUBLIC ALSO KNOWS THE TRUTH  surrounding these event that continue to move in favor of the public that has been savagely beaten, abused, tasered, arrested and all too frequently murdered in the custody of the ENFORCERS, that are leading the charge to kill us, as quickly as possible… well all of that is becoming much, much more difficult—given the amount of information that is finally becoming clear.

This came in just this morning, proving just how DESPERATE this feral government has become. I added this note when I sent this out:

“Cuomo cannot actually read; at the very least he has still not come to understand that the whole event at Sandy Hook was a psy-op created by his favorite traitors – or that the public will severely deal with his and his other traitors that continue to treat the second amendment as their own private punching bag; but he and his criminal-associates in government, will very soon be getting the message LOUD & CLEAR.

This is not a political-piñata that is accessible to political-opportunists to USE & ABUSE in whatever manner that they each can decide to do. The 2nd Amendment cannot be INFRINGED, micro-managed , added-to or subtracted-from at their discretion: In fact what Cuomo, Bloomberg, Feinstein & Obama need to clearly understand now, is that messing with the 2nd Amendment is not just TOXIC, it will truly end the careers of anyone that continues to try and limit or terminate those four lines that constitute the 2nd Amendment: Anyone that does so, does this at their own very great risk, both politically and physically, because this issue goes way past traditional options or fleeting political fashion. This is about DEFENDING the right of SELF-DEFENSE in the way that each American chooses to interpret that right.”

k): Here’s the link that is damningly clear about why and how Sandy Hook has become so screwed up from the start. This is just further proof that the Feds can’t find their butts inside this criminal-cover-up, with either hand. (2)

The tape continues: “We have got to figure this out, we can outthink them—that’s clear. We need to put OUR ducks in a row. Realizing first and foremost “We’ve been AT WAR FOR 13 YEARS. We were at war in Vietnam for 15 years and we were at war in Iraq for twenty years – we lost both of those wars, and (k):“THEY” will lose this WAR on America, most probably without having to fire even that first shot, if and when we finally get this straight and tell these outlaws where they can shove all their illegal orders.)

Next came more questions from Mike about “Asymmetrical Warfare” which mentions how they have been doing this for at least fifty years since Kennedy was killed – which has caused us to be in a compromised position. That story is linked here: (3).

“The beauty of the Asymmetrical Warfare thing came up with Rummy-the-Dummy (Rumsfeld) the Secretary of War during Iraq. He brought this all up about Asymmetrical War and that’s why I wrote the article. Rummy’s idea in coming up with “Asymmetrical Warfare” was to confound the American public: To show ‘us’ that this is far too complex a subject to ever get involved-in, for ordinary Americans to even think about. I wrote about it because it is not nearly as complex as Rummy would have everyone believe it is—and because he needed a major DISTRACTION to shut down all the questions such as what happened to the $2.3 billion that he managed to just lose at that time. Asymmetrical Warfare is about who’s got the power who’s got the determination and who will actually use all of that—TO MAKE THIS (right now today) HAPPEN!

We have millions and millions of returning vets that knows exactly how this military functions, how it needs to function – what it must require to be able to move to be able to accomplish what they need to do. If a war were to break out those folks would make sure that the minor things would go straight to hell in the first couple of hours. One of the first things is communication. If they can’t communicate they have no idea where to go—if they can’t resupply they can’t do this. You have to look at the whole world, and the whole United States in view of a potential-war to understand JUST HOW FUTILE THAT WOULD BE—ESPECIALLY NOW!

You know it isn’t that we’re ‘ORGANIZED’ or that we’re going to send so many divisions that have so many tanks or guns—it’s NOT about having, it’s about TAKING WHAT’S ALREADY THERE AND USING IT AGAINST THEM… That’s exactly what this public is going to do!

The bulk of the towns in this country are small, they KNOW each other- the sheriff who knows people in his town are not going to make any headway attacking his town—it’s just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Sheriff’s were never intended to be part of a Federalist-Mafia to beat up citizens and force everybody to do what he says—no it was quite the opposite he was there to help people, NOT TO HARM THEM. The impetus behind having cops didn’t require that you have hundreds of thousands of troops—that’s what you need only IF YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A POLICE STATE. We made the switch ideologically in the kinds of people we put uniforms on now, but we didn’t back that up with troops because a) we can’t afford it and…”

The BREAK here ends this part of the Second Hour.

Jim Kirwan

1) What I saw at the Coup

2) Cuomo Close to Announcing Sweeping New Gun Control Laws

3) Asymmetrical Warfare


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