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In 2002 this happed not just to the
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Without the 2nd Amendment none of the others matter!

Harris: The war we’re engaged in overseas to keep our troops tied down and how we’re sacrificing our troops
Kirwan: that’s covered in “Asymmetrical Warfare”

This nation is massive and does not compare in any way to any of the nations that we previously targeted for war. The United States has never fought a war that was as well-armed, potentially, as well-prepared, as the US could turn out to be. This makes everything about the coming false-flag literally “UP FOR GRABS”. The powers that be have NOT done their homework. They have put out all kinds of garbage and ‘leaked’ supposedly classified memos about how they plan to arrest and disappear millions of Americans—but they do not have the strength or the back-up for what they might want to threaten us with—this time around.

It’s this sort of thing which they are NOT looking at that we MUST look at – if we’re going to change this situation.

H): “We can’t walk away – where are you going to go – you can’t win this fight. We’ve got to go bare knuckles on these guys, you can’t show these guys any mercy – you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t -” Addendum, not in the tape:

K)::  I have been involved in dozens of fire-fights in the civilian world where weapons were involved, of all types. I have never been arrested, nor have I been shot. I have used weapons to DEFEND MYSELF, throughout my life which is what guns have always been for: Because the right to self-defense is inherently ingrained in anyone and everyone that seeks to live. I have used my skills to stay alive and to continue to live the life I have chosen to live. So-far I’m still here to make another stand this time, as need be, when and if these anti-life creatures try to take their crimes to the next level.

K): “Americans will die in whatever is coming, unless we use our brains and our determination to defeat them before they get to what Biden is claiming he will do ‘to us’ on Tuesday, the fifteenth of January, 2013.” (2)

“The point is that this nation has to makeup its mind if it’s going to be a slave state or if they are going to be free-people again. Once we make our minds up to that affect—you can’t beat us! We have proof all around the world from Vietnam forward…

H):: ‘Remember when they had the Arab Spring? What would it have been like if every one of those people had been armed?

K): That’s exactly why they weren’t because they would have won hands-down – don’t forget America is one of the last countries that actually has its own weaponry (all the others have already been disarmed except Switzerland).

H): Do these Israeli stooges in our congress and these treasonous SOB’s in Homeland Security – do they understand they’re playing with FIRE here?

K): NO – No they absolutely do not. They are standing there in “I’m holier than thou and thee” and everybody else on the planet and “I’ve decided I don’t like guns!”(Of course the US slaughters millions of people every year, using the same guns that they are demanding we surrender to them – and the troops we will be facing soon are literally dripping weaponry from every angle. Each body drips weapons, ammunition, grenades, bombs, chemical weapons, and we are expected to face their tanks, their drones, and their armored vehicles with pea-shooters or 22’s with no-chance to fight them with the same scale: OR EVEN GREATER WEAPONRY, JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH NO MILITARY OR LAW-ENFORCEMENT BACKGROUND have decided that all-Americans must be DISARMED-TOTALLY? That is pure unadulterated bullshit)!

“In fact government has said that we will have you killed rather than allow any of you to have a weapon.” That’s Insane they first tell us how peaceful they are and how ‘they’ matter and how ‘they’ have to be respected, and now for them to be respected—we have to turn over all our weapons so that they won’t have the slightest twitch that any night they might accidently be shot by one of us. (They should be staying awake all night every night being worried that they WILL BE SHOT for what they are trying to do to us each and every day.)

This is INSANITY. Okay, these people are absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS. They have never “LIVED” a day in their lives. They’ve never had to fight for anything in their lives—they don’t understand what “living” is about they don’t understand what “working” is about. They don’t understand ‘anything about anything—except what THEY WANT and they don’t even know what that is! They are literally waiting for someone to walk up to them, slap them in the face and ‘TELL THEM WHAT THEY NEED TO THINK’ – and then they turn around and repeat ‘THAT’ like a parrot to anybody that will listen.

“I’m against guns – I’m against violence”, just as they did FROM INSIDE OCCUPY – (trying to show they were NOT RESISTING). These people were standing up in front of armed-troops that were beating people, raping people; in the streets right in front of them saying “please don’t hurt me I’m not violent” – hell that just makes the bullies madder! Does NO ONE remember what we did to IRAQ (the country that DID NOT HAVE WMD’S)!

We need Regime Change in America, across the board, in every aspect of this country’s agendas.  Read  or listen to this hour and 14 minutes of the truth …Chalet Iserbyt wrote about her own life experiences in Education, inside the Department of Education beginning back in the 1970’s and this is absolutely horrific. We turned people into slugs, we criminalized so much that we have massively destroyed (everything about people), which is why we can’t seem to get anywhere now, when we need people to make the simplest, of the connect-the-dots equations. (3)

We have not gone against ANYTHING because we stood back and because this was being brought to us by the NANNY-STATE that claims to “KNOW” and is determined that “everybody will be just like them.” Now they’ve gotten to the point where this is NUTS!

H): We’ve had 12 million people that have been foreclosed out of their homes, we have a hundred—here the communication line was cut. It picks up again @ 37.04.

K): “This nation is massive and the police were not designed to be troops to do whatever traitors want them to do. This public can be a MONSTER, once aroused. And if we decide to confront DROID cops face to face with arms, the cops will be slaughtered and whoever among them who survives will end their day by running for their lives. (Once they begin to lose people, those slots cannot be simply replaced, because there is no backup.) That’s what the Feinstein’s, the bankers and the Obama-criminals fear the most because the people in this huge country outnumber them at least a THOUSAND TO ONE.

At this point: The real force of the American people

That is something that people need to remember. They need to act that way and they need to believe this because this is true. That’s just my thought for today…

H): “What we have in this country, of the 300 million weapons, fully 50% of them are hunting rifles ~ they are really good for shooting long distances. A pretty good hunting shot is 400 or 500 yards, but if you really practice it, you can probably get it up to 800 or 900 yards. There is no way to defend against that. So if they drive these guys into enclaves—in cities where they can’t come out…”

K): It’s not like the weapons they can use in gang situations—things like the MAC-10 that fires just a ton-of-bullets in amazing bursts—the trouble is they just don’t go very far. They have an effective-range that is so short – it’s the reason they are able to fire so many shots and actually hit so few things: Because it makes a lot of noise and it looks impressive but at the end of the day it’s not that deadly. (Contrast this with a hunting rifle that is built to be accurate and it will get the job done from a distance, where for the most part, shooters are much safer from being retaliated against.)

The people who have guns and have believed in guns and have used them for a lot of the years in their lives: They understand how guns are meant to be used. (Contrast that with the former McDonald’s-employees that tends to use an automatic weapon like it’s something in a video game where they just press fully-automatic and fire continuously until they hit something—maybe) Those familiar with real firearms understand about distances and accuracy and they understand about patience and time—get the shot right! You hand a gun to a DROID “officer” and he’s gonna fire off every shell he has—part of the reason they bought so many hollow-point bullets is because they expect these people will just WASTE most of whatever they are given. That’s why they had to buy so many. (In the end the patriots will end up with all that ammunition and the weapons that were purchased to fire them.)

H): The fact that we’re even having to have this dialogue, in this country is really a tragedy; it tells you how thoroughly INFILTRATED we have become, with this criminal-traitorous class: This has become our government.

K): Yes –  H: We’ve got let’s say 12 million families with say 4 people each, that’s 48 million people who have been thrown out of their houses. We’ve got another 48 million who are on food stamps: When people have nothin left to lose – when desperation sets in they can get damn ugly—like you said; the public can become a monster!

K): I’ve been at this – and I’m coming up on my 74th year and for most of that time we’ve been going BACKWARDS ~ since I started out doing this kind of thing. That’s an awful thing to say because that is a HUGE RECORD OF FAILURE…

H): The other side, this treasonous element in our government they have an agenda, they have ‘a vision’ and they want to impose that on us – and “we” as a people, just want to be LEFT-ALONE. We don’t have (that) vision, but they are going to force us to develop (their) vision—a shared vision among the population that doesn’t want this.

K): Au contraire Mike, believe me I had visions, seven different career fields. These creatures methodically removed those visions: Not just for me but for millions of us. So we HAD visions and part of that vision was intrinsically to be left alone to fulfill them. But we have NOT been left alone—they will NOT get out of faces. They are getting to the point now where it’s going to become absolutely necessary, even for those people who don’t like to take this stance – but they are not being left any choice because: It’s either them or us!

I don’t believe in ABSOLUTES, but they really have left us nowhere to go; we have got to dethrone these creatures.

H): They are parasites and we just want to be left alone. Nobody wants to get fleas or lice, but if you get them, they are hard to get rid of. These are parasites that are sucking the life blood out of this country and the people of this country and we have to de-louse ourselves and get rid of this Zionist occupied government and remove this Talmudic influence over all aspects of American life.

K): Whenever you fail in life to get rid of a parasite – it continues to grow on its host until it kills the host. That’s just the way it is in all of life. We know this for a FACT, so we must finally have to deal with this, no matter how much we might not want to: We’ve got to. Because either it’s going to be this host that is going to die or the parasite’s that are on it are going to be done away with! The choices we have are shrinking everyday until they made this GIANT BOO-BOO with Sandy Hook. I mean they actually opened the door WIDE so that we can see everything they’ve been doing for all of these thirteen years, encapsulated from DAY One, in fact THANKS TO Lt. VANCE… (4)

K): If Americans would make up their minds to this one simple thing:

If we could figure that out because it’s a MUST think-about: We have a responsibility to the universe, to ourselves we have a responsibility to future generations—to do whatever we can do, however little that might be, to not have these things be able to happen ‘on our watch.’ That’s the key to the whole thing…

…How many nations can you think of, off the top of your head, that have not had any criminal law, violated in their country, for the last THIRTEEN YEARS IN A ROW – with no exceptions? We have a country where whatever we do is PERMITTED, nobody goes to jail: NOBODY’S charged, NOBODY is investigated – C’mon, THIRTEEN YEARS OF THAT—and you (WE) don’t think there’s anything (major) WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!

‘People know this’, if they could just pause for a second take a deep breath and think about it. (Incidentally, the global-situation became massively criminal in parallel to what happened to us once Bush declared that there were NO LAWS THAT APPLIED TO HIM OR HIS BUDDIES ANY LONGER – We are responsible for the Tsunami world-wide in global-government-criminality. Because USI threw away all the rules and the laws – so did place after place, because we allowed that to happen.

If the United States were to use their guns to take back this country, most of the rest of the planet would follow-suit and we (the global-society) would see the end of the global-criminals in banking and literally everywhere else that these thugs have literally had free-reign over since Bush got his LISCENCE TO KILL  back in 2002… all we MUST DO is STAND UP & PUT THIS GOVERNMENT IN JAIL OR LEAD THEM TO THE GALLOWS, ONE BY ONE… Because there is no half-way available here any longer – it literally is as G.W. Bush first proclaimed it to be.

IT IS literally US OR THEM!

Jim Kirwan

1) Asymmetrical Warfare

2) Americans Will Die After Gun Ban – 8 min 23 sec video

3) Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1 – 1 hr 14 min video



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