‘Look Back In Anger’!

Part One
It’s been Thirteen Years since I began to write about this nightmare for the public. It’s time to take stock.

When the United States began its quest to dominate the planet we first began a two-pronged war against the native-population and then we streamlined our use of slavery to build up commerce and the financial powers that we needed to begin to finance our wars. We created the Monroe Doctrine & Manifest Destiny to codify our crimes and mask the true nature of what this colonial power was doing.  When we were ready, we began with Mexico, our first pre-emptive strike. That gave us access to the West Coast. From there we slaughtered the Philippine rebels down to the very last patriot. It took us three years of using Gatling-guns, terror, torture, rape and murder: But ‘we won’.

From there we launched ourselves and our Marines against the whole Southern region of the Americas, as we began to explore regions farther from home. Eventually we became comfortable with our own level of fascist-barbarity that we used to crush almost every other nation-state we encountered. (1)

This got us up to the big-leagues and the beginning of WWI. This gave the US a taste of how much there still was left to conquer and to dominate. By WWII we believed we had “arrived”. In Europe we first encountered the Nazi’s who were doing to Europe exactly what we had done to our own native populations (first by disarming the civilian populations) and then slaughtering them. The Japanese offered us a similar context for barbarism and conquest there as well, when we contrived through Pearl Harbor to declare War on Imperial Japan. The Italians were minor. Mussolini wasn’t much of a contest, except as an ally of Hitler. The Russians were entirely different, but technically part of our side in that war, at least at the beginning of WWII.

The world and most Americans came to believe in the newly polished US image, of a nation that defended Liberty, Democracy and human rights to the death; (despite the facts) that we had littered the world with, before the Second World War began.

At the end of that war we began by importing NAZI’s by the hundreds of thousands and integrating them into our government, military, weapons systems, think tanks and medical research facilities as well as our manufacturing industries. It was at that point that the United States began to radically become the POLICE-STATE that we are today. For all intents and purposes the Nazi’s did not end with WWII, they continued on in Russia and the West with what they had been doing under Hitler. The world was too busy celebrating their Victory over Fascism to even notice.

Truman rearranged the entire system of government here; creating the CIA and the National Security Council (which replaced the Congress. Israel as the evil-seed the world is still fighting today, and other nightmares that have yet to be untangled. Militarily Truman started the Police-Action in Korea that has still not been concluded. Vietnam followed, and then a few other very sticky events like Chile, Panama, Grenada, parts of Africa and Indonesia which included East Timor. Finally it began to look as though we had come back to what we were originally-designed to do: Which was to be the one nation designed to conquer other nations, for blood & profit and to hell with national or international laws because America, by that time, was always “On a Mission”!

The world didn’t get a true glimpse of the “New America” until GWH Bush decided to declare war on Saddam Hussein over an alleged violation of a falsely-created place called Kuwait, in 1991. Bush senior’s war quickly reduced the Iraq militarily to virtually nothing; after having bombed Iraq illegally with No-Fly zones right up until his evil brat jumped in to finish the job in 2003.

The situation in the Middle-East was now much more to the liking of the brave United States who does not believe in attacking any nation that has a real military force to actually oppose us. Saddam was defenseless by the time Junior decided to treat him to an Israel version of Shock & Awe. This was done to impress and intimidate the global-audience with our massive fire-power (no one seemed to remember that Saddam, at that time, could not defend himself) or his nation—but it made GREAT television coverage! This signaled a return to colonial empire-building by the US—led by our lavishly augmented and vastly improved NAZI military tactics that Israel had already adopted in 1948 and beyond. IRAQ was to be the new military Petrie-Dish to try-out all kinds of new and inhuman-procedures upon defenseless people of all ages and sexes, unendingly.

Immediately we began building prisons in Iraq to cage millions of people, so that we had a resource to torture all kinds of people in all kinds of illegal and barbaric ways—while we supposedly defended ourselves from armies of terrorists (those who had lived in Iraq for many, many generations). Iraq by the time that Bush-the-AWOL-coward arrived was totally defenseless—but not according to our mindless media.

We sent troops into homes by kicking down doors in the middle of the night, followed by hand-grenades, sometime gas, sometimes just bullets. Then our fearless troops went in and murdered everyone still breathing, on too many occasions. This did NOT happen each and every time, but it was common among the frustrated troops that never knew where the next attack might come from, any time or any place. Eventually we began using mercenaries, at ten times the cost of American troops, because we needed professional murderers to carry out these inhuman slaughters. Their solution gradually became to kill anything that moved. We did this to over 2 million Iraqi people, another 2 million severely damaged, and a third 2 million ended up leaving the country as Displaced Persons.

Remember Iraq had no army, no navy, no air force and virtually no official weapons, yet we fought there from 1991 all the way to the end of 2011, and we lost. In the process we had begun to set a very glaring example for the world. Apparently Amerika stands for torture, barbarity, murder and everything in-between. Now we’ve added DRONES to our global murder squads, and still the public here has NOT said anything against our military-crimes against the world.

The U.S. since WWII has not fought any country with a sophisticated fighting force, and yet we seem to always lose. In Vietnam we dropped more ordinance on that nation than we did on the whole of Europe during WWII—and yet we still lost. Amerikkka has yet to learn that there is no longer a place in the world for barbaric colonial powers that just slaughter as many bodies as possible; in an effort to convince the targeted nation that they “MUST UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER” to us or DIE….

Now this same war-machine wants to come back to America and slaughter their own families—if what the Tarnished House is now saying is true. How could this be true?  Is this what this nation wants to see happen to all of us? (That’s what all the recent-fiat-laws are pointing to) Of course the UN, NATO and USI don’t really care who does this, but if it happens to be US troops, well – apparently that’s okay too!

This is the very simplistic history of who we have become and where we are going.

Everything is Connected to Everything we do.

This world has been stolen from the people who live in it. The brightest of our generations are being assassinated. Arron Schwartz was this generations JFK, in a different way. However Arron was every bit as valuable: A vibrant young man, as was the idea behind JFK when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you—but what can you do for your country.”

Kennedy was a far from perfect man; but he made the mistake of thinking that as president he could actually make real changes. Jack believed that “together” we might be able to create a better world for everyone to live in—and that was the one thought for which Kennedy had to be killed. Aaron Schwarz spontaneously and selflessly did the same thing when he came to believe that together people could use the internet to stop the BARBARIANS from stealing the rest of the remaining world. This is why even after he and ‘we’ won his war, in the eyes of the criminal-government:  Aaron Schwartz had to be ERASED from history. (2)

“Aaron Swartz has died of suicide at age 26. Aaron’s achievements during his short life were staggering. At the age of 14, he co-developed RSS, the Really Simple Syndication web protocol that is the key component of much of the web’s entire
publishing infrastructure.

By 19, he’d co-founded a company that would merge with Reddit, a user-generated social news site that is now one of the most highly-trafficked news sites in the world. He founded Demand Progress, which was instrumental in fights to keep the Internet open and free, and in the battle to defeat SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act.

He developed the architecture for the Creative Commons licensing system and in 2010 he was made a fellow at Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics.

At the time of his death, Aaron was being prosecuted by the federal government and threatened with up to 35 years in prison and $1 million in fines for the crime of – no exaggeration – downloading too many *free* articles from the online database of scholarly work, JSTOR.org

He’d used his hacking skills to download these files more quickly and despite JSTOR’s declining to press charges or pursue prosecution, federal prosecutors hit Aaron with a staggering 13-count felony indictment.

In a statement about his death, Aaron’s family and partner wrote:

“Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death.”

His death is a good reason to revisit the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the law under which he was prosecuted, since it is far too broad. It is also a good idea to take a hard look at
Massachusetts Federal Attorney, Carmen Ortiz, whose office prosecuted Aaron with such recklessly disproportionate vigor, and who is reportedly considering a run for governor.

It is hard to fathom what Aaron may have continued to contribute to society had he not been bullied to death by the US Government.”

“How We Stopped SOPA” by Aaron Swartz (1986-2013 – video) (2)

Aaron is one of the first three who were murdered. There are still 800 VIPER teams still out there who will continue to slaughter people which they have decided might somehow do real damage to their global aspirations, that are now being threatened by this generations best and brightest.

When the Second World War came to an end the US had some real problems because of the mixed-messages we had been living in throughout the war from 1941-1945. The whole of the life of this country had been lived (in the wider-world) as barbarian-savages in service to corporate criminals, until WWI. The idea of Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights had prior to WWI been foreign to the US in its prosecution of the Monroe Doctrine & “Manifest Destiny” that had made this country as violently-uncivilized as Israel is today. After WWII, we had this global reputation as the bastion of Liberty for All—yet behind the scenes we remained savages that believed in violent force over anything that those high sounding phrases ever endorsed.

I was in the Air Force during the Cold War, and I served in the North American Air Defense system, in radar operations and saw first hand how Strategic Air Command functioned under General Curtis Lemay. His history can be found in The Fog of War, by Robert McNamara. (4)

Lemay was a brutal savage responsible for the firebombing of Tokyo and much of Japan at the end of the war on Japan. Strategic Air Command had a full third of the US bomber forces, armed with nuclear weapons in the air around the world 24-7 on his watch. He was barbaric. He was also the commander of the bomb group that bombed Japan with nuclear weapons. I was stationed on Guam in the 1950’s when one of Lemay’s squadrons of B-52’s managed to get lost just offshore from Red China and we had to help the mighty SAC bombers that had to be rerouted to safety, which averted WWIII before they were discovered. All military forces do occasionally make mistakes; but that time it could have cost the world our future, and it would have ultimately been the fault of Curtis Lemay, if that mistake had not been rectified before they were discovered.

SAC was based in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently SAC has morphed into something else now, but that entire period of time has been forgotten by the military because it led directly to our fear of the Russians, throughout the cold-war.

When the USSR collapsed the world was scheduled to have a generation of peace—but Ronnie changed this once he was able to replace peace with the new enemy of global-terror that took everyone back to a much deeper war-footing than the planet had ever known before. Of course now we are neck-deep in global wars that potentially could engulf the planet in near total destruction if we do not extract ourselves from this global-nightmare.

Six years after the end of WWII the US under Truman began a “UN Police-Action” against North Korea. From 1951-53 but which has still not been ended. Then came Vietnam, but that war was totally different from any we had fought before. Ironically it was exactly the kind of war that we Source unknownhad been fighting since be began killing people from Mexico to the Philippines—however after WWII those days and times were no longer acceptable to most Americans—and there was still a DRAFT, which meant that the GI’s that fought the war had to be dealt with because in theory everyone in the states could be sent over there to fight in that impossible-to-excuse colonial war. There was at the time a race war that was set off by the murder of Martin Luther King and altogether Vietnam became too much for LBJ to deal with.

There were incidents such as Kent State where the National Guard murdered college students for demonstrating against the Vietnam War. Automatic weapons were used with large ammunition clips against civilians, something that this government conveniently forgets about in the current political atmosphere. (3)

What happened to this country between the end of Vietnam and the beginning of GWH Bush’s War on Iraq was another transition period that tried to close out the public from the kind of public attention which the Vietnam War produced. It helped immensely that the mass media had been completely bought out by 1975 and the end of the Vietnam War. After Chile, Grenada and Panama the US wanted to totally shut down any information about any of the wars this nation wanted to wage—and GWH Bush & Company was the perfect Amerikkkan-NAZI to do just that.

That war supposedly ended when Iraq surrendered but without capturing Saddam. The Americans and the Brits kept on bombing Iraq 24-7 in an illegal-No-Fly Zone until Junior-Bush began his war on Iraq in 2003 that restarted the same war his father had supposedly fought against Saddam; but had been ineffective in subduing before that Bush left office.

End of Part One

Jim Kirwan

1) War is a Racket by Smedley Butler – 8 min 55 sec video

2) How We Stopped “SOPA”  by Aaron Schwarz  22 min 52 sec video

3) Kent State Shootings

4) The Fog of War


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