‘Look Forward Creatively’

Part Two
What we are faced with is how to throw off the yoke that has not-so-quietly enslaved the population of the world at large.

Thanks to technology the planet is now in very real danger of losing everything that the entire world thought they actually had a chance to enjoy: Without starting WWIII.

In Part One the track record of America is briefly mentioned as a preamble to what has now become paramount because of what this government has decided to do. That would clearly mean the end of the Second Amendment which guarantees the right of the people of the United States to:

“A well regulated militia,

being necessary to the security of a free state,

the right of the people to keep and bear arms,

shall not be infringed.

Supposedly Joe Biden (US Vice-President) will tell us what the government will do tomorrow, to our rights: According to what this illegal government will now demand from the people whom it wishes to CONTROL (For their own good – of course). Many worry about what the government will do because this amounts to a massive change in how the government will treat the people of this land and their constitutional guarantees.

Before every war the public in any country always begins to talk about what might be coming next. In this case that has already happened. What it says this time about conditions between the government and the population is that “This will not happen”.

In most wars many topics are usually discussed—in this case things are very, very simple. The public statement is overwhelmingly clear: combined with the words of the Second Amendment (above), the public’s opinion is simply:


Apparently there is nothing else to add to this firmly spoken fact.

Throughout the long and bloody history of the planet many things have been used or abused as various nations went into war. One thing is different here; the entire world has already been DISARMED, except for the Swiss and the Americans. If this government goes ahead with what they are planning to do, based on a totally false-flag event in Sandy Hook, then ‘ALL BETS ARE OFF.’

Throughout the long American March of MASSIVE Criminality and Global-War-Crimes a great many organizations and criminally-based corporations have been unearthed, thanks largely to the continued existence of the Internet.

Collectively the world has seen the rise of completely SECRET-Societies like Skull & Bones that have greatly advanced the power and influence of their members, in maintaining control over the whole planet. These creatures are nothing to the in-depth organizations that have controlled the whole world over thousands of years. Among these are the Illuminati, the private banking cabal of the Rothschilds, coupled with several other and very old societies: Such as the Jesuits, Masons and innumerable clumps of special operations and mafia connections the world over.

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In thinking about these cabals and how we can begin to shut them down without creating WWIII, some thoughts come to mind.

Many of the world’s most dangerous criminal-organizations do not have their own armies—in fact they have come to depend upon the established brutality of the United Nations, NATO and other less visible mercenary groups. But in this instance it seems that the most vulnerable criminal-cesspool is the Vatican. The current pope is a NAZI, a pedophile NAZI, who protects his pedophiles the world over and those who hide behind their offices as priests and above. Their physical-headquarters is in the Vatican.

The Vatican is entirely dependent upon the City of Rome for all their basic services. All that the world would have to do is to cut off electricity, water and all passage into and out-of the Vatican combined with a global-court order to surrender within 72 hours or face international-arrest for criminal-sex-crimes and financial-crimes that have been going on for hundreds of years. The Vatican and the Queen of England together are probably the largest land-owners on the planet. What would happen if those holdings were forcibly returned to the people they were stolen from?

The Vatican and the Church of Rome must be dissolved. All of its assets must be seized and paid out to the victims of their crimes the world over.

The second tier of these cross-connected criminal institutions is in London—the City of London, which houses the global-finances that are being directed by the Vatican. Assisted by the Jesuits and numerous others of the privately powerful church organs; such as Opus Dei, several of the various “Knights Templar”, and other global criminal organizations—it is way past time to end the careers of these global monsters. This may sound heretical—but actually this action is long, long overdue!

On this scale the world could challenge this criminality and shut it down because they have no force of their own to protect themselves with. Currently the Vatican and the City of London are using the UN and NATO for their private mercenary armies. Neither of these institutions has yet reached the outside-strength they need to stop the world from doing what the world decides—as to what must now be done to free the planet from these globally-blatant-criminals.

Once an action against the Vatican is begun, the City of London will have to fold as well, because Britain is as corrupt and crumbling as it is possible to be and still be part of the European Union.  If the world were to attack the City of London, inside London proper, there would not be anyone that would come to their defense. Because like the Vatican they’ve been screwing the entire planet for hundreds of years and their enemies too—are now LEGION.

In this country the Federal Reserve would also suddenly begin to have their own problems as they too are cross-connected to both the Vatican and the City of London.

Think! These are supposedly the most powerful institutions in the world that are SUPPOSEDLY protected mostly by tradition alone. Ergo, there is no physical force needed by them for protection from the world. They assume they are invincible and they treat all outsiders as their wholly owned slave-states. Billions of people have been screwed by these life-long criminals, and yet we have still done nothing? That’s how perfectly they set up this sting against the entire planet. Now they want everything on this planet and they’re willing to do anything to get it all. Are you going to cooperate with this vehement bunch of obscene people—yet again? Will you fight this time?

Last chance people, to do this without having WWIII—it’s our call…

Jim Kirwan


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