Going for Our Throats

Barry Obama has finally gone for our collective-throats by claiming to take the MORAL-HIGHGROUND against gun violence in America. The arrogance of this imposter was stunning to listen to, as if the nation that has led the world in mass murder, torture and tyranny is now claiming to be on the side of PROTECTING the CHILDREN.

The symbol above is what this government has stood for since George Bush did away with the Great Seal of the United States and replaced it with the yuppie version of the “eagle” that has now been overlaid with an AR-15: This government’s choice for the mercenaries they use to murder people, especially children, in order to enable this totally false-flag attack at Sandy Hook.

Two events underscore the facts of the administrations recent actions against children. In America we have now opened a new front by using our children as lab-rats to test ANTHRAX on American children. This is from the natural-foundations-director who treated both Adam and his mother who were both taken off the deadly psychotropic drugs that each of them were on, only to be killed as part of that false-flag: Adam’s body is MISSING, despite the fact that he was supposedly the shooter. (1)

The second-view of how much America and our Israeli-partner CARES about children can be summed up in this article about the 277,000 dead Iraqi children killed by our criminal sanctions that began in 1990 and are continuing to kill Iranian medical patients today—again thru the deaths of hundreds of thousands who can no longer get medical services because the US has blocked the sale of medicines to the Iranian people.

“Back to the Future – Iraq Sanctions
According to an exhaustive study by Richard Garfield, RN, D.Ph., Columbia University School of Public Health, 227,000 children under five died in Iraq due to trade sanctions from 1990 through 1998. The Columbia study considered previous estimates and came to this figure after extensive analysis. There were many more deaths in Iraq as a result of sanctions but this subgroup shows the public health impact of sanctions on the most vulnerable segments of the population. Did killing any of those children ease the presumed threat to the Middle East posed by the defeated regime of Saddam Hussein? Was their very deliberate sacrifice worth it?

The deaths of these children were no secret. The precise number of deaths may not have been known to the Clinton administration but the fact that denying medicine caused many deaths certainly was.

Then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright captured the prevailing (and unchanged) attitude when she responded to a question by 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl in 1996.

Stahl: “We have heard that half a million children died. That’s more children that died in Hiroshima. Is the price worth it?

Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice but the price, we think the price is worth it.” CBS News, May 12, 1996

Apparently, the price of Iranian sanctions is worth punishing everyone in Iran including children, cancer patients, and hemophiliacs.

We are burdened with a ruling class in a state of moral and cognitive decline. They purport to represent us and serve our interests. They don’t come close to reflecting the values of the vast majority of citizens. They serve only the interests of their patrons and their own egos fed by talking, looking, and acting tough. They’re not even bright enough to realize that in addition to the profound moral lapse, their acts reinforce the strength of the rulers they so despise.

Once again, mission accomplished. Unfortunately, it is the mission of ongoing ineptitude and ignorance that is applied at home as well as abroad. It is a disgrace.” (2)

The obscenity of whatever did actually happen to the twenty-children and the adults, who supposedly died on 12-14-12, has been colossally blocked from ever being reached, by the public. The very agencies that are legally-responsible to report their findings directly to the public, are the people that are keeping everything about the crime as some kind of secret.  There is no way that this crime can be classified as national-security—just like 911 this was a hideous CRIME, yet not an attack upon this nation. There is a 90 day-court-ordered-gag on everyone associated with the victims of that crime, along with the EVIDENCE that has already begun to disappear.

Lt. J. Paul Vance, the government Voice of Illegal-Obstruction, needs to be jailed along with the governor and the Attorney General of the state of Connecticut for moving and OBSTRUCTING this CRIME-SCENE in Sandy Hook; to allow for their willful destruction of evidence in a murder investigation. When the laws of Connecticut and the U.S. are observed: Then and only then can the public actually get to KNOW anything about what supposedly happened. Maybe then the public will have some evidence to see and decide for themselves just what happened there on the fourteenth of December.

This must be done before this government goes any deeper into their criminality against the Constitution and the people of this nation to artificially JUSTIFY their own TREASONS against the United States and the U.S. Constitution.

The Declaration of War against the law-abiding American public which Barry signed today will be met and fought, head on, by the citizens that know their rights along with just how CRIMINAL this government currently is.

Obama is claiming to have taken the “MORAL HIGHGROUND” when the truth is that we are the most IMMORAL-FORCE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD today.

Obama wants to claim VICTMHOOD for everyone in this country by CRIMINALIZING every Gun-Owner here. He has furthered his crimes by sentencing everyone in the country to medical-classification for being psychologically-unfit to posses the weapons they already have. Obama is morally-incapable of understanding what the second amendment is about just as he is apparently incapable of understanding the extremely-plain English in the four lines of the Second Amendment.’

If this government were serious about keeping Americans safe then the entire government would be forced to immediately RESIGN. Violent Video Games would immediately be banned from being produced or sold; and the entire so-called profession of Psychiatry would be dissolved. Medical-professionals would be suspended and thoroughly investigated, because there is no scientific proof for any of the medical-claims of serious-illness which this bogus profession uses to sentence ordinary people to mental institutions.

That entire profession was created by the NAZI-eugenics programs that continued in the USA, after the end of WWII. That has been a major part of our national-problems here, which the nation has been fighting against since 1945.

The real problem which the administration is trying to HIDE in Sandy Hook is the government’s criminal behavior in all of the recent mass-shootings, which have gotten progressively worse. All of them from Columbine, in Colorado forward, were done to bring the public to this point that could then be used to force the public to DISARM THEMSELVES. They need this to happen so that they can finish instituting their illegal seizure of this country and every man woman and child who lives here now.

Missing from Obama’s homily this morning was any acknowledgement that true FREEDOM is NOT Free. Our freedom literally depends upon PROSECUTING the CRIMINALS at every level of this government—first!

In fact he OBSCENELY ducked another major crime by appointing a new Director for ATF, without having demanded that his Attorney-General and himself be sent to prison for Fast & Furious which put 2,000 weapons into the hands of criminals and drug-lords in Mexico. Nothing will change until the people who commit real CRIMES begin to go to JAIL—and that RESPONSIBILITY always has to begin at the top—which is why no one has gone to JAIL since Bush Junior stole the presidency with help from the US Supreme Court in 2000.

Yesterday a New movement to IMPEACH the Governor of New York was also launched. (3)

Americans MUST drop all the patently FALSE-sentiment and get back to the basics of actual criminal-investigations that produce results: BEFORE even considering anything that the pretender in the Tarnished House is demanding that we pay attention to.


Add your names to the
Calls for the Impeachment of Obama
Because Obama has DECLARED the WAR
That no one wants

 The time is now, the WAR has been Declared and no one in this country can remain unaffected—ever again!

Jim Kirwan

1) Stop Anthrax Experiments on Children – 6 min video

2) Kill for Peace – US and EU Sanctions Deny Medicine to the Critically Ill

3) Impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo

4) Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama


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