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Three days from now on the 20th of January, in a closed ceremony Barry Soetoro will be ‘sworn’ (to whom or what is still unknown), as supposedly the next president of the United States. This creature has used over 27 different Social Security numbers in his questionable life and the only consistent thing about this imposter are the LIES he spews to everyone, about everything that passes anywhere near him.

Saturday, the Day before the Inauguration is the day when 47 OF THE 50 STATES, will have demonstrations, at their state capitals, to OPPOSE THE KING! Citizens interested in letting the WORLD KNOW that they disagree with our new Monarch, might actually be able to be heard in their own state capitals, if they plan their event carefully. INSIST that the traitors in the media attend the state-demonstrations, so that the PUBLIC can also be heard from, on the BLACKEST political DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY: When the government will pass from a REPUBLIC on Jan. 19 to an ILLEGAL- MONARCHY in a closed ceremony on Jan. 20, 2013… (1)

If the Democrats get one more seat on the US Supreme Court, crooked politicians and even more crooked judges will completely erase the Bill of Rights beginning with the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and then the balance of Articles I, II and III.

The Constitution will exist in name only. The princes of industry and barons of banking were complicit in erasing Article II, Section 1 § 6 in 2008 and again in 2012 when they knowing backed an illegal alien for the White House. That task was simplified with the passage of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 which erased Article II, Section 1 § 5, creating early voting and an automated voter registration system that allowed those not eligible to vote to register—and vote…early—and often. When the fraudulent registrations were confirmed, the registrations were discarded but the fraudulent votes had already been blue-bagged and were counted as legitimate votes.

 In 2008, 96,992,000 registered voters (who actually voted) somehow cast 132,618,580 votes.

 In 2012, 90,682,968 registered voters (who actually voted) cast 136,985,809 votes. In 2008, Obama won 35 million nonexistent votes, defeating Sen. John McCain by 10 million votes that didn’t really exist. In 2012, Obama won 36 million nonexistent votes, and defeated Mitt Romney by less than 5 million votes—once again, with 36 million votes that didn’t exist.” (2)

What happened to this place that once had real promise?

“Americans have completely lost any sense of why a country, a society, and a government exist.

Politicians, lobbyists and corporate media talking heads, and far too many ordinary people, have accepted and are promoting as gospel the circular notion that it’s important to encourage business to grow so that people will be hired and the economy can grow. This specious argument is used to justify the weakening labor unions, the raising of taxes on workers while they are cut for companies and the rich, the cutting of earned benefit programs like Social Security and Medicare, the gutting worker safety and environmental safety regulations, and the elimination of regulation of activities like banking, corporate mergers and takeovers, pharmaceutical companies etc. In fact every government action that results in making life harder or more dangerous for ordinary working people or for the poor is defended on the basis that it is necessary so that business can make more profit and help the economy to grow.

Growing the economy, however, is not, or certainly should not, be the reason we have government, the reason we are a country, or the reason we are a society…

The Constitution had it right when the country was founded. It’s about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Period.

And growth today poses a direct threat to all three of those stated goals. Growth in all its aspects — economic growth, growth in profits, growth in sales, growth of population, growth in income – is a threat to life. It has become clear that the imperative of ever more growth, the ethos and driving force of modern corporate capitalism, is leading to the destruction of the very biosphere that sustains life on this planet. It is a threat to liberty, too, because one country’s growth — America’s — requires the constant assault on those weaker countries that threaten us. The globe is a finite place, and at this point, with seven billion people crowded upon it, for one group — that is to say 313 million Americans — to prosper and grow, requires that 6.7 billion others give up something. In other words, for America to grow, it must be in a constant state of imperial domination and war, which also means a state of war at home, with all the concomitant restrictions on freedom, not to mention expropriation of revenue from the public (53 cents out of every tax dollar), that such a state inevitably entails.

For decades or longer even, there has been a carefully maintained American myth that the growth of global capitalism in general and of this country’s capitalist system in particular has been only beneficial to mankind, really with no downside. But that myth has been a lie. Capitalism in Europe grew at the expense of the colonies in Africa, Asia and Latin America that were exploited for their virtually free stolen resources and their cheap labor, as well as their captive markets…

it is no longer possible for American capitalism to grow simply by exploiting other nations, while buying the passivity and acquiescence of the American masses at home by minimally allowing them to have some small part of the gains (the old trickle-down idea), economic growth now inevitably requires the impoverishment and progressive disempowerment of most Americans. Vastly more powerful corporate interests, having implanted the ideology of “growth is good,” are now demanding that we accept lower wages, less freedom and empowerment on the job, less safety, more environmental degradation, less health care, less quality education, less security in our old age. Our ability to pursue happiness, in other words, has also fallen victim to the unbridled pursuit of growth.

This is of course absurd. For tens of thousands of years human beings lived, built families, laughed, loved, created music and dance and art and found happiness in their lives. They did this with no growth, or at least with growth so slow that no one would have noticed it happening. It is only in the last perhaps few hundred years that growth has become an all-encompassing obsession of the rich and powerful — to be had at any cost. And happiness, liberty, and in the end life, are all being lost in that mad pursuit of ever more profit and wealth. In many countries these three values simply don’t exist. In the US we still have life, a little liberty, and some shot at happiness, but it’s all under grave threat.

Now the ideologues of growth will argue that mankind is much better off thanks to all that growth, but the truth is that of the world’s seven billion people, some two billion currently live in brutal, abject poverty. As Clive Hamilton, author of the book Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change, recently told journalist Chris Hedges, that number of immiserated people is greater than the entire population of the earth in 1900. Some progress!”…more at the link (3).

There is an eerie silence across this land since the White House DECLARED WAR on gun-ownership in America. (4)

That was around noon on Wednesday. By the FOLLOWING DAY the formal-fight in 47 of the 50 states had already been announced – and in just two days time: One day before Barry will accept his private coronation – The BACKLASH IS SET TO BEGIN AGAINST THE DISARMING OF  AMERICA.

In a place where everything takes forever to do anything – this kind of turnaround, this call to action nationwide is the opportunity to put this criminal token down and possibly impeach him. A Question about Saturday the nineteenth…

Will the NRA be present for the coronation with contingents of just a few, or will there be hundreds if not thousands of protestors?  Will they be ARMED or not? Also how many of the “invited-guests” will suddenly decide NOT to attend the White House Gala?

There are only 3 days left before this official end of the United States takes place? If the public were to BOYCOTT THE CELEBRATIONS that would mean one hell of a lot of food and booty wasted ~ but of course there will be a football game at the same time as the SECRET Inaugural, so it’s doubtful that anyone without an issue in this battle will be listening…

Of course the money spent on the illegal selection and the number of people slaughtered to keep the KING in office was and is colossal. And there really is NO OTHER ISSUE IN THE WORLD, FOR ANYONE THAT CARES ABOUT RETAINING THEIR FREEDOM, their right to DEFEND themselves, or their way of life – but we’ll just wait and see…

Jim Kirwan

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