January 22, 2013

Peace Officers of the USA formally meet the Congress…

Illustration by David Dees

This day is long overdue; in fact it has been brewing for the last thirteen years. This meeting is to find the causes and solutions to thirteen years of tyranny, government treason, and the desertion of the rights of all Americans that have been ignored since 12-12-2000: The U.S. Supreme Court chose a president while nullifying the US presidential selection process of 2000. The public was not consulted.

That crime gave birth to TREASON. Throughout all of this time, the public has repeatedly asked begged and pleaded with the congress for help with their problems: In order to exercise any check against what has been U.S. Domestic and Foreign policy for decades. Congress has consistently REFUSED to act for the people they represent.

Since this has been the case for all this time, people have decided now that Peace-Officers from sheriffs to Police-Chiefs from every town and city in the United States need to go to Washington. These public-representatives, clearly armed with their government issued side-arms, must MEET-FACE-TO-FACE with the people who have chosen to no longer represent those of us, that put them in office.

“Three local sheriffs, including Wake County’s Donnie Harrison, took part in the minutemen’s discussions in Zebulon. The meeting came just hours after President Obama unveiled his gun control plans.

A boiling point in the meeting came about midway through. When dozens inside and (hundreds) more outside of the Fargo Cattle Company Steakhouse bristled about a possibility that the federal government could violate their Second Amendment rights.

“I don’t think that was answered correctly, or really answered at all,” said Wake County resident Jamie Miller.”

Sheriff: “I don’t care how fundamental a right is no right is absolute.” k): WRONG ANSWER Sheriff! (2)

We’re taking this issue directly to YOU & your counterparts; because FOR THE LAST 13 YEARS people have been taking everything to the sell-outs in Washington & the State Houses all over this land – and all they do is LAUGH at us while they just keep right on raking in all that stolen money – look at the imbued-entitlement-situation and all the time that has already been ignored?

k): NO, Sheriffwe’re TAKING THIS TO ALL OF YOU – This is just a heads-up: You had better have the RIGHT ANSWERS when we come to talk next time…

“What we didn’t hear is that it doesn’t matter what they say, we’re not going to come and get your guns,” said Wayne County resident Adam Drissel. What those in attendance heard repeatedly from Sheriffs Jerry Jones, Carey Winders and Donnie Harrison, respectively from Franklin, Wayne and Wake counties, was very similar. “I’ll quit first, but nobody’s going to take your guns,” said Harrison” (1)

Make your reservations today, wear the uniform of your offices, and do not surrender your weapons to TSA. Enjoy having your testicles massaged and your honor impugned by the same creatures that the rest of us routinely have to deal with. You need to make this journey because your advice to the public has too often only consisted of “call your congress-person.” This problem has always been reduced to the people that make demands. Government has made certain that this has always failed. Now it’s your turn to represent us to those who you say you represent. Let’s see if congress or the so-called president will listen to you, anymore than they do to us?

Not all the police-chiefs nationwide are siding with the public they supposedly protect: This is important to clearly understand. Those police-chiefs need to go to Washington and stay there, because they’ve already made their choices and we will KNOW them by what they do in person. In this confrontation on January 22, 2013, the public will see the true test of who is representing what, before the court of world opinion…

Since the public of the United States has NEVER been represented by anyone beginning with President George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and concluding with Obama – the situation internationally has devolved to this:

“In just two months the globalists of the UN will gather in New York City to put the final touches on plans to impose strict regulations worldwide on the right of the individual to buy, sell, trade, or own guns and ammunition.

On March 18, 2013 in New York City the next round of negotiations is scheduled to begin, with one aim in mind: eradicate private gun ownership.

On Christmas Eve, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution to renew negotiations on the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

The measure was approved by a vote of 133-0, with 17 countries abstaining.” (3)

This is treason. None of these issues have ever been formally put to the public of the United States. The public must demand the impeachment and PROSECUTION of Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Bush Junior and Obama—before this so-called “GUN GRAB by the UN” goes any further.

Nine States have introduced State Laws to Jail Feds that attempt to enforce laws that are contrary to the Second Amendment. This is beginning to create something much larger than just the rights being violated by the FEDS, and their desire to DISARM this country. This goes to which states will go along with the treason inherent within Obama’s overreach and his ascension to becoming the illegal King of the US, the UN & the World?

“Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Wyoming have proposed legislation to jail federal officials who violate the second amendment.

The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act is a state-level bill that renders all federal gun laws, regulations, rules, acts, orders, etc – null and void within the borders of the state.

…all federal acts, laws, executive orders, agency orders, and rules or regulations of all kinds with the purpose, intent, or effect of confiscating any firearm, banning any firearm, limiting the size of a magazine for any firearm, imposing any limit on the ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, taxing any firearm or ammunition therefore, or requiring the registration of any firearm or ammunition therefore, infringes upon Texans’ right to bear arms in direct violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and therefore, any such law is not made in pursuance of the Constitution, is not authorized by the Constitution, and thus, is not the supreme law of the land, and consequently, is invalid in this State and shall be further considered null and void and of no effect in this State. The bill goes further than just affirmation of the 2nd Amendment. It requires compliance by state and federal agents.

A person who is a public servant commits an offense if the person, while acting under color of the person’s office or employment, intentionally enforces or attempts to enforce any acts, laws, executive orders, agency orders, rules or regulations of any kind whatsoever of the United States government relating to confiscating any firearm, banning any firearm, limiting the size of a magazine for any firearm, imposing any limit on the ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, taxing any firearm or ammunition therefore, or requiring the registration of any firearm or ammunition therefore. The legislation specifies that the new law would apply not just to state employees, but federal ones as well.

”Public servant,” includes an officer, employee, or agent of the United States; a branch, department, or agency of the United States; another person acting under a contract with a branch, department, or agency of the United States to provide a law enforcement or security service; or any other person acting under color of federal law.” (4)

A large number of states, not long ago, tried to withdraw from the union. To that effect petitions were signed, and were ignored by the federal government. Yesterday the government just tripled the number of signatures from 25,000 to 100,000 (required by them) to consider any petition. Now we no longer have ANY REPRESENTATION AT ALL. This makes the petition-process ineffective (along with the crap about appealing to congress for anything). All that this does is to demand an answer – yet no one in the administration is legally-required (according to them), to answer those that have PETITIONED THE GOVERNMENT FOR THE “REDRESS OF THEIR GRIEVANCES.”

This RIGHT to confront the government for the redress of our grievances is not a privilege, it’s a human right—which the U.S. government continues to VIOLATE at their peril.

This turns us from a REPUBLIC into a national-LOTTERY that makes a joke of actually having to listen to the public in any way at all. These nine states are just shy of withdrawing from the UNION, unless the government does a complete about face.

For the last THIRTEEN YEARS this so-called government has totally IGNORED people everywhere – and now they want to triple the requirements for something that is meaningless on its face to begin with. This is why people have the right to keep and bear arms – TO FORCE THE GOVERNMENT TO SERIOUSLY RESPOND TO THE LEGITIMATE DEMANDS OF THE PEOPLE…

This time, the time for more-meaningless and mind-numbing talk is over. We need serious answers and an end to UNFOUNDED-FEDERAL-ORDERS that ask us FOR-NOTHING; but that instead, are TELLING US WHAT TO DO WITHOUT GOING THROUGH ANY LEGAL PROCESS AT ALL ON ANY LEVEL. That is exactly what Obama did on television with his ‘defense-of-the-children’ speech and is a violation of the Second Amendment and our right to REPRESENTATION.

This been necessitated because there are no longer any laws in the USA to protect either the Constitution or the rights of the people that are paying for these TREASONS which this government continues to commit each and every day.

Michael Connelly, Constitutional Attorney

“What the hell just happened? That is the question that many Americans should be asking themselves following the news conference where Obama unveiled his plan for destroying the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. At first glance it appeared to be a case of Obama shamelessly using the deaths of innocents, and some live children as a backdrop, to push for the passage of radical gun control measures by Congress. Most of these have no chance of passing, yet, Obama’s signing of Executive orders initiating 23 so called Executive actions on gun control seemed like an afterthought.

Unfortunately, that is the real story, but it is generally being overlooked. The fact is that the with a few strokes of his pen Obama set up the mechanisms he will personally use to not only destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but also the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. It will not matter what Congress does, Obama can and will act on his own, using these Executive actions, and will be violating both the Constitution and his oath of office when he does it”.  (5)

The time to act AGAINST this government is now and the place to begin is EVERYWHERE – think about it!

Jim Kirwan

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Local News covers the meeting – 2 min 47 sec video

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4) Nine States To Jail Feds Who Violate The 2nd Amendment

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