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It’s Saturday, a day before another national football-orgy. This celebration will culminate Sunday while the ‘new’ president is being ‘secretly-sworn’ into office a second time. This ‘ceremony’ is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. The FOOTBALL-GAME will take center-stage for the whole of Sunday, January 20th, 2013—in this failed state.

I had an interview with just before NDAA became part of history. The first point was true. I was WRONG on the second, that being, the potential end of the USA. This referred to what was supposed to have happened very soon, but failed to materialize. The third point concerned SORO’S OCCUPY MOVEMENT – which tells us about the lack of any credibility for that supposed national-movement that never materialized at all.

On this day, at the edge of oblivion, I thought it might be interesting to revisit some of those points I made in the interview.

kirwan on the first point.

“I can’t imagine how they (the U.S. Supreme Court) could allow this to continue without having interfered. …to allow the government to ERASE the government, right in front of the entire world is absolutely astounding. I mean you can’t REMOVE the founding documents, the Constitution of the country—without REMOVING AT THE SAME TIME, the entire validity as it sits today.” (1)

This is exactly what Barry Soetoro just did when he took the national stage to destroy the remaining scraps of the Constitution. He told the country and the world that he intends to remove the Second Amendment by presidential-fiat-edicts (which are totally illegal—because BY LAW he is NOT ALLOWED TO write LEGISLATION). This time because there were supposedly 20 children murdered in a completely faked-attack upon a school in Sandy Hook, (which has not been proven). This “horror” has magically-necessitated Barry’s personal need to override the second amendment—even though the Constitution was written to prevent this kind of obscenity from ever being able to happen.

As Barry begins to implement this crime, he meticulously continues to destroy the founding documents of this nation that brought his hideous-presence to everyone in the USA. Without our founding documents, there would not be a government for this fraudulent-national-parasite to have originated from.

The point that I was WRONG about was that the threatened collapse I was “facetiously-celebrating” (“the end of the world next week”) FAILED to take place. What remains true, unfortunately throughout: Is that we have still not pushed back, against ANYTHING—which is why I’m bringing it up again. TODAY is supposed to mark the day when 47 of the 50 states are due to begin to put Barry Soetoro back in his illegitimate place. The public will supposedly tell Barry and his fraudulent government (TODAY):


That series of rallies around the nation was scheduled to begin at noon—but the national response has yet to surface.

Rense: “By the way the OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT was so pitiable, just an obscenity…”

Kirwan: “In 2003 this got started – we just got plugged in recently but it’s has been going on since 2003 throughout the world. We let these people in $600 hotel rooms in New York City control the agenda for this whole thing. And we pretend these people are SOMEBODY? We pretended that they’re ‘doing something’’!

Tonight they came out with this thing on the 17th of January (2012): THEY ARE PROMISING TO OCCUPY CONGRESS – Excuse me! TOO LATE, TOO LITTLE, THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL! These people are purporting and helping to kill the institutions they are …” 1)



What did happen then was NDAA. That overshadowed anything to do with this fake “OCCUPY CONGRESS” by THE OCCUPY-MOVEMENT. All of this is happening again this time in the name of DISARMING THE PUBLIC. This Pavlovian-human experiment has worked beyond their wildest dreams. In a real world none of this could ever be happening—but given how cowardly we are—on this day of NATIONAL CELEBRATION for the victory of A FOOTBALL GAME over our own chances for global survival: We cannot be concerned for a public that is so mindless that they swear allegiance to something that uses millionaires playing a child’s game for fabulous sums while this nation continues to allow itself to BURN into OBLIVION…

In the interview we discussed what we failed to do with previous elections that have now gone into history. Elections are supposed to correct the past. But we have NOT jailed any politician or appointee for any crimes “committed on their watch”. Again; we FAILED ourselves, as predicted. We are still clinging to the idea that someone-else will do what we need to do with our own hands—if we ever expect to be free.

Now the global-outlaws HAVE DONE the one thing that ought to enrage this entire nation. It is clear. The raw nerve at the very core of this Republic has been hit. The right to SELF-DEFENSE for every American is now under attack by the elites. DISARMING the United States is a minimum-requirement that the UN NATO & 330 nations-of-the-global-society now require us to comply with: By turning in our weapons so that the New World Order can be unleashed against every person on the planet. The public has yet to massively respond to this attempt to finish killing the core-values inherent in the founding documents of this experiment-in-human-freedom—and in

 “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (2)


 “This all comes down to us,
They cannot get away with this unless we let them!
If we refuse, if we learn how to say NO all over again:
Once upon a time we used too know how to say NO.

Now since they’ve put a gun to our heads
We have learned how to say YES
We have to stop this!
At the fundamental level of each & every person,
If they go through with this, you haven’t got a job.
Unless they say you can have one.

They will take everything you have and put you in a camp
(Or they’ll just kill you on the spot).
The solutions we are looking for are actually up to us.
We have to ACT in our own defense.”

Read the articles and remind yourselves of what happened to the native population in the concluding “slaughter” that marked the formal end of a 400 year long war that slaughtered over 5,000 native nations and killed at least 59 million people.

This is also the template that Israel is using today to slaughter whatever remains of the Palestinian People. The deaf, dumb and blind Amerikkkans are RESPONSIBLE for allowing the same crimes used against American Indians to be used against the rest of the world. While the same warmongers continue to try to strip Americans of every ASPECT OF OUR OWN SELF-DEFENSE: This colonial-nightmare is also being used to end not just the USA, but all life as it currently exists on the planet. (3)

The PUSH-BACK has still yet to heard from. But in this place where there is “no longer any rule of law ” that applies equally to rich and poor alike, there is still the very real possibility that determinations will be found to REJECT the speciously-criminal actions being proposed by the official tyrants who run this slag-heap now…

Jim Kirwan

1) Rense-radio Interview: 2012 – MP3 audio file

2) January 22, 2013

3) Day One of the New Congress


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