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In part one the basics for this grand-plan were carefully exposed by This originated from a long series of False-Flag Operations that the government underwrote from Columbine, Colorado; all the way to Sandy Hook, Connecticut. With each fresh outbreak of what the public was supposed to believe were mindlessly violent attacks upon children by deranged-individuals with access to “assault-weapons”. However there was far more at work, in each of these psy-ops operations than the public was ever to know about.

Here is part of what was never mentioned, or included in anything said by any official anywhere regarding the complexity of this attempt to deceive the public and the world.

“‘Gun control’ is phrase slogan-word which doesn’t map to a single definition, but rather maps to an endless parade of meanings, defocusing the conscious mind and tiring the unconscious mind.

Gun-control literally has a dozen or more meanings centering on the word control, as in controlling the potential gun owner in such as way as to prevent gun ownership. A few of the meanings of gun-control are:

Gun Registration – Collecting information on firearms and owners while tacitly re-defining ownership to mean ‘registered owner’; registration is now part of the definition of ownership.

Gun Licensing – Gun registration, plus accepting the idea that in order to ‘legally’ own (with registration) a gun, you must also accept the fact that it is illegal to own a gun unless it is licensed. Licensing temporarily grants immunity from the punishments of owning a gun illegally; however, the immunity is short lived and may be renewed only after a fee is paid to the government for the license. This fee and criterion, of course, are subject to change.

Enumerating the list of meanings for gun-control would surely put the reader to sleep, but for purposes of this article, I’ll mention a few others. Gun control can also mean or include as part of the meaning: conceal carry ‘permits’, background checks, ‘safe storage’ requirements, limits on the number of guns that can be ‘owned’, controls on ammunition and on and on.

The point being that gun-control actually prevents – permanently, by your own permission – the right to ever OWN a gun. Ownership as defined in Blacks Law Dictionary, first edition, as: The complete dominion, title, or proprietary right in a thing or claim. The ownership of a thing is the right of one or more persons to possess and use it to the exclusion of others.

Using this definition of ownership you see that it is not possible to “own” a gun if one tacitly or formally agrees to any sort of ‘gun control’ because gun ‘ownership’ is predicated on terms and agreements (contracts) that give rise to third party claims on your property.

Using language to control human thought is not a new idea as it has been done and perfected for thousands of years. Equally perfected over the same period are skills of recognizing attempts of deceivers and psychopaths to control and otherwise enslave thoughts. ‘Armed’ with skills and knowledge of mind control (two words each referring to their own unmodified definitions) people can take back their power and liberty.

Why does any civilian in America NEED an AR-15?

Shapiro, doing a great job of moving Morgan back on subject and detangling Morgan’s attempt to associate the NRA with posited evils done by ‘assault rifles,’ another newspeak term, failed to stop Piers from pretending that in America people are ‘allowed’ freedoms consistent with some unnamed panel or body of do-gooders that can, when required, decide something or some action is not in our best interest.

In other words, Morgan was implying the United States of America operates as a political democracy and by answering questions framed in this type of pseudo-context, Americans are tacitly agreeing this nation of independent States with Republican governments are actually democracies.

Democracy derives its meaning from the Greek word demos, meaning crowd; crowd rule, or in modern terms, mob rule. True democracy is a favorite form of government for thugs and tyrants wishing to control and enslave, because the ‘crowd’ is so easily manipulated, bribed, frightened and otherwise herded. In a true democracy it would be correct to ask “Why does anyone NEED an AR-15?” because all rights are in a flux of consensus; a fluid state of constant change, depending on how the crowd will ‘vote ‘at any given time. Therefore, in a true democracy the nameless, non-responsible crowd can decide you do not NEED any particular thing you might want to have. In a true democracy there can be no ownership because rights, including property rights, are subject to vote. The vote naturally can take place in real time yielding the purest form of mob rule – the liquid flux of consensus.

…restricting gun ownership through gun control is in violation

of the second amendment to the Constitution and is therefore an unconstitutional law which “has no legal force or binding effect”.

Before moving on to the real reason the government and their masters are trying to disarm Americans, I want to point out mind control is real and the concepts put forward by Eric Blair, the real name of George Orwell, were written as a warning and also to offer knowledge as how to identify mind control and avoid being deceived and harmed by the effects of this tactic.

Newspeak in terms of gun ownership include mind controlling phrases such as ‘reasonable gun control’ , ‘sensible gun control’, ‘intelligent gun control’, ‘reasonable restrictions on guns’. These phrases and others are used as tools to disarm the mind and to place the thinker into a trance like state of tacit agreement. For example the word reasonable is something we have all come to understand to mean something the opposite of which is unreasonable. Black’s Law Dictionary defines reasonable: Agreeable to reason; just; proper. Ordinary or usual.

Black’s defines ‘reasonable act’ : Such as may fairly, justly and reasonably be required of a party.

So, by hearing and assimilating the phrase ‘reasonable restrictions on guns’ or ‘reasonable gun control’ the mind is being controlled by the use of the modifier reasonable; reasonable means just, proper, ordinary and usual. By tacitly assuming that gun control is reasonable we have accepted a catalog of definitions for gun control and we have effectively agreed to give up the right to own guns – period.

The disarmers also do the same trick when they associate a word such as assault with the word rifle. We all know assault is bad and Black’s confirms our thinking by defining assault:

An unlawful attempt or offer, on the part of one man, with force or violence, to inflict a bodily hurt upon another

Here again we have newspeak and mind control. By placing the word assault in front of rifle, the disarmers have attempted to associate ‘an attempt or offer, on the part of one man with force or violence, to inflict a bodily hurt upon another’ with an inanimate object called a rifle.

A rifle cannot inflict bodily hurt upon another by itself. It CANNOT. A rifle is a rifle, a tool, an implement; it cannot be attributed with properties of a man…

humans have lived in peace and safety and happiness in times when self responsibility elevated the people into that state of being. Government tyranny feeds and exists only because people willingly and consistently transfer responsibility for their own lives and their family over to nameless, unaccountable strangers that offer reasonable.

The best example of a nameless, unaccountable stranger is the President of the United States, Barrack Obama. Obama’s records are sealed. We have no access to his school records, medical records, passport records or even birth records. Even Obama’s social security number is phony, belonging to long-dead Connecticut citizen. Asking me and other Americans to register weapons while requiring identification and extensive background checks, yet not even requiring the President of the United States to prove his state of birth or explain his fraudulent social security number is INSANE.

The American Protection of the World.

No I am not talking about our military under the control of a foreign usurper government terrorizing the world, I’m talking about what happens to the world when America gives up its guns and falls. Many people ask how the Brits and Australians and New Zealanders were disarmed but have not (yet) experienced any Soviet-style ‘red terror’ mass murders. My answer is: it’s coming.

While the people of America are still armed it is very difficult for the psychopathic ruling elite to openly implement their population downsizing with outright door-to-door murder, as practiced in Russia after 1917, because Americans might just WAKE UP and realize that what goes around comes around. In fact, I believe it is the continued right (natural right to self defense) to keep and bear arms in America, the over 300 million guns and ammunition now held by Americans, that’s keeping the world temporarily safe from global outright door-to-door genocide/murder. It is the THREAT that Americans might actually WAKE UP and take back their government and perhaps defend other nations from psychopaths that keeps that plan in check.

But I further believe it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT AMERICA BE DISARMED if the global elite (Rockefellers, Rothschilds and others) are to continue their mission of destruction, downsizing and enslavement of the world population in pursuit of their megalomaniacal dream of a New World Order.” (1)

The strategy of this government has used all of the above and more to try and coerce the public into believing that we have no choice but to end the right of the public’s ability to defend ourselves, by altering or eliminating the Second Amendment.

However, if the public were to examine the facts as presented in these two articles, about alleged events in Sandy Hook—then an entirely different agenda was clearly being played out to artificially create an image to the public that potentially never happened.

Thanks to Obama, Fast & Furious Attorney General Eric Holder, (Hundreds of Illegal assault-weapons provided to Mexican Drug Dealers that were and are being used both here and in Mexico): The used-governor of Connecticut and certainly to Anderson Cooper, of CNN who muddied the entire landscape in the public’s mind.

All of this was provided to the American Public on the eve of the SECRET inauguration (today) of ‘the man who never-was’ with his 27 social-security numbers, who never registered himself for the draft, (required of every American) with the same government he now claims to be the president-of. In fact all of whoever-he-is has been hidden since he came back to the states from Indonesia. His personal records have been sealed, while the rest of us are spied-on, tracked, and challenged at every turn in our private lives, because we are all SUSPECTED of being TERRORISTS! Barry Obama remains outside all the laws that everyone else must live in tyranny with for every minute of every day—while he plans to steal whatever remains of our lives under the false-flag of Murder in Sandy Hook: Reinforced by sloppily delivered fake-sentiments for whatever did happen in Sandy Hook.

This common-con-man runs the USA as just another BEYOND-THE-LAW puppet: This imposter wants to take your guns along with your ability to DEFEND-YOURSELF from him and from the criminal-elite that own him? (2)

These CRACKS in “Cracking the Edifice of Evil” must be immediately pursued by INDEPENDENT PROSECUTORS that should begin arresting Obama, Biden, Holder, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and the Governor of Connecticut on SUSPICION along with the Democratic Leadership that allowed Obama to run for office both times – until the facts just uncovered can be clearly verified, to the American-public that has been abused throughout this entirely criminal-charade.

This series of crimes is in need of clear answers, just as the world needed answers at the end of WWII from the Nazi’s. Our Nazi’s need the same treatment for issuing illegal orders throughout the fake-chain-of-command, from Bush to Obama, that was supported throughout by hundreds of illegal-orders issued to the military and political world, in order to prop up an illegal-dictator and his criminally-liable unconstitutional-laws as well as his treasonous agendas… DEMAND immediate action now!

Jim Kirwan

1) Mind Control, Not Gun Control

2) 1940 Census Shows Obama Alias Harrison Bounel Born 1890; Ties To Connecticut | Obama Birthplace Controversy


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