Psychotic Paranoia & Insanity

Illustration by David Dees

I’m just a man, not a shrink, not a lawyer, not even a journalist. I’m just a word-slinger who comments from time to time, about some of the glaring disasters that pass for life in the twenty-first century.

Once upon a time I was an internationally-published artist, designer, writer and illustrator for over thirty years: Before the illegal-IRS snatched that away along with several other occupations which they decided to turn into wholly-owned-cash-registers, under their required-labels that have made everything in Amerikkka into “just business”.

The methodology I employ for my work on the web, involves having to find ways to distance myself daily, from the intensity of what I continue to write about every day. Some of these distractions involve much of the output from Hollywood, and the world, in the category of films and books.

Lately what has been coming out of Hollywood and Media for at least the last fifteen years has been instructive about the methods and processes that are supposedly used by feral agencies around the world—to keep what is in place at the moment both hidden and simultaneously “known” in order to terrify the public. The idea being that their operations are not something that we can ever win-against. That is a total lie. It is this lie that I’d like to offer for your consideration; as this directly concerns the Psychotic-Paranoid-Insanity at the base of everything that the Police-State wants the world to believe is real.

What is clear throughout their films, videos, and the spin-that-never-stops-spinning, is something that those who chose to employ this junk, have never realized: When it comes to the built-in flaws which they continue to flaunt to the wider-world.

The message of the New World Order, the globalist bankers, the various criminally-religious-factions along with everything from the Illuminati, the Jesuits, Zionism, Opus Dei, Skull & Bones and all the way down through the Vatican and the Masons is all just part of this evil-equation. In every instance we the public of this planet have always been their targets and it is way past time that more of us begin to understand what exactly has been going on.

Yesterday I tried to offer an explanation for why Sandy Hook has just chosen to create its own death-knell. Half the illustrations in that article were blocked from being shown, which rendered the information almost moot for many people. The thrust of what I tried to reveal was simple, and deadly, to the premise which the government said took place.

“At 0:06 in and at 1:02 into the following video on CNN’s website the active-shooter drill footage that aired LIVE as most of America has been “duped” in what some would say is an even more sophisticated and diabolic false flag operation than the government staged terror attacks that took place on September 11, 2001.”

k): The video shown here was missing in the article, which clearly shows the absence of the crosswalk that means that this video did not come from Sandy Hook.

“Take a very close look at the video starting at 1:02 into it. You will notice the police running through a cross walk area that simply does not exist at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Take note of the rounded curb area that leads into a grassy area of some sort with a tree present in the center of the grassy area. This area does not exist on Sandy Hook Elementary Schools property as factions of our government, law enforcement, and media have conspired to stage what could become the end of our once great nation.” (1)

The same kinds of facts are also obscured from this point on, all the way through the rest of yesterday’s article “Cracking the Edifice of Evil”- Part One. You can however watch the whole story at the first footnote below.

The complexity surrounding “HOW” the false-flags of Sandy Hook were carried out was the key to walking the public through event after event since that day it began. Information overload and purposeful confusion was key to overwhelming the public with such things as the fact that the supposed shooter’s body has disappeared, and as far as telling the public goes, the government has not furnished any clarifications about the confusing statements which the cops themselves, along with the FBI & State Police have all conspired to create—in order to keep the FEAR alive while trashing any admissions by either themselves or any of the “explanations” that have since been offered by the public.

All this feral-government needs to do is to keep the massive lies & confusion alive until the NEXT much larger FALSE-FLAG can be perpetrated.

Beyond this lays the core-corruption of the entirely preposterous concept that anyone could ever-succeed in “conquering the world” using Psychotic-Paranoid-Insanity as a means to achieve anything except their own colossal-and permanent-DEFEAT. Ironically the fascist-police-state seems totally unaware of this major flaw at the very heart of their entire agenda.

In film after film supposedly dealing with national and international “intelligence agencies” the government is presented as being beyond reproach from ordinary human failings. So ABSOLUTELY cynical are the spies and government agencies: So thoroughly immune to any human feeling that their various political-odyssey’s appear farcical in the extreme: At the end of every hair-brained and literally impossible scheme they are shown as being the undisputed-masters of every circumstance because they FEAR any and every human aspect in favor of their reliance on THE PARANOIA of the INSANITY behind the NATIONAL-INSECURITY apparatus that can never be enough.

People are never treated as people, but only as cogs in the machinery of a soulless-machine without any overriding point or purpose beyond the supposed-power of the global-political-machine which is supposedly ABSOLUTE, and always totally impregnable. Therefore the unsubtle media & corporate-government message is:


Except that their “SYSTEM” is itself totally unworkable and can never succeed because there is nothing human, anywhere within the dictates being advocated on every level.

Each and every new-toy created by these outlaws is always subject to the often much-cheaper and far more effective counter-measures that will ALWAYS be used to defeat them. Thus with each new intrusion by NATO-UN-USI-Mossad into the life of the planet, there will always be forces which they can never control who will upend them in every action they plan to undertake—and we will crush them like the cockroaches they truly are.

There is no doubt that the Business of Warmaking is BIG Business, but for every BREAKTHROUGH they discover: The world finds ways through their supposed infallibility—much like the common mirrors that are about to be used to screw up the targeting-systems of the vaunted DRONE technologies, world-wide. (2)

What the public needs to understand is that whatever the feral governments tell us: They are LYING!  Whatever terror or fear continues to be ON-SALE for the timid and terrified peoples of the world to swallow—the truth is entirely different from anything they are promising to deliver.





However the biggest LIE of all is simply the truth which cannot be disguised. No one can ever build anything even remotely successful on fear and paranoia alone: And INSANITY which they have tried to add as their final game-changer will also backfire. There is simply no-way that any people could ever be totally ruled by such a ridiculous set of assumptions.

Theirs is a paper-world; while the world they want to completely subsume is real. While this presents its own set of problems, it is NOT POSSIBLE  to hold the entire planet in lockdown, while they try and erase the global-population and finish destroying the world through poison, contamination and political and morally reprehensible-designs. The job is too-big, and “they” are nothing but freaks-of-nature that have no skills at all when it comes to making anything work—much less how any of their so-called forces will be able to keep any surviving force alive, once four-fifths of the planet has been slaughtered.

Could there be a Military Coup coming to America? The only real problem with this could well be the fact that America no longer has any gold as the last of it disappeared from the World Trade Center when we allowed that coup to succeed on 911.  (3)

Everything from Agenda 21 thru the New World Order—while it represents BAD-NEWS for the earth and its people—is nothing more than the pipedreams of the current set of global élites who have no experience with actually being alive. They are being joined by the “exceptionalism” of Amerikkka’s richest-class, coupled with the SPECIALNESS of Zion’s freak-show that believes that THEY are the only people who should be allowed to live freely on the planet.  Neither of these criminally-based-disaster-classes will survive the next five years of major changes. Think very carefully about all of this, as we begin to face THE NEXT-ATTACK upon the USA and what we must do, by keeping our heads, and


…as we go deeper into the nightmare of the blood-drenched twenty-first century.

Jim Kirwan

1)  UPDATE Sandy Hook Revealed:

2) SOFEX The Business of War Part One

3) A Military Coup in America?


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