Where Are the Women

Where are the Women of Today
Where is the needed voice of Women

In ‘SEEKING’ above, “woman” has opened the Book-of-Life as its pages continue to expand our general-knowledge about what real life is actually all about. Too often this is something that this Patriarchal Society is still unwilling to do. Partially that’s because women tend to function on a 28 day cycle, in their view of everyday life: While most men tend to function on a 24 hour cycle. The resulting loss of attention has created a much shorter attention-span, which the ‘news-cycle’ has now reduced to just three hours. This has artificially-reduced the public memory to nearly nothing. This does not need to be that way. We could share what we know, according to what each of us brings to the table, in order to end the problems of the planet.

Amid all the global-talk of War; reactions to the criminal-governments while facing global brinksmanship, we have forgotten one of our most important allies in this time of approaching desperation.

Women make up more than half the human race yet they do not equally share in what we supposedly achieve or in what we are forced to carry as we enter End Game. It has been this way since our Patriarchal-Society became preeminent. There was a time “before” when there was a Matriarchal-Society that was not competitive between individuals, but was instead very different. That was very, very long ago. All that ended when Patriarchal ideas took over and WAR became the foundation for what we’ve become today.

It is time that we overthrow the Jewmerica-idea of continuing to separate women into just lower-class sex-slaves and servants. We must instead recognize the different contributions which both men and women bring to all of society. We must come together again—to confront the life and death realities we are all facing.

A case in point:

UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS for ALL firearms purchases—whether at gun shows and shops, between individuals and online—is Jewry’s latest plan to strip the Gentiles of their Second Amendment rights.

In other words, gun buyers will soon be peeing into cups all across America.

Launching Jewry’s totalitarian scheme is Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer who announced his Marxist scheme on Meet The Press this past Sunday.

Boasting of his authorship of universal background checks, Schumer predicted that in the “next week or two” lawmakers would show “broad support” for his legislation.

Teaming up with Schumer is yet another Jew who hates our freedoms, billionaire Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC.

With Bloomberg at his side, Schumer announced that his new legislation, the Fix Gun Checks Act, would mandate that all those purchasing guns, including transactions through private sellers, would be subject to a background check, effectively closing the so-called gun show loophole.

Schumer’s Jewish-inspired legislation would also slap harsh penalties on States that fail to comply with his background check system: a 25% cut in Federal funds.”

k): Apparently this FEAR of America’s privately held weapons and the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right of American’s to keep and use those weapons in their own self-defense threatens the success of the Jewish takeover of this country that has already become the Jewnited States of America.

The world needs to hear from AMERICAN women

On this topic; which is being exploited by so many Israeli-American-females. These traitors have in fact have become the current leaders against America, who are pretending to be Americans, while they are in fact just the paid-for shills of Zionist global-domination.

Since American men seem to have lost their way

Maybe together men & women can again


A COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, the Denying Firearms And Explosives Act, sponsored by a slew of Jews: Lautenberg, Feinstein, Levin, Schumer and Boxer, grants the Attorney General the authority to prohibit citizens from owning firearms by placing selected names on a “Watch List” with no explanation for the denial of their Second Amendment rights.

Yet another draconian law, (sponsored by the same Constitution-Hating Jews), the Gun Show Background Check Act, targets Gun Shows and its attendees.

This piece of Jewish legislation provides regulation and inspection of Gun Shows by Federal agents and a two-year prison sentence for any Gun Show sponsor who fails to notify EVERY attendee of his ‘responsibilities’ under the Brady Law that criminalizes unlicensed gun buyers.

Not to be outdone by his synagogue buddies, Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg on his first day back on Capitol Hill 2013 introduced his High-Capacity Magazine Ban that would ban ALL ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

Teaming up with (yes, ALL Jews) Feinstein, Blumenthal, Levin, ‘Chuckie’ Schumer and Boxer, Lautenberg resubmitted his Background Checks Act that requires background checks to be conducted on all purchases at Gun Shows, even sales by private parties.

Finally, Barbara Levy Boxer, (of course, a Jew), is after your hand guns with her sponsorship of the Concealed Firearms Permit Act.

Boxer’s Marxist Bill would require every State issuing a Concealed Carry Permit to “demonstrate good cause” for requesting a Concealed Firearm Permit and to “prove” that the applicant is “worthy of the public trust.”

WHAT BOXER AND THE JEWS really mean is that THEY will decide who can buy a gun and who cannot.

What will be included in Jewry’s ‘background checks?’ What we write in emails and blogs, say during phone calls, and post on all manner of social media?

Will the Jews label our words as “racist?”…”anti-Semitic?”…”homophobic?” Then, rest assured you will be denied by Jewry ownership of firearms.

And once dossiers on millions of gun owners are fully entered into a Federal Data Bank, the question is what will Jewry demand background checks for next?

Membership in the NRA? Joining a Gun Club? Using a Shooting Range? Participating in a Protest March? Joining a Demonstration against our Jew-ridden government?”

k): The real problem here with everything in this article is that no one in this country is allowed to offer legislation that suggests or demands.

Changing the Second Amendment in any way!

To do so is to commit a CRIME against the Constitution and the people of the United States: Technically everyone mentioned in this article by way of identifying each specific change, to the second amendment, should be formally charged with their crimes.

Should any of this crap be passed by any state then the Constitution clearly states that any such change to the second amendment is both null and void and cannot be enforced unless changes come in the form of a Constitutional Amendment. That can only happen AFTER the changes are ratified by a vote of two-thirds of the people, in each of the 50 States in these United States.

Israel has no voice in this process because


If Israeli’s (dual-citizen-representatives) continue to make DEMANDS then all those who are currently serving Israel OVER the best-interests of the United States should be immediately CHARGED, stripped of all assets under the RICO ACT, then deported to Israel or detained for treason.

“Methinks it’s time to buy defensive weapons NOW and prepare for their effective use.” (1)

When women find themselves again, then they can close the book, take off their robes and begin to follow their own stars to that much better world that waits for us all… Once we

VANQUISH these TRAITORS in our midst!
We are out of time and our victory over these criminals must be DECISIVE!

Jim Kirwan

1) Jewry’s Plan for Universal Background Checks


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