How America was Stolen



The ILLUMINATION that comes with the recognition represented by the moon is above contrasted, by the incomplete shell of DARKNESS that tries to hide what has been done to the human race.

The truth of time itself is that people live according to the Lunar-Calendar of 13 months, not the Gregorian calendar of just twelve months. This small detail is critical to understanding how intricately human life is directly connected, to the 28 day cycle, that women actually live by—whether they know it or not. (1)

The problems that have led to how America was Stolen come from a very old con-game that we inherited; with the advent of the creation of an entire class of official-orphans called ‘Jews.” This began formally after WWII with what became known as a Holocaust (only one of hundreds of such slaughters), but this one was kept alive especially in America, by GUILT over what happened to “the Jews” under the NAZI’s in WWII.

What Americans were not told is that the Holocaust was created and carried out by Zionists; a full third of which were Jews themselves in Hitler’s SS. They were also members of the Fourth Reich NAZI’s that survived the overthrow of the German War Machine in 1945.

There was at the time something else that was quietly altered. When Ellis Island was still functioning; those who came through immigration to become ‘Americans’ had to DISAVOW wherever they came from and they had to swear a loyalty oath completely to the United States of America in order to become Americans. Somewhere along the line (in our feverish-race to become multi-national in every-way), Americans gained the right” to become hyphenated-Americans (dual-citizens with any other nation).

Today there are numbers of Jews who are here legally and who are hyphenated as Jewish-Americans—who live productive useful and some that live exemplary lives as Americans. However there is also a unique percentage of people who are Zionists and many who are also Jews that have used their hyphenated-citizenship to serve this cause-of-darkness that’s dedicated to the overthrow of this country: They are ZIONISTS. These people are not required to be Jewish at all, because Zionism is a political ideology: It began long before the onslaught of WWII and Zionism is NOT a religion!

The purpose of Zionism is to take total control over the entire planet and to exterminate anyone who does not believe as they do. It is this criminally-murderous-belief that has led to Americans’ having our nation stolen’ right out from under us—in broad daylight.

Fast-Forward to this moment and to the very-real-threat to end the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This effort is being driven by the Zionists and many of the hyphenated-Israeli-Americans who have used their dual-citizenship to steal this nation from the people calling themselves Americans.

It is not only the dual-citizens in politics: This involves everyone-big; both in and behind every major business, the Federal Reserve, Banking, industry, commerce, the military, entertainment, the arts, Hollywood and the Media, education, medicine, agriculture, in virtually every aspect that contributes to what made this nation viable. This includes almost everyone in every think-tank, government-agency, private-foundation or corporation: The whole boat-load of supposedly humanitarian organizations have been co-opted and all of this has taken much longer than all that time from the 1930’s Germany when Hitler got his start, initially funded by American’s like Prescott Bush—George H.W. Bush’s daddy and George Bush’s Granddaddy—a Bush-family-tradition that has enlisted two previous presidents in Nazism.  There’s this:

“But it’s not just Sandy Hook. I’m using the term “Sandy Hooked” in a much larger sense to encompass the recent fake inauguration of a President with a fake alias and an obviously faked birth certificate. The band was faked; the “live” singing was faked; the speech was teleprompter-driven; the news coverage was an orgy of fairyland wishes that have virtually no chance of ever coming true.

The fakery started long before Obama.

But it’s not even just Obama, you see. George Bush masterminded the faked war on terror and the fake justifications for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, with all its fake authority but very real sexual molestation at the airports.

The federal government, whether under a Republican or a Democratic administration, operates with the arrogance of fake authority that was never granted to it under the Constitution. But you are suckered into it thanks to the help of the fake mainstream media news running fake stories based on faked evidence — such as the CDC ridiculously claiming flu shots are “62% effective.”” (2)

This brings us all to the point that we can no longer afford NOT to face—because to face this fact means that we must end the treachery and treason throughout this government or we will die as slaves in the “old-world-order” that has come back to kill us all.


With the cooption of literally everyone in-power now and in every aspect of American life having already been stolen by the Zionists, we are now being DICTATED TO by THE ZIONISTS AND TOLD WHAT WE CAN BE ALLOWED TO DO or NOT TO DO (Constitutionally) WHEN IT COMES TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION & THE SECOND AMENDMENT—TOLD TO US BY A FOREIGN-BLOOD-ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA…

This nation’s Constitution has been picked to pieces, by our enemies for decades, until we have finally reached this point in time where we must rise up and evict our enemies from the United States forever.

We must use the RICO ACT to seize their property, arrest them for treason, strip them of every possible asset and then throw them out of the country or try them for their crimes. This situation has become this urgent and can no longer be avoided. Because as Bush so ironically said: “You’re either with us or you’re against us” and that statement is what must now be applied to each and every Zionist currently in the United States of America…

I’ve been fighting many of these people since long before they came out of their Zionist closet. As it happens Pelosi is my representative and Feinstein is my Senator—so I have had my representation stolen from me and replaced by two of the worst criminals we have in congress. Too bad some enterprising lawyer didn’t come along and offer to represent those of us who got totally-shafted by these traitors.

Personally I’ve had dealings with both Pelosi & Feinstein. As the hatchet-man for Nob Hill Neighbors (An organization that helped tenants fight the slum lords and the filthy rich – which I did as a spokesperson for them for 7 years). I also helped Pelosi break into San Francisco politics, in her first run for office. I’ve since written her over half a dozen vehemently-nasty open letters yet her Staff keeps me on her “A” list locally. Pelosi is the person that BLOCKED the IMPEACHMENT of George W. Bush, when she ran for the Leadership of the House of Representatives—by officially “taking that off the table”, even though it was never her call to make.

SP-Blue SkyFeinstein when she “became Mayor of San Francisco, crossed swords with me near the end of her mayoral term in office.

I had done a sculpture of Isadora Duncan for the heart of San Francisco. The space I wanted to use was located between the War Memorial Opera House and the Opera. The octagonal site is RESERVED for a work of art that could and would commemorate:


– and since Isadora was the mother of modern dance in the world, and a San Francisco native – this seemed like an ideal candidate for a public sculpture.

However: The then Communist San Francisco Arts Commission held a hearing and submitted “Isadora Duncan” to Feinstein as the ‘Irish Daughter’ of the city, who was also the Mayor. She decided that the project would be blocked until two years after she left office, at which time “I could resubmit my project for city approval.” (3)

I decided to respond politically which I did by volunteering to work on something that had been making the rounds unsuccessfully for ten years. Prop M that would restrict the height requirements for all new buildings in San Francisco. I contacted the neighborhood groups and volunteered my services – so that year we won! That proposition cost Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum – billions. I left her a voice mail on her answering machine in City Hall, after we won, to tell her why that happened, who I was, and how I spelled my last name…

My years of fighting people like Feinstein, Willie Brown (4 years over the new Library) and to a lesser extent Pelosi taught me many things, but what became clear to me over all that time is that to win against anyone political issue you (we) must become visible and we must challenge each of them directly in order to win. In this case we must end the special-privileges we have granted to the SPECIAL PEOPLE and to their Zionist colleagues that have decided to DICTATE TO US what we can say or do as American citizens. According to them we MUST ACCEPT  from them—their terms for our continued existence in this country which they now consider to be theirs and theirs alone—since they OWN and control EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS  here and now…

“The Question of the Hour” was:

“The last question for the U.S. Military must be:

“Are you capable of arresting the president if he refuses to follow through with his oath of office”? (4)

“Moreover everything here has been broken, shattered or totally destroyed since Clinton introduced (and fast-tracked) all the supposed FREE-TRADE AGREEMENTS that have torn this nation and most of the world into shreds.

There will be no comeback, no re-employment or anything like a RETURN to that myth of ‘The American-Dream” because all of that is over. All that’s left now is to arrest the criminal-government and put down the current effort to disarm the public, by using the second-amendment to turn back those who believe that just creating a huge number of idiots with weapons will somehow be able to defeat those of us who have lost most of everything we once cared about.

Americans today
And this alone makes us more-dangerous to the pretenders
In the fake government than they believe we are!

The government and all its fake-politicians must be held to their sworn Oaths of Office to the Constitution & the people of the USA—in direct-contradiction to the Oaths in which most have all sworn to protect and defend “Israel” not us, when the time comes…” (5)

Jim Kirwan

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