Climbing Out of the Pit

The Tower of Babel – Hieronymus Bosh
Babylon, The First Tier

The first tier that anyone faced, growing up, was to figure out what to use to avoid having to think. Almost immediately most people began to look for excuses NOT to have to think too much”. It was clear that those who could avoid thinking too much would have a much easier task ahead of them, than those who chose to make the harder choices on which all of the rest of their lives would depend.

During the 1950’s the then growing “world-order-movement” came to the rescue with TELEVISION! This was a new technology that promised an education beyond-anything ever offered, to humanity, before this innovation became entrenched in the world of the 1950’s and beyond.

Choices had to be made for the public-path of the ‘innovation’ in its earliest days. It was those choices that were made FOR the public that began to kill all-resistance to the all-seeing-eye that TELEVISON would come to be: Throughout every waking moment in the life of every American.

The PROMISE was of a global-educational-wonder that would for the first time ever offer the world so much knowledge, insight, and history as to “lift the entire human race” from the quagmire and mistakes that history had shown the world before. However before that could even begin to take-place the decisions about commerce, in and for TELEVISON, had to be made.

Corporatocracy, even in its infancy, was already there and strong enough to overpower any-potential-advancement in favor of the lowest common denominator. In this way the forces of darkness were able to introduce that concept which OUTLAWED any thought that was not commercially based. This was part of the first tier which people had to climb before they could even begin to think about the wider-world or their individual place in that waiting-world—out there—where The Big-Boys were already making all the decisions” and the rest of us just went along, in order to “get-along” as good little consumers. It was then that the word CITIZEN” had already begun to die.

The result was that instead of knowledge, the arts, or the challenges of the future, the public got the lowest common denominators in every field of televised events.

 The Second Tier – The Collegial Way

The Second Tier begins with the active climbing of the Tower of Babel that tends to immerse anyone who goes there with an awareness of the need to subvert private-thought so that a maximum acceptance by the non-discriminatory-common-man is made possible.

This is where “College & University life” intersects and interrupts real life: With the obscenities that pass for education when what was supposed to occur was subverted and reduced; to who-you-know, what you prefer, by way of the entertainments that will follow. “The student” throughout the rest of their already screwed up life, is the ultimate loser. Basically “academic life” is traditionally used to make those connections to others that will insure jobs and habits that will follow them through the rest of their lives once college is over with.

However this was a sell-out at best and was never a substitute for a real education.

There are exceptions. There are people that did not involve themselves in the above behaviors. The very gifted: Engineers, medical students, architects, along with artists, writers, and creators that often left the world of academics, to pursue their own creative ventures, beyond whatever they might have gained with just the formal schooling.

The second level of this game generally defines the terms for everything that comes afterwards in any particular life: Because by the time a formal-education is actually complete so is almost a third of the life devoted to that path.

However – there has always been an unseen partner in everything to this point. That UNSEEN-PARTNER has always been TELEVISION and its step-brother the contemporary mass-media publications that keep the sleep-walkers asleep, through all the lies and all the wars that have become our daily lives.

Tier Three – Societal Acceptance

 “To Be Somebody”
You must definitely ‘be accepted by others’
“No one can ever be allowed to think for themselves”.

Why is this true? It’s true because people have learned by innuendo that they must NOT ever-venture into any unknown. Their only real-tether to the world they want to hang onto—Is blind acceptance of others which is continually drummed into every single person who chooses to listen to the boob-tub, or to the massively criminal-organs of this thoroughly-corrupted society.

What prevents people from leaving this totally-false-position is the isolated fact that people have long-before (Back in Tier-One) decided that they cannot ever TRUST anyone else; when it comes to the decisions that they must make about their own lives. Consequently virtually everybody, in the 85 percentile of the public, has become more than just wary of everyone else in the same group. They now FEAR them, even more than they can believe in themselves!

This all began with phrases like: “If you can’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all.” Or in public gatherings: “You must never discuss religion, politics or anything serious in your life”:  When those are the only things that need to be discussed with your true friends. Society invented shrinks to manage this for you—and just how well has all of that worked out for you?

There has always been a “great-leveler” inside the society since the 1950’s. That is: “No one can admit any of whatever came before in their totally insecure lives” – BUT they did not know that either—because TELEVISION never told them any of these things.

Instead, television brought women their “SOAP-OPERAS” and men their “GAMES”. This television-trap was washed down with booze; porn and gambling to ease their nightly fall from their right to live a real and productive existence. This insures that many remain trapped forever in the illusions of TV.

QUESTIONS were never allowed because the TV never answers back. In fact TELEVISION does not even indirectly answer any of life’s real questions. Television offers only total compliance with all of its commercial messages.

If you were “EVER GOING TO SUCCEED” (In 48 point type) then at some point you must get back to the streets that bring reality back to that which was converted into television-docudramas. Not as Hippies, or Yuppies, or even New-Agers stunned into somnolence by computers that picked up where television left-off. They were only looking for short-cuts-to-reality and none of them ever found that elusive elixir, to the meaning of actual life. The only way to get there now is to go back to the real QUESTIONS which those who think for themselves KNOW—are the real basis for life and death and everything in-between.

Those who can live for themselves are able to, because they are able to think for themselves without the omnipresent disease of TELEVISION to accompany their every waking thought. That’s why some of us murdered our TV’s. Do you care to join us?

Think about it really: Before there was television, people led much more active lives. Many more people once asked real questions of themselves and of the generally-nasty-nanny-world that we have allowed to take over our entire thought process.

Today we have replaced our lives with TELEVISION. The omnipresent eye that spies upon our every thought, as well as on our every deed that is done within the range of those ever-larger-screens.

Think of it! There was a time when restaurants, coffee shops and bars did not contain the omnipresent screens that every year get larger. If a television screen is needed in some places that’s one thing, but what is it with needing a five foot television screen, and sometimes more than one, in the same house? Is it that people have come to believe that ONLY TELEVISION IS ACTUALLY REAL?


This is where we are right now.

We have reached the ULTIMATE FARCE. This is the age of the TELEVISION DOCUDRAMA, and POLITICS MADE VISUAL while the world burns.


Think of it people- he’s right out of CENTRAL-CASTING and he’s perfect for it. He has many names, dozens of Social Security numbers that he uses to gain points in his illegal worlds that are never challenged, because “HE’S ON TELEVISON STUPID”!

THINK DAMNIT! Obama is NOT REAL and never was. Yet you and millions of others BOUGHT THIS FRAUD, from his invisible beginnings which no one will ever know everything about, right up to this moment while he’s DECIDING WHO WILL LIVE AND WHO WILL DIE IN THE WORLD & IN THE UNITED STATES AS WELL.

It’s Time to Change the Channel

Jim Kirwan


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