CA-Why“Justice will only be achieved when those
Who are not injured by crime
Feel as Indignant as those who are.”

SOLON: 635 -558 B. C.

“Let Your Life be a Friction to Stop the Machine”

“Nightmare and insanity are akin. Mysterious and involuntary states that skew and distort objective reality. One wakens from nightmare: From insanity there is no awakening. Whether Americans live in the one state or the other is the paramount question of this era.

For two hundred years Americans have been indoctrinated with the mythology created imposed and sustained by a manipulating cabal. A financial elite that built its absolute control on the muscle and blood on the incredulity of its citizenry. It has now metastasized into the corporate tyranny that owns and controls America.

America began with a populated continent and the genocide of its people. Once entrenched it embraced enslavement of another race. With those pillars of state in place, it declared itself an independent nation; in a testament that proclaimed the equality of all mankind. In that monumental act of hypocrisy: America’s myth had its genesis.

A constitution was written that came to be regarded as holy writ.

Designed by men of wealth and prominence, it’s central purposes were to defend private property and suppress mass democracy. It has fulfilled those mandates beyond the dreams of its creators.

With the existing oligarchies’ secure in law and the native people largely exterminated, the ruling-class increased its wealth and power fantastically in the nineteenth century. Using the government as its enabler, exploiting to the limit chartered corporations. So empowered the financial elite used the military to expand its sway beyond the continent. Regions, territories, islands and whole countries were annexed, invaded and possessed outright: Their peoples crushed, oppressed and exploited, because ordinary Americans, like ordinary people, need to believe that whatever the ruling class undertakes in their name, must be benevolent; noble in purpose and justified in fact: The American Myth had to be radically modified for Imperial expansion. The foundational myth was that the Americans had come to a howling wilderness, teeming with godless savages and through invincible strength of character and purity of purpose had tamed the land and honorably earned the right to possess their bountiful home.

In the era of extra-territorial expansion that version was polished to justify and ennoble imperialism. The new corollary was that America was obliged by our manifest destiny to carry our mission into barbaric darknes,s wherever tyranny created abuse and suffering. A national myth that absolutely binds the loyalty of a people to its government, must be a subtle and powerful elixir, that elevates an aggrandizes that peoples self-regard. National policy will then appear to be an extension of its superior citizenry’s inchoate will and an instrument of justified arrogance, towards the lesser-world.

The simple powerful myth of America’s heroic and altruistic benevolence, shaped by the financial elite, infused Americans with a hubristic in their racial superiority, that mobilized, and gave imperialist enterprises the character of the quasi-religious crusade. In this way insatiable-imperialism acquired the apparent moral perfection of a syllogism.

With WWII the world was reconfigured. American capitalism emerged supreme from the horror that had virtually wrecked its capitalist-partners. The Soviet Union though, in spite of having absorbed much the greatest devastation of all, from Nazi Germany; rose astonishingly from its ruin to become the sole rival to America as a world power.

This challenge was not competitive it was systemic. Soviet Communism was a direct threat to American hegemony in that it categorically refuted the philosophical basis of predatory capitalism. Grounded in Marx and Lenin it attacked Capitalism’s inherent-evils, monstrous-inequities and flagrant-injustices that when exacerbated by speculation, exploitation and fraud would eventually destroy it. And it promoted world-revolution…

The cold war required further refinement of the American Myth. Instead of simply intervening where circumstances supposedly demanded that we impose our-system: America now had to be the shield and the bulwark of the sacred capitalist-system which “free-enterprise”, magically identified with ‘democracy’ was equally to be defended. This version held through many surrogate-confrontations in the era of mutually assured destructions. It survived even the debacle of Vietnam: Lasting to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

On radio and television Americans were subjected to an unrelenting barrage of patriotism in which American superiority was a ‘given’ and America’s self-touted courage generosity and decency were its unchallengeable proofs.”

At this point the artificial-crucible of the American-myth began to crumble. ‘Y’

“The implosion of the Soviet Union left America, in its own terms, the sole Superpower in a unipolar world, which required retooling of the myth. The practical effect of having no doomsday-enemy, China wouldn’t do yet, was to super-charge its element of pure hubristic-ego. America was no loner just a defender of the free-world from heresy: It was now by virtue of its touted exceptionalism, required to oversee and police it: In the interests and benefit of all!

‘Power tends to corrupt’, said Lord Acton, and “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. When the only rival to American power disintegrated, our ruling-elite saw the opportunity for the first time in history for one country to absolutely dominate and control the world.

This consensus was expressed in a policy statement by major hard right-wing political players titled “The Project for A New American Century”. This triumphal manifesto laid out a plan for absolute American access to, and control of, essential resources and raw materials world-wide: Guaranteed by our military and forcing ‘Full-Spectrum Dominance’.”

This opened the door to our massive reshuffle of puppet-regimes in the Middle-East and the current opening of Africa to drone-wars, just declared on 34 African nations: This added to the lengthening list of the many nations that we are already at war with—behind the main target—The WAR on The USA, that that began with 911 and was physically intensified on 12-12-2000.  “Y”

20101226“The American-myth which had lost some momentum in the totally unexpected so-called Cold-War Victory was now re-energized with a pro-active essence and endowed with the glowing radiance of a true and for the first time, a self-professed imperial mission. The attack on the Towers, an unimaginable provocation was the trigger mechanism for the explosive launch for the effort to impose that imperial-model in practice on the world. It has been, without question, the most spectacular failure in American miss-adventure. After a decade marked by the waste of trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives,” (k): The current “monetary-loss” amounts officially to eleven & a half trillion dollars that disappeared.) “the stunning bankruptcy of this internally burglarized nation and a consequent ‘recession’ more fundamentally damaging than ‘the great one’: Imperial-America has nothing to show for the astonishing folly of its arrogant effort of overreach brought unequivocal disasters in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan with no end of madness in sight.

It is clear that the hypnotic-hold of the American-myth and the loyalty of the people has led only to disgrace and tragedy and set a course to inevitable decline & ruin. This ‘truth’ though entirely mistakes the purpose of the myth. It was never intended to serve our country or our people. It was created solely to shield buttress and defend the financial ruling class. It has done that with complete and astonishing success!”


“As a prime example of the Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan wars, to enrich the corporate tyranny, is on a unique scale of its own: Without anything comparable to its flagrant-obscenity and its whole long history of war. Neither the Pentagon nor the government can account for the billions of dollars that have vanished there.

There is no doubt that the outrageously inflated no-bid-contracts, given to giant-corporations with their insane guaranteed profits, much of the money was simply stolen by, through or in spite of the military—and distributed among thieves and accomplices. Much of it came in, in ‘bricks’ on huge pallets; for convenience presumably. As this wholesale robbery was in-progress, under military-oversight abroad: The corporate-tyranny evolved a new set of impenetrably complex-devices for the generation of money without any economically productive source or ‘result’ at home.

The sole driving force of Capitalism is, of course, the realization of profit. According to that iron-calculus: Reducing production-costs increases profit margins. This leads to the obvious conclusion that as production costs near zero, profit is maximized. There is no provision for ‘social-good’ in Capitalist-theory. Corporations, created to optimize commercial-opportunities, thru efficient-specialization, were originally required to ‘operate for public-good’ – but that provision was quickly finessed and forgotten.

20111212-1American law-courts have always favored Corporate concentrations of wealth and since they, like the congress, existed to serve moneyed interests: And the  judiciary has consistently-cooperated in ‘ruling’ reliably for corporations and against the interests of the people. Indeed without considering the question in-law, the Supreme Court long ago endowed Corporations with ‘personhood’: That is with all the rights of human beings under our constitution. That this tragedy occurred as a slip-shod clerical error shows that the court preferred to mask this perversion of the intent of the Fourteenth Amendment as ‘an unexamined assumption’ rather than risk an eventual test which would have created public outrage.

Given the collusion of congress and the courts in securing the legal invulnerability for the corporate-tyranny, and the fact that the corporation’s only duty is maximization of profit: It was inevitable that mega-banks, hugebrokerage houses, giant conglomerates, gilded hedge-funds and credit agencies pretending to certify their work; all engaged in massive criminal fraud and deception for just that purpose…” (1)

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“Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine”
Uploaded on Feb 13, 2012

Jim Kirwan

1) Quotations from: A brief and crucial history of the United States – 23 min video


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