“… The result was “The Crash of 08”, the recession, the unprecedented bailout of the biggest banks and investment houses with taxpayer dollars. So much for the invisible hand of the ‘free-market’.

20111230-1Illustration by David Dees

In recent years two related trends have battered the American Myth. First, any belief the world had in it, has been shattered by a catastrophic series of imbecile-military disasters which has eroded efficacy at home. Second, in response, the state has made crude efforts to boost its waning power by imposing totalitarian-style surveillance intimidation and coercion on the American people, to a degree unprecedented in scope and scale.

The vast clanking medieval apparatus of Homeland Security that has sprouted like an enormous poisoned fungous, since 911, with its’ brutal police-state mindset: The odious Patriot-Act with its’ subversions of the Bill of Rights: The endless, fantasy-based, terror-peddling of the prostitute corporate-media with its clowns and harpies—churning irrational fear and anger in the uninformed: All this grim repressive machinery with its’ ham-handed attempt to distract Americans from the real causes of their injury, abuse and oppression.

And yet, even with the American myth now exposed with the tissue of lies deceptions and frauds that it has always been: It still keeps its phenomenal hold on the great mass of the American people.

The sad reality is that for the majority, their own identities, have been so deeply infused with the Myth: To disbelieve it—is to disbelieve in themselves.

(k): This is what went wrong, not the dumbing-down that so many try to believe-in.)

“So the dead ‘American-Myth’ lives on in its ‘deadness’ , horribly masking our crap-shot-economy, our debtor’s-prison of a society, our ghost-dance charade of our Kabuki-democracy while typhoons of impending social, economical, ecological, disaster build their enormous lightning-charged thunderheads above their dark-future before us.

And what does the dead-myth still obscure? What is beyond the wall of failing deception and dishonesty? What horrors has the shoddy-fable so long and effectively concealed? It is a world brutalized by the violence of our imperialist-mania. It is the wrecked and pillaged economies, looted by our predatory capitalist austerity-machines. It is the hundreds of millions of starved, and dying children, sacrificed to Wall Street commodities gaming. It is the multitudes of innocent ignorant people barely surviving under absolutist-regimes propped up by our tax-dollars: While our banks siphon off profits from arming our brutal police-states and bribing their kings sheiks or generals.

It is the millions of dead and maimed in raped-populations of simple tribal-people that our indiscriminately murderous Juggernaught has left in its bloody wake in Iraq, in Pakistan and Afghanistan (not to mention Palestine, where this slaughter has lasted for over sixty years). It is the bitter and appalling legacy of hate and repulsion, disdain and fear, which America has earned with its hegemonious-villainy in every region of the world.

And at home: What is it that we Americans’ have been so complicit in hiding from ourselves: In our perverse-legend that has come to inhabit our souls like an incubus? It is millions of us with no work or hope in middle age, whose jobs and homes have been devoured by the sick-fraud-machine of Wall Street. It is the trashed demolished weed-lots of our major cities, crumbling in fire-gutted ruin. It is the many cities with industries defunct, and factories dismantled, then shipped overseas. It is our decaying, defunded public-schools, our bankrupt states and counties: Our over-taxed antiquated public-transportation systems, our obsolete dissolving public-infrastructures—our gigantic and irrational prisons-horror, our cynical health-care con-game, and over it all the jack-boot mechanism of our police state—armed and empowered, ready for use against us all.”

k): WHY then is it so hard
for so many
to understand where we are today?
How could be have gone from a surplus
Before Bush Jr.
To a debt of over 211 TRILLION Dollars
In just thirteen years?

“This is where we are. The great question now is whether we can awaken from our long nightmare and face the terrifying and exhilarating prospect of ‘living in reality’ without the false props and dishonest constructs of a hood-winked and dishonest people? Or whether we have internalized the falsity to such an extent that it has become a collective insanity?

In 1846 Henry David Thoreau, offended to his soul by the American invasion of Mexico, protested and went to jail. In his essay on Civil Disobedience he said this of state policy: ‘If injustice is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then I say break the law. Let your life be a counter-friction to stop the machine.’

To attempt to break the death-grip of the American Myth will be a titanic challenge. To even begin to rebel against the might of the national-security-state will require the courage to face far-more than official disapproval. Imperial America will respond to even the most peaceful and orderly protests with hard police actions. The level of repression will rise with the scope and seriousness of the action undertaken.

Small protests will have no effect. Organized mass-demonstrations will draw the brutally motivated security-state apparatus down upon you. Americans, accepting our under-class, have no experience with violent police or military repression. Those who commit peaceful political disobedience will swiftly find, to their cause, just how it works.”

k): Since this was written
The state has raised the stakes, including their current attempt
To outlaw the right to self-defense and all our rights
Protected by the Second Amendment
This changed the dynamics
From fear, terror and intimidation to
What this truly always was,
An all-out attack upon every American!

This American has experience, with violence
And with the STATE.
What is coming will be met accordingly by tens-of-millions of us

“In a national-security-state that has eradicated all laws that prevent abuse-of-the-public—whatever the state does is legal. To such a pass have we in America come: As a result of our long historic indoctrination in abject submission to our ruling class.

To achieve any redemption for Americans to make possible any more just humane and life honoring society, will require complete abandonment of the system of predatory capitalism. It offers no prospect of reform or improvement, and we have all been witness to the absurdly corrupt idiocy of our so-called ‘democratic-process’ for generations.

America is nearing the greatest crisis-point in its’ history: And the terrific coming-cataclysm will determine the future of our country. If we cannot rise in dominating numbers (which we will—because of the current new-threat against the U.S. Constitution) to reject the heartless, mindless soulless machine of Imperial-predatory-capitalism: We will be condemned to a fascistic ‘Command & Control’ horror in which human-beings are mere possessions of the state. Units of production or service; and then perhaps not even that—as excess population in that Brave-New-World may simply be eliminated.

That end is NOT inevitable! We are NOT lost! We are NOT defeated SINCE TO THIS MOMENT WE HAVE NOT ENGAGED! We have not honored our responsibility as human-beings. We have NOT defended our humanity. We have abjured our power and LET OURSELVES BE RULED.

All around the world the rolling thunder of irresistible outrage is now heard and felt. In Egypt and Spain, Syria and Greece, Iraq and Sudan, Afghanistan and Ireland—everywhere the legitimate anger of humanity is fueling an uprising against the dead-hand of predatory capitalism and its evils. And in Americans so long trapped, encapsulated, like flies-in-amber, in a false-religion of State-Idolatry; the anger is deep, widespread and growing.”

k): The earlier victories in Egypt and Spain, Syria and Greece, Iraq and elsewhere have moved on to a different level now—but so have the crippling mistakes of the state, in trying to keep us all still-trapped.

“The myth is broken and dead. It is up to those that know and care to lead. Thomas Paine said: “These are the times that try men’s souls, nothing is guaranteed us.” That can’t matter. We cannot consider odds or outcomes. We simply cannot let the machine of injustice grind on. We must confront with calm courage, the vicious tyrannical system that is destroying the earth, and its life, and its people. WE must put our lives on the line to oppose it. And we must do it now!

The nightmare-machine of rapacious-exploitation has overthrown decency and reason and its bloody-human treason flourishes over us.


Jim Kirwan

1) Quotations from: A brief and crucial history of the United States – 23 min video


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