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20130205-1Illustration by David Dees
with additional emphasis by kirwan

“At 12:01 on the morning of November 4, 1952, a new federal agency was born. Unlike other such bureaucratic births, however, this one arrived in silence. No news coverage, no congressional debate, no press announcement, not even the whisper of a rumor. Nor could any mention of the new organization be found in the Government Organizational Manual or the Federal Register or the Congressional Record. Equally invisible were the new agency’s director, its numerous buildings, and its ten thousand employees.

“Eleven days earlier, on October 24, President Harry S. Truman scratched his signature on the bottom of a seven-page presidential memorandum addressed to Secretary of State Dean G. Acheson and Secretary of Defense Robert A Lovett. Classified top secret and stamped with a code word that was itself classified, the order directed the establishment of an agency to be known as The National Security Agency. It was the birth certificate for America’s newest and most secret agency, so secret in fact that only a handful in the government would be permitted to know of its existence. Even the date set for its birth was most likely designed for maximum secrecy: should any hint of its creation leak out, it would surely be swallowed up in other news of the day—the presidential election of 1952.”… 

The above quote is from the first paragraph of Chapter One, “The Puzzle Palace”, the national bestseller, by James Bamford.

What all these various nefarious-dealings have boiled down to today, is the open-sewer that is what this country’s government has clearly-become. If Americans do not soon begin to find ways to defrock and unmask the thugs and Outlaws that run this place: The USA will not even be a footnote in the whole of human history because we will have totally destroyed any record of our own existence and in the remaining scorched-earth that will be this place there won’t be many  books—and definitely not anything about this last year of survival that will become smoke & ashes soon enough ~ but that in-turn created a daydream in the dead of night: One I thought I’d share with others…

Sometime in February of 2013, the current-day version of the nightmares created and directed by THE PUZZLE PALACE: The public began to realize that virtually everything had been very carefully crafted into a whole new series of ‘Puzzle-Palaces’ consequentially everything on the earth or in our minds has now been classified as secret, top secret or above top-secret—to the enth- degree.

Today almost no-one seems to know how to begin to change all this hyper-secrecy that has us all wrapped up in criminal-everything and police-state double-talk, 24-7, 365 days of the year. But after reading over the last two months of obscenities that pass for “NEWS” on both the broadcast-propaganda-media and the web – a very clear pattern began to emerge as to how we, the public, might be able to discover what’s really been going on?

First it is very clear just how many massively-designed false-flag events this country has been subjected to, around the clock, almost every week since 911. Of course the actual details are always kept from the public because we are too stupid to be able to deal with the facts or the truth of any situation—so the government either bans the release of most-information or twists the facts of what was supposed to be public information (after murders occur), so that crooked-judges can issue gag-orders and the state itself can stonewall the investigation for three or four more-months at a time (while legislation is prepared to “fix” whatever the hell supposedly went wrong) on or during any particular armed raid by either the government or any bunch of ordinary criminals which the government instantly reduces to “A LONE-GUNMEN-THEORY” which no one with a brain in America, can swallow any longer.

After reading and thinking about the information there always seems to be a number of unexplained “VICTIMS”.  Many seemed to prefer suicide; usually on top of something like a few bullets to the body, or ingestion of something extremely toxic, a totally unexpected heart-attack or some other mis-adventure just before or just after the release of major information which those in our PUZZLE-PALACES simply do not want revealed.

One of our most public faces, if you could call this that. Diane Feinstein is a prominent self-professed Jew who happens to be the senior US Senator from California. Ms. Feinstein has been working on trying to strip American’s of their rights to both their guns and the Second Amendment for decades. I wondered how Feinstein might look behind bars, so I used the most current photo I could find on the web and arranged for her to appear inside her upside down illuminati pyramid, but behind bars, so that the public might be able to day-dream a little more clearly.

There was no need to doctor her totally skewed face, as shown here. This face is real to the point of being terrifying. Americans need to jail this lying-bitch while we figure out what needs to be down with her, and all her-criminal-friends before we deport them all.

20130205-2Zionist-Senator Diane Feinstein, for your consideration.
Illustration by David Dees

 Back to the daydream in the middle of the night.

In that half-awake state a number of ‘the prominent people’ that have been haunting the public for most of their entire political-lives—suddenly began to meet with the same fate as some of the rest of us. Thus it was that the Puzzle-Palaces began to melt away so the world-wide public began to see everything so much more clearly.

First a senator, then within the same week a former speaker of the House both committed suicide, by shooting themselves in the back of the head several times. Of course the government wanted to have a massive national-manhunt for the terrorists that obviously killed these respected individuals. But the public pointed out the huge number of people like Hunter S. Thompson who managed to shoot himself twice in the back-of-the head, (with a .38) on a day when his career was about to take a massive-leap forward—yet his death was clearly ruled-a-suicide, according to the government, who had pulled the trigger that killed him. Of course the fact that Thompson was about to reveal that some of the very-special’ had been enjoying the favors of the very young for decades: Hunter had the pornographic proof, on film, on the way too many of the chosen had been allowed to live—undetected.

The dream moved on. It’s time frame reached ten-days after the senator had managed to commit suicide. Low and behold there was suddenly a major-media figure and two higher-ups, one inside ICE who wanted to talk about Fast & Furious and a prominent-judge that had something filthy and dangerous on Presidential and State-Department cover-ups in and around the Middle-East. The government wanted to use that opportunity to go straight to “Martial Law” but couldn’t: Because by then the public had finally figured it out!

The only people that have died in America’s political wars until now are those that actually are a threat to the criminals in charge. Because those in charge are the terrorists, and always have been! So when the real-terrorists began to be murdered using the government’s own methods (shooting suicide-candidates twice in the back of the head) – then the public finally began to see the light!

In the dream, the droid-cops that were hastily dispatched began to find more-obscenities that were waiting for those who dared to venture out. Virtually overnight the situation in LOCKED-DOWN AMERIKKKA took a one-hundred and eighty-degree reversal: All because the same things that have been done to real Americans since 1952 had finally begun to happen to those that had been blatantly ordering the recent attacks on every man woman and child that were part of the American-public…

But then the early-morning light woke me and I had to force myself to remember that what had just happened was nothing but a day-dream in the middle of the night. By the time the shower was finished I realized that something so simple might actually take place and probably would. If the powers-that-want-to-be-Kings don’t begin to BACKOFF and leave the CONSTITUTION alone then there will be all hell to pay—and that’s a fact!

Because for all their speeches everyone seems to have forgotten that NONE OF THESE PROPOSED LAWS HAVE HAD ANY BASIS IN LEGAL FACT.”

There are ways to challenge any part of the constitution, but by passing bogus-laws has nothing whatsoever to do with any of that. In fact everyone that has raced to leap on the bandwagon, are all GUILTY of attacking the Constitution, and are all subject to trial and prison, if not deportation for being TRAITORS to both the constitution and the people of the United States…

Think about it, because crunch-time has come! All those heavily protected so-called public-figures are not any more protected, really, than any of those they have so routinely been murdering: For all that time between the creation of THE PUZZLE PALACE, and the sadly barbaric-slaughter which the post 911 era has ushered in.

‘NOW is the time, for all of us, to come to the aid of our country’
What will you do when the all-out attacks begin?

If you doubt the severity of all of this
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But nonetheless what has happened to us in just

And I’m just one of thousands
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