Grossly Illegal Contradictions

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Since the day that the five Supreme Court ‘Justices’: Rehnquist, O’Conner, Scalia, Thomas & Kennedy broke the law: This nation has been at war with itself.

It’s time to face this fact and charge the five members in the illegal 5-4 decision. As the top-court in the land when the U.S. Supreme Court chose to break the law this made every other court below them meaningless. This is something I spelled out when called for jury-duty here and was immediately dismissed from that court-duty date.

The decision the CRIMINAL-FIVE made was not within their right to-act. That decision was supposed to have been made, or not-made, by the United States Congress. Because they kept silent, that entire congress which existed back in 2000 must face criminal-charges now for their actions on 12, 12, 2000. That piece of treason brought on everything else that this nation has undergone from that day to this.

Cheney-Bush continued the treason. When Cheney was able to “turn-off” the multiple-trillion-dollar U. S. National Air Defense System so that 911 could be pulled off without interference from the U.S. Air Force, his crimes were being protected by his own actions.

Cheney’s actions silenced command & control of North American Air Defense. Rumsfeld was also directly responsible by another slight-of-hand in which the U.S. Secretary of Defense, on 911, had control of the entire ability of America to shoot down or to otherwise stop every plane in the skies, after the first-strike. Consequently the murders’ committed on 911 were the direct responsibility of Donald S. Rumsfeld, President Bush as well as Dick Cheney who monitored every action and non-action of all U.S. forces on that day.

“This document requires that the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, be personally responsible for issuing intercept orders. Commanders in the field are stripped of all authority to act. This amazing order came from S.A. Fry (Vice Admiral, US Navy and Director, Joint Staff) so it appears that responsibility for the US armed forces “Failure to Respond” rests directly with Fry for issuing this instruction, as well as with Rumsfeld for failing to execute his responsibility to issue orders in a timely fashion.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A (dated 1 June 2001) was issued to provide “guidance to the Deputy Director for Operations (DDO), National Military Command Center (NMCC), and operational commanders in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking) or request for destruction of derelict airborne objects.” This new instruction superseded CJCSI 3610.01 of 31 July 1997.

This CJCSI states, “In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by referenced, forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval.”

Reference D refers to Department of Defense Directive 3025.15 (Feb. 18, 1997) which allows for commanders in the field to provide assistance to save lives in an emergency situation — BUT any requests involving “potentially lethal support” (including “combat and tactical vehicles, vessels or aircraft; or ammunition”) must still be approved by the Secretary of Defense. So again, the ability to respond to a hijacking in any meaningful fashion is stripped from the commanders in the field and given directly to Rummy!

Another discovery that these documents clarifies, is that this administration did not give a damn about what happened, as it was happening, which could explain part of their hostility to having anyone apologize for those attacks on that day.

This was an extended and vicious attack upon this nation. It was also the cold-blooded slaughter of thousands of people. The 9-11 commission was callously constituted not to look into these events themselves, but instead to look at policy questions, which is about as worthwhile as watching grass grow. But as each new revelation breaks out of the fog of war surrounding 9-11, it becomes evermore clear to the world that this was an inside job.” (1)

All of the above was ILLEGAL and callously ignored. The congress, the courts & the public, since that day that each of these TREASONS were committed, have been jointly guilty on all counts. Is it any wonder that the pretender in the Oval Office now feels supremely-confident in issuing his own crimes-against-the public by “determining” that he and he alone can KILL Americans or anyone else, any where in the world today?

Based solely on his opinion, the resident criminal-in-the-Tarnished House can summarily execute anyone, whenever or wherever he chooses because no LAWS (national or international) apply to him or to the actions of the US Military or mercenaries, on his behalf.

The evidence is known about all the crimes outlined above. It has been known at least since March 31, 2004 (Nine years ago) when the first footnote below became public.

Millions of people the world over have been slaughtered by the actions of the traitors that were making and enforcing illegal U.S. Policies since 12-12-2000. The CRIME of the Bush ascension along with all its subsequent results


The current failed effort by the Gun-Grabbing-Zionist-Criminals in the United States—is crystal-clear—in that foreign-powers that represent Israel and their interests have attempted to takeover this nation. These outsiders from Israel seek nothing-less than the death of this nation and must be exposed and stripped of everything they own while they wait for the prosecution that will remove them from all political-positions which they have held for decades.

As Mike Adams points out, the people of the Unites States have awakened, and presumably they will not soon be able to ever go back to-sleep again, anytime soon.

“In the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, the gun grabbers across America unleashed a full court press to try to wholly disarm American citizens. With the help of the incessantly anti-gun mainstream media, people like Biden, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Feinstein and Obama managed to stir up a frenzy of fabricated fear that promised all our children would be violently gunned down if we didn’t immediately agree to turn in all our guns and ammo magazines.

The push for gun control, however, has spectacularly backfired. In reality, it has hardened the positions of gun rights advocates while massively increasing the number of AR-15s and other firearms sold across the country.

The backfire is far worse than the gun grabbers could have possibly imagined when they launched their efforts on the graves of the dead Sandy Hook children. Here’s my analysis of what has factually happened on the gun control front since Sandy Hook.

Analysis of ways in which the gun grab backfired

• Instead of reducing sales of AR-15s and other firearms in America, the gun grab dramatically increased sales of nearly all firearms beyond any previous record. In essence, the American people bought nearly every gun available anywhere in the country, leaving gun store shelves empty. The upshot of all this? 10+ million new firearms in the hands of citizens and a one-year backlog of gun orders with manufacturers.

• Instead of shrinking the influence of the NRA, the gun grab vastly expanded NRA membership. More than 300,000 new members have been added to the NRA’s roster in just the last few months, and the association has become more steeled in its position than ever before. The NRA has shifted even more dramatically against gun restrictions than ever before, even reversing itself on the issue of “gun free school zones” after learning that such zones don’t work. Gun Owners of America has also seen its membership numbers soar.

• The backlash against Obama, Biden, Piers Morgan and others has been so powerful and persistent that Obama had to stage a photo op of himself shooting a shotgun in order to create the impression that he was “pro gun.” Similarly, anti-gun CNN host Piers Morgan has now broadcast a video of himself shooting an AR-15 in Katy, Texas, while softening his position and saying he was never against the Second Amendment in the first place. (Yeah, right…)

How big of a deal is all this? It’s huge! Imagine Piers Morgan picking up an AR-15 the day after the Sandy Hook shooting. Never would have happened, right? Or imagine Obama allowing himself to be photographed shooting a shotgun. These images would have been unimaginable mere weeks ago, but the gun grab push has backfired so completely that even the Second Amendment’s most outspoken critics are practically lining up to be photographed or filmed shooting guns.

• Instead of silencing all the gun advocates and owners across the nation, the effort has actually caused people to break their silence on the issue and go vocal with their true beliefs on the topic. I’m a perfect example of this: before Sandy Hook, I hardly ever mentioned firearms. After Sandy Hook, I’ve been one of the most outspoken voices of gun rights and the Second Amendment, and I’ve actually found that instead of losing an audience, I’ve gained a huge number of new subscribers who agree with me on this issue. Check the Alexa stats; Natural News is steadily gaining in web traffic even as we cover this issue.

Other people have done much the same thing. My friend Daniel Vitalis, best known for longevity supplements and preparedness know-how, has even gone public with his own pro-gun column, and the feedback from his health-oriented audience has been mostly positive.

• The emotionally-loaded “Demand A Plan” Hollywood video, featuring dozens of top stars trying to convince us we need to disarm ourselves, was very quickly turned into a laughing stock due to the release of far more informative video showing most of those stars using guns to commit bloody murder on the big screen. The hypocrisy was inescapable: Hollywood people want to claim they are against guns, but much of their income is based on movies that feature horrific scenes of violent shootings.

• While the gun grabbers wanted sheriffs and cops to jump on board the gun disarmament bandwagon, what actually happened is that sheriffs began speaking out AGAINST gun control and encouraging their local constituents to arm themselves. Sheriffs across the country — in huge numbers — publicly proclaimed they would not allow federal agents to enforce gun restrictions in their counties.

• While gun grabbers wanted states to fall in line and surrender to federal authority on the issue of gun control, what actually happened is that the Firearms Protection Act began to be introduced in state legislatures such as Wyoming and Texas. This act, which is now being considered in more than a dozen other states, would make it a felony crime for anyone to enforce new federal gun restrictions in their states.”

• While gun grabbers hoped the U.S. military would agree to fire upon American citizens who refused to turn in their guns, what really happened is that huge numbers of active duty soldiers announced they would never participate in military action against their own countrymen. In fact, inside the military there is rising talk of shooting commanding officers in the head if they order troops to fire on American citizens over gun rights issues.

• While the gun grabbers hoped to demonize gun owners and “shame” them into somehow feeling guilty about Sandy Hook, what actually happened is that gun owners found new courage and American pride, and they have loudly voiced their intention to wage a war of resistance against any government that attempts to take their guns.

• In New York state, where Mayor Cuomo managed to quickly shove through an illegal, unconstitutional gun control law, there is now open talk of armed resistance against the state government. Elsewhere, there is even talk that U.S. Senators who vote for gun control may see their own staffers and families targeted for assassination. As Stewart Rhodes said on InfoWars Nightly News on December 31st, 2012:

“They will be targeted. I think that if they pass this bill, legislators who vote for it will be assassinated… they’re going to be military targets, too, and they’re going to be killed. They think they’re immune, but they’re not. They cannot walk around with enough security to keep from being shot by a sniper.” – Stewart Rhodes,” And there is MORE @ the link. (2)

On many fronts there is still a great deal to do. The first act of rebellion has already happened and is expanding the ranks of gun-owners who clearly stood their ground, while they continue to expand their determination to enforce real penalties on those that tried to steal our guns. This took place while political-criminals tried to murder the right of self-defense along with all the other freedoms protected solely by the second amendment. The traitors, inside America, prematurely tried to use a false-flag to end the lives of all Americans in their haste. Now is the time to use this newly won situation to go after those who are still trying to kill us all!

The same kind of knee-jerk haste is being used by those who cannot wait to implement AGENDA 21. This plan is still HORRIFICALLY BEHIND SCHEDULE. Neither the UN nor NATO is ready to assume what they are supposed-to-have-subsumed already in order to fully conquer what remains of the USA.

Any attempt to paint this situation otherwise, amounts to little more than “continuing scare-tactics”. Apparently the current rush began long before they had achieved what needed to be done: Before they tried to push AGENDA 21 down the throats of so many armed and angry Americans.

It is clear that AMERICANS will FIGHT AGENDA 21 just as they have fought the gun-grabbers. Members of the paper-world of the UN are even less well protected, in New York, than are the 535 member-traitors in the US Congress. The people who are seeking to steal this nation might just want to THINK ABOUT THAT…

Jim Kirwan

1) From the Smoke & Flames the Truth is Rising

2) How the post-Sandy Hook gun control push spectacularly backfired in America


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