Too Big & the Sharks

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The above facts came about because the entire world chose to follow Bush Junior’s example of worldwide-criminality. Dumping ethics, civil-law and ordinary people in a holocaust of rape, hated, plunder and murder to justify criminality-incorporated world-wide. Now they’ve run out of opportunities and are turning on each other as the end draws near.

When the current swarm of thieves and outlaws got their real start under Reagan, there were targets-unlimited in the 1980’s. Only fools would continue to play by the rules. The world has run out of over-ripe-targets. What’s left-over are only the other sharks; and they have begun to eat-each-other as the prelude to unimaginable terror begins.

All of this is just the natural-outcome of what happens whenever any society decides to break all the rules, whether it’s to get-rich-quick, or whether it’s to pursue unattainable power. The outcome has to be total failure and a whole lot of blood. Most of that blood will end up being spilled by the same creatures that designed these massive-crimes against the world.

The web and the criminal-media are filled with warnings and doomsday scenarios based mostly on the lies which the various government and global agencies are still determined to circulate. Almost all of this is designed to convince the public that ‘we cannot win’ against the global world order—and that is perhaps the biggest lie of all!

Today there is a classic-case-in-point in Southern California. However the material is copywritten, even though it comes from a supposed “public news source” (CBS NEWS). If you want to know what it contains see the link below. (1)

The thrust of the article is that an ex-LAPD officer has gone rogue and he’s killing people, cops included. The irony, not mentioned in the “article” is that the fired cop is killing people and other cops as well. The entire LAPD has been unable to catch or stop him from doing whatever he seems to want to do. When this personalized fact gets fed into to the supposed-supremacy of the uniformed-forces; which we are repeatedly told we can never succeed against—the totality of their farce is clear. The public outnumbers the cops by over a thousand to one and could be as high as 500,000 to one. Yet today without martial law having even been declared the entire LAPD cannot find or stop one ex-officer. What happens when many-more officers decide to change-sides, when the public begins to resist the government if it comes to that?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Look behind the scenes at all the other garbage that we’ve been promised will magically happen to the public of the USA. First comes the supposed takeover of the entire world by the dreaded UN, via AGENDA 21. It is clear that the scheduled takeover of the United States is way, way behind schedule. It would be laughable if they were not deadly serious about what they keep telling us they are definitely going to do to all of us.

They haven’t got the troops, money or the management in-place to even start such a massive undertaking. Yet his government keeps dragging out their plans for the global-takeover of the entire United States (and the world)—which is just not going to happen. The military in the USA is NOT behind the government’s plan to shoot Americans: When or IF the illegal order to do so is finally issued by the illegal outlaw-pretender in the Oval Office.

Has the government been buying guns and bullets as if Armageddon is about to arrive tomorrow, or at least by the end of the month? Yes –and So? That is not a guarantee of anything. It’s one thing to order weapons and the bullets to go with them, but its an entirely other thing to get those weapons in the hands of competent people that will even know which end of the weapon is to be avoided. If this so-called war on us ever does break out, most of that ammunition will be in the hands of the resistance within thirty-days of the false-flag which the government is going to use to launch this so-called End of the United States. But the numbers are clear. They do not favor the government, in any way: Still the government continues to BELIEVE in their own PR, while ignoring the blatant truth that is there for anyone with eyes to see.

The problem is: That those who have designed this supposed takedown of the USA have zero real knowledge of weapons or tactics, much less anything beyond just campaign-slogans when they should have hard-core first hand knowledge of real wars. What is needed is real time knowledge, not reel-time” scenarios.

The public seems to realize very little about this totally flawed advertising-pitch that’s being put out by the Tarnished House, as if this would be as easy as attacking Iraq the second-time around. The second time (2003) we had already insured that Iraq had no army, no navy or air force to even hinder US invading forces.

For O-bummer to do what he advocates he would need the entire nation to be “with-him” and that’s definitely not going to happen. Moreover he has committed so many illegal redesigns of the nation’s laws and practices that there won’t be time enough to implement 90% of them. He is only one traitor who is a criminally-perverted individual completely without any real power of his own. Technically those with the power are equally ignorant of what it takes to fight a real war today. So how threatening can any of this hot-air really be in the end?

Of course there is Israel. But those creatures will very soon be fighting for their own lives here because of what they tried to do with the Gun-Grab that turned into a major BACKLASH right in their traitorous faces! (2)

We must remember how many times since 2008 these same people that are still in charge have literally put a gun to the heads of congress (only once). The very first time they DEMANDED that the public fork over $700 billion to bail out the banks (or the entire nation would collapse). That was supposed to solve all our problems. But there have been numerous such bailouts since. Today we are in DEBT to the tune of $211 TRILLION with no end in sight. The problem institutions are three times as large now as they were then. The too big-to-fail-institutions” are now too large to even imagine. Yet none of this has even been addressed.

For THIRTEEN YEARS these criminals have been sucking this country dry of every asset and every remaining possible resource that might have ever been used to begin anything like a turnaround. The public has failed to realize that there are NO LAWS in this country except for those who are NOT part of the TOO BIG TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT STEAL crowd.

The only “sea-change” that will work without going to open warfare would be if the public begins to condemn every “official” of any kind face-to-face whenever the opportunity makes itself known. People have to tell these corrupt figureheads exactly what they are, and that they too will be targeted because they are in the positions they continue to OCCUPY against the public’s very-real and very life-threatening needs. NEEDS that are NOT being met in any area!

The people threatening the public are as screwed up as the entire government is. When people begin to demand ANSWERS to their very real QUESTIONS: Then and only then will any of this corruption and openly criminal activity even begin to change.

Jim Kirwan

1) 1 cop killed, 2 others shot amid manhunt for ex-LAPD officer

2) Puzzle Palaces


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