America without Constitutional-Law


Yesterday it was announced that the U.S. Constitution now STOPS one-hundred miles from every border this nation had. This creates an illegal buffer zone, much the same as those used by Israel, against the many countries they choose to illegally-attack at will. Their illegal-buffer zones are tiny compared to this obscenity. This has effectively terminated the Constitution which this nation was founded on. This was done by an illegal government decree, created in secret and ordered to be enforced beginning yesterday, at the discretion of DHS. (1)

When Bush 43 began his WAR on the WORLD we had a Constitution and a supposedly democratic-Republic. “Freedom & Justice for all” (Was a lie—but the public didn’t know that yet), was not available either then or now. Cheney-Bush committed US troops and mercenaries in force, supposedly to bring our way-of-life and our “freedoms” to the peoples of the countries we were attacking.

Thirteen years later after we lost in both Afghanistan & Iraq, those countries are now horrifically degraded and are bombed-out ruins, but still without our promised freedoms “over-there”. Meanwhile the United States has begun a massive-transformation to reduce this place to fourth or fifth-world-status, in a communist-slave-state that was just announced, along with the end of the U.S. Constitution.


How do we tell our loved-ones who are serving in the US military; that while they were deployed to kill millions supposedly to protect and defend the people of the United States—this rogue-government has stolen this country and made almost all Americans, including all returning vet’s into traitors?

More important: What do the GI’s tell themselves about what is going on when every man, woman and child in this country has a target on their back. While they are “SERVING-OVER-THERE” their loved-ones here, will be trying to stay alive without their much needed physical-protection. Why not ask them the next time you speak with them—because these questions must be answered…

Israel has used buffer-zones to control civilian-populations wherever they have tried to crush other nations. But even Israel would never have dared to create a ONE-HUNDRED-MILE DEEP buffer-zone.

Americans now face the same kind of fascistically lawless conditions, a full one-hundred miles BEFORE Americans can even get to a U.S. Border. This effectively reduces the size of the country and intensifies a new war-zone in this100-mile-wide zone. This ends all our “rights” within the United States for 2 out of every 3 people in the USA. America will become the largest GULAG on the Planet if this crime is allowed to stand.

When yuppies and the oh-so-precious consumers have their computers seized by government thugs, in their favorite coffee shops if they resist; they will find themselves on the way to a camp. Maybe they might begin to question “what’s going on”. But they will be too late because the FOUNDATION and the SHREDDING OF THE U.S.CONSTITUTION happened yesterday, while you were watching the hunger-games…


The new LAWLESS American cities are NO LONGER AMERICAN CITIES. What this change means has not yet dawned on the public. Will the businesses and homes within the 100-mile-wide-zone be SEARCHED without cause, everywhere within these LAWLESS ZONES? This will kill the country now, even though the traitors are only taking over this ZONE, for starters?

20130210-3The United States has been SURROUNDED.
The dark orange zone is no longer the Property of the USA.

This was designed to give these traitors a protected-zone to supposedly bring in troops (UN-NATO or otherwise), to do what they cannot do without this CRIMINALLY-ENFORCED-TREASON. This way they can have full control of all the ports and all the major cities near what used to be the borders of the United States.

This will effectively give the rogue-government full control over everything coming into or leaving the USA—including everything the nation needs to survive. Without access to the oceans, or the airspace above the 100-mile wide DEAD-ZONE, everyone else in the country will be imprisoned inside what remains of the USA.

Ironically, as it happens, inside what’s left of the nation there are FEMA CAMPS for the convenience of the OUTLAWS, to hold and process the remaining prisoners as needed – this accounts for their geographical positioning. However it was one thing when FEMA CAMPS were a stand alone issue. Now we can see that this, “three years in the making TREASON”, was all just waiting for this last bit of the puzzle, to finish entrapping the people. What the OUTLAWS do not count on is THE ALL OUT WAR they are about to get in response.

20130210-2Strategically the DEAD-ZONE (the one-hundred mile deep no-man’s land) will be used to initiate the previously designed twelve DISTRICTS, (see below) for ease of administration and the continuing commandeering of America’s resources. I would have mentioned manufacturing, as something to be seized, but our manufacturing base has already been dismantled and shipped overseas. All that remains is our own HUNGER GAME”.


20120104-3How much longer will it be—before for the public no longer has any control over anything inside the new DEAD-ZONE? Using computers as the excuse, private-businesses will be consolidated within the Dead Zone. Everything and everyone in those zones are already primary-targets for the reshaping of America.

AGENDA 21 will determine sections of society that will be terminated. Distractions like Obamacare and the new ever-increasing taxes and official punishments on everything and everyone down to the smallest infractions; are nothing but the government’s form of population reduction, to speed the end of what was once the USA. Many wondered when this Rogue-government would make its move.

That day has come. This is the new reality.
There is no more choice,
We must fight this
Communist Takeover of America!

Jim Kirwan

1) The United States Constitutional Free-Zone


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