The Electronic Gulag

20120705With the imposition of the DEAD-ZONE, one hundred miles in-depth around the entire United States the public lost all the rights in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, within that zone. The practical effect of this preemptive-strike which supposedly only targets the privacy of our papers and effects, actually opens the door to every other violation of privacy, thought, freedom, word or deed that was once protected by the Constitution.

With the death of the ConstitutionThere can no longer be any real laws.
The truncating
Of the United States Constitution
Is not a legal action
Therefore the supposed authority
Which committed this treason
Is patently illegal
And must be overthrown.

What this government has done with their sneak-attack upon the nation is to attempt to use artificially-created (Not yet certified) communist-laws of a rogue state; to overthrow the legally enshrined U.S. Constitution which is the only Supreme Law of this Land.

20120413So far the public does not seem concerned enough about what formally just began. This illegal government has been spying on every American man woman and child since February of 2001. That’s seven months before 911 even happened. Everything that can be known about everyone here is known! This is NOT about gathering security-related information from anyone’s laptop because they already monitor every key-stroke on every computer in the US and a great many of those computers in the wider world as well. In addition they also monitor all phone conversations and any media information that is published anywhere ~ so that makes this “excuse” into complete bullshit!


“What has not been looked at carefully are those that have created these obscenities: Most of them are not actual Americans at all—they are Fourth Reich Nazi’s, Zionists or basically just Traitors to America masquerading as U.S. lawmakers. Consequently whatever so-called laws they have attempted to force on us have no constitutional-validity-whatsoever. The current-Gun-Grab is the perfect example of a special kind of public-INSANITY being used to hysterically pass something that has no basis in either law or fact, but which nonetheless is being “PUSHED” as if such changes were completely legal when in fact every one of these proposed or actual illegally proposed changes to the second amendment are not just illegal: They are actionable crimes that should be brought against everyone in the government who signed off on any of this filth that they are calling legitimate-legislation…

…In fact over half the members of the 535 club, those that make up the congress of the United States, are on-record in writing, as serving the direct interests of Israel over the U.S. & those Constitutional-interests they were each sworn to serve; as members of the United States Government. This means that over half the congress are sworn traitors to the United States and yet are still “serving” in the Congress as if they were still Americans.” (1)

Inside the newly created ZONE virtually all-rights will be suspended. People will ideally (According to the Electronic Gulag) begin to live very much as prisoner’s in this government’s idealized situation.

To date: None of the government’s projections have taken into account that they will be facing potentially the largest armed-force in the world today. If they cannot disarm the people then they have virtually no-chance to get the victory they so clearly believe should be theirs.

Iraq is about the size of California and we threw everything we could find against them for over 20 years and we still lost! Look at the incredible size of the United States, which includes California—then imagine just how much of this nation is still free!

‘The Electronic Gulag’ is attempting to create a variant of the MATRIX, which they see in terms of absolutes. In the ZONE the government is seeking to use hundreds of thousands of DRONES to offset their lack of actual troops, until they can ostensibly shut down the most difficult resisters; whenever they can use electronics to locate them. But as usual they are overestimating the technology and underestimating the creative-abilities of our hardened-opposition.

The ZONE will give them virtual control over almost all the major banking centers, real-jobs and thus physical control of most of the money, regardless of what will happen in April to the global-financial bubble. But since America is already monetarily-destitute, that factor is hardly the point.

What matters above-all-else to the Fourth Reich and their communist partners is the final dissolution of even the idea of America!

This is what must be stopped!

Jim Kirwan



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