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When I was living in Los Angeles, in West LA, I had a family and the neighborhood was targeted by West LA Gangs. Our neighborhood was targeted and whole apartment houses were robbed in broad daylight. Gangs began to show up in United-Van Lines moving vans, in traditional-uniforms, and they cleaned out entire buildings. They took everything, all the fixtures, including even the light bulbs.

We called LAPD to demand answers as to what we could do to stop the crime-wave. We gave them all the information we had about the gangs, and how it was that we knew we had been targeted. There was a grizzled old sergeant who listened to our complaints and then, in answer he said:

“Well, it’s not bad-enough yet. When it gets bad enough and when you people begin to fight back, then this will change!”

That seemed callous to me, but I knew what he meant. A week later a thug climbed over a twelve-foot fence to get into the grade-school where my step-daughter was going to school. He threatened the teacher with a butcher-knife, and that scared the hell out of everyone in that public school. We didn’t wait around. Within a week I had moved the family to Tiburon in northern California. I thought it would benefit my work with my then-publisher who was in Sausalito. I stayed for a year and a half, until it was clear that artists can’t survive when they live in a place where too many people are too well off.

I put everything in storage, borrowed money from the publisher and moved into a slum in San Francisco, where I survived without a phone or much of anything else, while I painted the work that became part of my first Internationally-published Calendar. After six months of poverty I was able to move into a real apartment, just across the street: Life was good.

I decided that San Francisco would be home and come what may; I would never run again from trouble. That was in the late 1970’s. I’m still in the same building today. I RESIST this tyrannical government because I know that these Outlaws must be fought to the end—if anyone is going to ever be able to survive this nightmare…

But I can still hear that old LAPD cop, shaking his head and saying: “Nothin’ will change till it finally get’s bad enough!”

It’s true because some things will never change, especially when  the public has still not yet decided to fight for their own lives because, as we saw with the Dorner-Public-Execution by the LAPD, there won’t be any help on the way at all. If anything ordinary people will soon find that droid-cops are a major part of our problem, rather than being any part of any public solution in what was once the USA.

Any solution that is going to ever be able to work has to involve

KEEP’N IT REAL ~ Compared to What! (1)

Yesterday there was this new piece of criminal-garbage that will be used to enslave even more motorists and ordinary people inside the LOCKDOWN that is taking over the nation.

“Austin police officers can now shoot GPS-equipped darts at vehicles while on the chase.

The Austin Police Department debuted a new GPS vehicle tracking system, called StarChase, that allows officers to deploy a device similar to a dart from the front of their cars. The device sticks to the back of the vehicle police are pursuing and helps track the suspect, APD Chief Art Acevedo said.

Acevedo said once the system is deployed and officers back off, the suspect tends to slow down, and there is less of a chance for violence.

As APD pursues suspects who are endangering innocent people, it believes StarChase will enhance the safety of officers and the public, Acevedo said.

APD is the first agency in Texas to use the StarChase system, said Trevor Fischbach, president the company. The system costs $4,900 per car, and replacement rounds cost $250 apiece. A grant from the National Institute of Justice provided the funding for the system, Fischbach said.

A compressed-air launcher mounted on the front of a police car uses a laser to target the suspicious vehicle and deploys the projectile, according to StarChase. The device then begins transmitting real-time GPS information to the police department, Acevedo said.

According to StarChase, “real-time” updates are every three to five seconds. According to the company, the technique, called Assisted GPS, uses signals from cellular carriers to track the device and is more accurate than traditional GPS.

APD is training its officers and forming policies regarding the system, Acevedo said. He said a police department that is not willing to chase violent criminals is telling criminals they have a safe haven.” (2)

There is this that goes well beyond disturbing. (3)

The public needs to begin to shut down these new military-intimidations that have no purpose except to terrify the public that is still unwilling to face the new 100-mile deep DEAD-ZONE that encircles the entire nation. (4)

How much longer will the public continue to give these Fourth-Reich Nazi’s the right to do whatever they want to US citizens? Everyone in this criminally-designed-government that is trying to pull-off the gun-grab are all TRAITORS. Every collaborator ought to be forced to wear a Swastika Armband. Everyone in the media must be forced to wear an SS Uniform to show the world exactly who they are and who they work for. None of these criminals are even AMERICANS, his includes the entire US Government along with all their appointed communist CZARS ~


Jim Kirwan

1) Compared to What – 6 min video

2) Austin Police employ GPS dart system to track suspect vehicles –
4 min 18 sec video

3) Invasion Of LA: Massive Amounts of Military Vehicles Moving Into CA – 1 min 35 sec video

4) Questioning America


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