‘You Can’t Go Home Again’

 The Unmentioned FACTS of Government TRAITORS in Action

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Government has been illegal for at least the lifetime of Diane Feinstein and all of her collaborators that goes back to the illegal and constant re-election of the over ninety-percent of those who have shielded themselves from the laws and from the constitution as their way of forcefully reducing the American-population to outright slavery.

This takeover has crossed the line with every-continuing act taken since Bush Junior brought back the rule of Fourth-Generation Nazi’s to finish what was begun by the Zionists when they created “TERRORISM” as their principle weapon against the entire world while they made war upon the Brits. This was done to justify the creation of that which was never justified by any legal means under the Balfour Agreement and beyond.

Now we have reached the point where this farce comes face-to-face with every aspect of actual-illegality worldwide. (1)

The murderous-cabal has finally come to the point where the illegal-government has gone too far which means that Feinstein, Pelosi, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Cheney, Bush, Obama and their entire artificial structure will no longer be able to ever “Go Home Again” because the public will no longer tolerate them in any context—ever again!

This push against the public has been arranged around several   different parts of what used to be considered “the-third-rails” of this society. The feral-government is going after private retirement funds, social-security-funds, and the totally-criminal medical-plans of millions and of course the second-amendment which cannot be INFRINGED in any way shape or form. This is proving to be the flash-point beneath the BACKLASH that is growing ever-more determined with every moment that passes. We are approaching the endgame that will not end well for élites, who have already convinced themselves that they are bulletproof.

This paper-world of voluminously fake-laws has produced a literal firestorm of illegal-actions that are meant to intimidate and overwhelm us with their sheer volume. All that this has created is nothing but more criminal-actions that cannot be carried out because they are not based on any reality. In any actual legal-structure, because all of this is criminal and those pushing these efforts will very soon be facing wanted posters, dead-or-alive, that will come as they continue to try and force the public to cave-in to baseless treasons that are headed for the real-endings that each of them deserves.

The creatures running this cabal are already dead; they just don’t know it yet. It will become the task of millions to make this fact clear to those that still refuse to listen. This video below lays out the terms of what these bastards have planned for the bulk of the US population. They have chosen to place bull’s eyes on all of us. Apparently they’ve removed the video, because it is obscene. But that image as described is indelible and they will pay for this with their blood, not ours.

“The Department of Homeland Security, which is heavily involved with Obama’s civilian defense initiative that is arming AmeriCorps youths with automatic weapons, has a set of new targets for practice shooting. DHS has just purchased over one billion dum-dum rounds of ammunition and has processed orders for thousands of automatic weapons. They are simultaneously trying to outlaw semi automatic rifles for the civilian population.

The targets are in sequence as follows: A very pregnant White woman with a handgun, an White octogenarian with a shotgun, A seven-year old White boy with a handgun, A young White mother with her daughter holding a handgun, A elderly White lady with a hand gun, A young White school aged girl with a hand gun, a second old White man with a shotgun. All the targets are Caucasians.

The fact that the entire AmeriCorps consists of minority’s has not by us gone unnoticed. The very obvious fact that this is an exercise to desensitize minority AmeriCorps members from killing innocents obviously from the target picture trying to protect themselves and their families is noted.” (2)

Those of us who are survivors do not need guns to do our bidding for us because the world is filled with weapons for those who know what we’re doing. All that ammunition, all the military-supplied weaponry, all their threats only add up to how much more quickly they will soon lose whatever they currently have. That video went way too far. Those who put that video out-there will pay for that a million times over.

The same kinds of things are also true of those that are planning to steal Social Security funds. The victims are generally older, but they will NOT sit still for this. Those who come to take the hard-earned Social Security that was earned over a lifetime will soon discover that they shall again be forced to see that this was not something that they will ever be allowed to do.

The same is true of the forced Obamacare; the extortions tied to newly required insurance-policies that are being mandated at the point of government-guns. Insurance was once-upon-a-time voluntarily but now all of that is being mandated all the way down to a million dollars worth of insurance required for every legal-weapon that was once lawfully owned. Finally, the government is trying to steal all the private-retirement funds that were set-aside for those people who again earned that money: But now the feral-government has decided to just steal it all, because they believe they can.

Everything in the PATRIOT ACT and all of the stuff that came after 911 was all created long before Junior took over in 2000. Every president since JFK were nothing but criminals and traitors, each one moving the nightmare closer to this day. Now that they have made their true intentions public we need to begin to launch our own version of what it means to become WANTED: DEAD or ALIVE for trying to kill every man woman and child in the USA.

RESISTENCE is headed for a whole new set of priorities. At the end of the day the public will begin to shoot first and discuss it later, if at all. IF that day arrives the “forces” currently in-place will be rapidly depleted down to near zero within days, and they have no backup for those that will be lost when that time comes.

On the “justification side of Sandy Hook”, there was this article—the link to which was pulled almost immediately upon publication:

“The Newtown, Connecticut Town Clerk is seeking to deny newspapers from viewing public record death certificates of Sandy Hook victims, according to the Newtown Bee.

The Clerk maintains that access to vital records such as death and marriage certificates should be limited to immediate family members or their representatives, and has undertaken to change present law.

This is a major violation of the Freedom of Information Act. They are in the process of trying to make it illegal for anyone to access underage Death Certificates ever since the media and everyone wanted to see the Certificates as proof. So the media said “Well, you cannot keep them from us. That is against the law…”

We are being denied to see the death certificates to prove that children actually died in Sandy Hook.
At this time, there are no actual photos of them dead, body bags, or videos of them in the school. The media is just simply requesting proof while they refuse to allow the Media access to the death certificates. They say “We are going to hold them in the mean time “Until” we make it illegal”…

Which is complete Bullshit and not allowed. Some say the certificates do not even exist.
How come for the first time ever, they are trying to cover up the Death Certificates? We did not do this for any other children who died in previous events. Why are they so god dam obsessed with wanting it illegal??? Just show us the fucking proof and everyone will stop saying that the kids never existed. Or is it because they are trying to cover it up and there are no real death certificates? You decide.”

Every weapon they have will begin to change hands, very quickly. The chaos thus created, will build until the outcome shall no longer be in any doubt. By then it will be too late for any of them to ever escape their well-deserved endings which they designed for us. In the end they will suddenly find themselves to be the victims of all of that which was intended for us to be the sole-victims of.

They’re planning on shutting down the web, adding in bank-holidays and more to begin their final grab of everything. They cannot shut down the CB network nor can they prevent those who will automatically switch to pro-active actions the second that begins. If this gets to that point then Pandora’s Box will be torn-open and from there on in, it will be every person for him or herself, which is not something that the tiny numbers of élites can ever survive; regardless of how much they believe they already own—because everything will go into flux including the supposed value of money itself.

They went to great trouble to spell all this out in the first footnote: Believing that they are now beyond our ability to resist them. So they allowed the explanations for their global-crimes to reach the light of full-blown day. That was their last and largest-mistake because none of them are bulletproof and the planet outnumbers them in such numbers that they can never survive that confrontation—ever!


“Preface: While a lot of people talk about the loss of our Constitutional liberties, people usually speak in a vague, generalized manner … or focus on only one issue and ignore the rest.

This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.”  (3)

Everyone in the supposed higher echelon of power greed and arrogance will be systematically destroyed down to every last holding which they currently own. That will happen because these creatures have declared open and total war upon everyone on the planet who is not part of their empire. The sole difference this time is that the planet will fight this bigtime, all the way to the end of it because

They have not left any of us with anything left to lose!

My life has been spent fighting these pieces of shit from the moment that I was old enough to understand what was going on.  I’m definitely not bullet-proof but neither will I ever go willingly into that dark night. I can assure you that there will be millions upon millions of us joining together to stop this nightmare cold.

Read the entire first link and you will understand exactly just how much is actually at stake here and now.

Jim Kirwan

1) The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State

2) Far Beyond Outrageous

3) How Many Rights Have Americans Really Lost


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