The Missing Links – Part One

20130302Illustration by David Dees

“You unlock this door with the key of Imagination.
Beyond it is another dimension –
A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a
Dimension of mind.
You’re moving into a land of both shadow and
Substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed into

From: The Twilight Zone Companion
By Scott Zicree
Copyright 1982 Bantam Books

If we are to understand what has been happening to America, perhaps we need to go back to ‘The Twilight Zone’ where we are free to explore all that we have refused to look at for the last thirteen years. During that time we chose to ignore reality completely—in favor of a world that never existed, and has no basis in law or imagination—yet which has been directing our lives down to the smallest detail of human-existence. Cross over with me for a moment into that forbidden world where reality has been artificially-created to destroy everything human on this planet.

The first thing we must face is that we have a self-obsessed puppet who believes that he is the sole-dictator for the planet. He spends his every waking moment creating new laws by the dozens to give himself full and total control of every facet of American life—which he signs as “Executive Orders” that are each and all, constitutionally ILLEGAL. Today the world accepts this criminal-conspiracy as reality, which it is not. See AZZARO524 for the specifics. In the real world the creature in the Pink-House would be arrested and imprisoned but in this version of The Twilight Zone he is treated as if he and his words are real – and must be followed to the letter. (1)

At the moment we have major cities that can no longer provide for the people that live in them. This is true of Oakland, California and Detroit Michigan—along with others that have become failed-cities on their way to becoming collection points for future FEMA occupants. Soon more people will begin to disappear from this country because the United States is supposedly under the ‘THREAT of Impending-WAR’!

“Budget cuts across the country have stripped local police departments of personnel at an alarming rate. So much so that Americans from coast-to-coast are now being forced to fend for themselves.

Our latest example comes from East Oakland’s Arcadia Park, where law and order have broken down to such an extent that residents have been left with no other choice but to band together to police their own streets.

According to one member of this neighborhood watch on steroids, it’s turning into the Wild West.

With criminals running rampant, when seconds count, police are often minutes away:” (2)

The citizens of Oakland are thinking about hiring “private-security” to protect themselves. That is not the answer to this problem. The reason that the U.S. has always had Sheriff’s, was to allow people to have the legal and disciplined protection for the public that needs real protection from those that are now ‘OCCUPYING’ their offices. The same is also true of the legal and disciplined U.S. Militia forces. The existing Militias need to contact the Sheriff’s departments of those people who are in trouble now. This means that those who need legal and physical-assistance with armed and hostile-forces—must ask for help. And the militia can speed this process by contacting those who need them right away.

The Layered Destruction of Civil Society

This has been going on since even before the first shadows of the Occupy-movement began to appear inside the USA and before the public discovered they were being conned. Meanwhile the government began giving heavy-duty military weaponry to the cops: From heavy armor, tanks, military-aircraft, drones, lots of technology and massive amounts of experimentally-violent weaponry meant only for use in war zones.

With the invasion against the lives of Americans made possible by NDAA along with the hundreds of Obamunism edicts, has come the real-reduction of local cops to supposedly-protect the public from the government. This is happening now.

First came the hatred and the vehemence of the droid-cops together with their violence and their open hatred for the general public, made worse by torture, rape and the murder of hundreds of Americans, with no charges filed against any of the thugs that routinely do this to the public. That has been going on since 2010 and beyond, to insure that the public knows just how violent and brutal cops can be!

Second was-to-come the creation of a civilian armed force to be twice as large as our own existing military? How to pay for it or how to arm it? It’s simple they will take over from local police and use their facilities to attack the public.

These mentally-deficient children and an assortment of criminals who will take over the new-police-agencies as the old order is phased-out.

For decades the prison-system has been run by the drug-gangs in order to keep the prisons at 95 percent capacity. In this process the supposed cops have been working hand in glove with the gangs to keep lawlessness on the increase to keep the prisons full and to increase their illicit proceeds from drugs and major-crime at maximum.

Obamunism’s NAZI’s will soon take over and begin their own slaughter of the population—unless we act to stop this now.

Third, we have our own carefully trained and disciplined Militia, made up of the people next door and back-from-the-wars who will not just change the balance of this WAR but who could be one of The Missing Links that is so desperately needed to equalize this quasi-military-situation while ‘the police’ are being phased out.

With the Sheriff’s offices around the country acting as official channels, the Militia could be deputized to arrest the out-of-control officers from FBI, CIA, DEA & ICE, Feral and State Police that continue to attack the wrong homes and murder innocent people.

Deputized Militias acting for the people could arrest with force of arms any and all of these illegal SWAT-TEAMS, SEAL-TEAMS and whatever else comes calling under bogus-warrants that leave dead and innocent people in their wakes. ‘Agents’ of the government could be legally-disarmed, arrested and held in isolation pending major-trials for their crimes. If Sheriff’s had the assistance of the authorized Militias to equalize actual situations, in favor of the public, the illegal-government could finally be kept at bay.

Oakland might be able to get the help they need without hiring yet another layer of private-security thugs—while the Militia could easily show the world how beneficial they are to a society that is in need of protection from the outlaws running this place now. Perhaps best of all we can defuse the entire push toward all-out-war which the government under TRAITORS is seeking to create. Who knows perhaps Detroit might be able to recreate something like the Guardian-Angels of old, combined with the Michigan State Militia to give Detroit a fighting chance again, at getting their city back as well?

This will put an end to what has been designed for the end of America, as we once knew it. Afterall maybe this is more like reality than the TWI-LIGHT ZONE …


“Detroit is in a state of financial emergency, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) said Friday.

“There’s probably no city that’s more financially challenged in the entire United States,” said Snyder. “We need to start moving upward with the city of Detroit.”

Mayor Dave Bing has a 10-day period in which he can request a hearing, after which point, according to the Associated Press, Snyder can appoint an emergency financial manager for the city or revoke his decision.

Snyder said Friday he had several names in mind for the position. He describes his top choice as someone with a strong professional resume who is, he said, “a people person.” He did not name the individual.

His statement at Friday’s forum holds up a state review team’s findings of a severe financial emergency in the city, pointing to more than $14 billion in long-term liabilities, including underfunded pensions. The city is also poised to end the fiscal year more than $100 million in the red without an infusion of cash. Snyder received the report last week.” (3)

While the fate of these two cities is being decided they are among the first of hundreds that are slated to be dissolved. Yet the only real threat that actually faces this place is coming directly from our own “leadership”. The USA has been taken over by the INSANITY of Apartheid Israel which still hungers for more-wars-unending: In order to feed their self-declared superiority over the rest of the human race.

The U.S. needs to Dump the Stars & Stripes for the Star of David
Either give them what they want or put the Israeli’s in Jail!

Of course, what I’m suggesting might sound like fiction to those still intent on trying to survive inside this ‘TWILIGHT-ZONE’. Yet this has become the reel-to-reel – real-nightmare that is designed to steal whatever is left of life—anywhere! Either you can review the dozens upon dozens of more laws; on top of the 40,000 new ones that were just created for us and became law on January 1, 2013: Or you can tell the government to go straight to hell and stay there – it’s up to you!

Jim Kirwan

1) Rage, Rage, Rage – 17 min video

2) Breakdown of Law and Order: “We Can’t Depend on the Police Department”

3) Rick Snyder, Michigan Gov., Declares Detroit Financial Emergency Exists


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