The Day of the Locust


20130128Illustration by David Dees

 The Day of the Locust Returns

New Israeli-Amerikkkan-DRONES are coming-in from everywhere. This plague of electronic-Locusts has been unleashed to SPY on, inside or anywhere near: any actual human beings.

They will be inside everything. This new and latest horde of drones will be inside your toilet paper roll, they will lurk inside your Latte, and of course they’ll be perched inside your laptop, your modem, your digital-camera and absolutely your oh-so-precious mobile phones. Your secret stash will have its own electronic locusts hidden in the powder, or carefully planted wherever you spend any time, whether slaving at work or just trying to steal a moment alone.

This new horde of spies will go anywhere, be everywhere, to further that paranoid-disease which has always been quintessentially Israeli: This is that disease which must always pacify itself. No one can any-longer-escape their insectoid-electronic-eyes or their uninterrupted-suspicions that never-ever sleep.

Once the public has had its fill of childish things, these hordes of spying-insects and their slimy-directors will meet the same fate under the millions of angry humans that will crush them for the public-nuisance they’ve always been.

Meanwhile – this latest attack upon Americans should definitely comfort anyone that still might worry about the actual-state of readiness, counter-terrorism or indeed anything at all that might be un-approved by Israel or their enforcers that tend to congregate near Washington D.C. whenever they are not totally engrossed in pedophilia, drug-trafficking or crimes against humanity.

This gargantuan waste of money was inspired by a gross-Israeli- Barbarian named Ariel Sharon. He’s brain-dead now and should have been buried long ago, but he’s coming back inside this Return of the Day of the Locusts, as part of the original-scourge from the primeval-world—revisited.

“27 Feb 2013 More than a decade after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a set of extraordinary and secretive surveillance programs conducted by the National Security Agency has been institutionalized, and they have grown. These special programs are conducted under the code name Ragtime, and are divided into several subcomponents, according to the new book Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry, by Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady… Ragtime, which appears in official reports by the abbreviation RT, consists of four parts.

Ragtime-A involves US-based interception of all foreign-to-foreign counterterrorism-related data;”

k): Of course there is no terrorism which does not originate from inside Washington, the City of London, Tele-Aviv or the Vatican: So isn’t it excessive to waste so much more time and money pretending that we are involved in domestic wars that do not yet formally-exist, except in the twisted thoughts of the self-appointed government?

“Ragtime-B deals with data from foreign governments that transits through the US; “

k): This one makes perfect sense too! As there are so many criminal-governments who obviously want to send information “through” a dead-end-rat-hole where there is no business, no money, and no future?

“Ragtime-C deals with counter-proliferation activities;”

k): Isn’t that a “GREAT” term? “Counter-proliferation-activities”. My god it sounds so professional and so very non-existent and all at the same time – such a huge term for something that has never existed at all!

“and then there’s Ragtime-P, which will probably be of greatest interest to those who continue to demand more information from the NSA about what it does in the United States.”

k): Really! Are there humanoids out there that still don’t know about these monstrously-vile, self-proclaimed-spy-masters who say they collect every useless piece of crap in the universe so that they can pretend to know everything that is knowable in the entire world: During every second of every hour of every day in every year?

“P stands for Patriot Act. Ragtime-P is the remnant of the original President’s Surveillance Program, the name given to so-called “warrantless wiretapping” activities after 9/11, in which one end of a phone call or an e-mail terminated inside the United States.”

k): Actually this totally-illegal spying program, in which the phone companies all complied, began in February of 2001: Seven months before 911. But how amazing is it? That one end of any phone-call could ever still end INSIDE the USA! My god why do telephones exist, if they can be used to call people in other countries? Shouldn’t that be illegal by now? Especially since just being an American has become a crime-against-this government?

“That collection has since been brought under law, but civil liberties groups, journalists, and legal scholars continue to seek more information about what it entailed, who was targeted, and what authorities exist today for domestic intelligence-gathering.” (1)

k):“Civil liberties groups? Journalists? And especially legal scholars? None of these three groups exist any longer, except in museums, or under-glass: Where they can be viewed as the social curiosities that they all three became, before the twenty-first century even arrived.

As for “domestic-intelligence gathering” that was supposed to be part of the FBI’s job but then the FBI no longer investigates anything. They are now only errand boys and girls for the NAZI’s that currently run this dump under the Flag of Zionist Israel. There is no longer a United States to spy on. So why the hell do these idiots try to keep on pretending that there is something that has not yet been taken over inside this nationwide prison-camp that we live in today. (2)

The true litmus test will come with the government and in the personages of hundreds of traitors when they try and force Americans to SURRENDER their legally-purchased weapons to the illegal communist government of this fascist state: This state is run for the Fourth Reich, by Amerikkka’s own Dictator-for-Life, who is not even an American.

Yet, this illegal-government is still afraid of us. This is the only reason they have still not had the balls to try to do this impossible-dream they have; which is to DISARM real Americans while the rest of the nation slumbers.

All the other global distractions continue to bumble-on while the reality itself of such an act still awaits the ultimate obscenity of Americans being disarmed. This bunch of idiot-traitors still believe that they can just “take-over-the planet” because they believe they are so very SPECIAL and the rest of us are just road-kill for them to use and abuse as they see fit.

They have still not been able to admit that we have surrendered to GLOBAL-AUSTERITY. Nor can they concede that we are in a DEPRESSION that is worse than the1929 crash. We are no longer a nation because we have no commercial production any more, no population of our own, no jobs, no rights and no economy except for global theft and massive unemployment.

Israel has no future either. Still we have used every dollar we have stolen to support a cesspool that has no value in this world. Israel has no economy except whatever we give them. They do nothing for anyone else in the world and never have. They continue to steal, torture, murder or slaughter whenever they feel like it while they DICTATE TERMS  to the entire planet!

20120321What we have “given” to Israel is clear. Meanwhile, they continue to sabotage us! They have publicly stolen our military-secrets then sold them to China and others. Israel has attacked us repeatedly and publicly on foreign-shores. They insult us at home and abroad. Israel steals our elections and subverts our entire government, to work for Israel and against American interests everywhere—and then demands that American representative’s represent ONLY Israel and Israeli-interests.

Israel has NEVER done anything for the USA—ever! Yet they still claim to be our most-favored ally? That’s a one-way street which will take any American who subscribes to anything Israeli, straight into the open gates-of-Hell or worse.

Ultimately those who are DEMANDING our UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER now; are Israeli-sympathizers, Mossad agents or just global-criminals working for the real evil-empire that is demanding the end to everything American. There is no longer any room in the world for both Israel and America. And the number of those that agree with this reality is growing by the second…

Israel created TERRORISM itself, as a global disease. It’s up to us to end them now, or face extinction as a nation.

Jim Kirwan

1) Ragtime: Code name of NSA’s Secret Domestic Intelligence Program

2) The US Constitution-Free Zone


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