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Steven Lendman has given the world a thoroughly cogent running commentary, about the state and status of Israel, for a very long time.

The facts that Lendman cites so clearly, need to be put into context to give the world the truth about Israel. AIPAC and the Israeli-policies of blackmail and extortion have only one goal: To capture the whole of the wider world they seek to murder. Israel is clearly a parasitic-war-machine that has been allowed to advocate global & nuclear-war, to justify Israel’s unchecked claim on the entire Middle East and the wider world as well. This obscene quest must end. (1)

Sixty-five years of this one-sided self-delusion is more than enough. The world has been the whipping-boy for all the TERROR that Israel has been manufacturing since long before even the First World War began. Israel’s only contribution to the planet has been its’ creation of the global-concept, that the world must live with, that is simply called


While they may not have invented BLACKMAIL, they have taken it to a whole new level. Israel has used their 400 to 600 nuclear missiles to blackmail the formerly civilized world into giving them that which they have lusted for; for centuries. Their blood-lust is nothing less-than the total domination of the whole world: Beginning with their annexation of every country in the Middle East to create ~


“It disseminates disinformation, lies and hate. It viciously attacks opponents. It maliciously calls Iran “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and is racing toward a nuclear weapons capability.” It lied saying so. No nation tops US and Israeli state terrorism. They menace humanity.

AIPAC lobbied successfully to impose lawless sanctions on Iran. It wants Tehran’s government toppled. It manufactures threats to promote fear. It wants unchallenged Israeli regional dominance. It favors no-holds-barred belligerence to achieve it.

Expose AIPAC for what it is. It menaces freedom and peace. It embraces war. Its conferences glorify it. US legislators are heavily pressured. AIPAC wants Washington’s diplomatic, military and economic support if Israel attacks Iran preemptively.

AIPAC wants war. Doing so is lawless, madness and self-destructive. “America must make clear that it will act to prevent Iran from achieving the capability to build a nuclear weapon at a time of its choosing,” it says.” (1)

k): How dare Israel make any DEMANDS of any other nation? In particular for Israel to use a traitorous and illegal organization, AIPAC an unregistered-foreign-agency, to do its illegal-bidding is doubly insulting! AIPAC has always been illegal and a blood-enemy of the United States from its beginning. In particular AIPAC has targeted the people of the United States, from its very beginning, to demand the annihilation of all Americans from both this country and the world. The so-called Amerikkkans that belong to AIPAC need to be charged with sedition and deported from the United States.

“”America must make clear that it will act to prevent Iran from achieving the capability to build a nuclear weapon at a time of its choosing,” it says.

“Contain(ing) a nuclear Iran” is inadequate. US policy must reject any possibility of Tehran developing nuclear weapons. All options must be considered, including “military action.”

Economic sanctions must be “accelerated” and “crippling.” Washington should do whatever it takes to prevent a nuclear Iran. AIPAC’s a destructive, malevolent, evil force. It’s heading Washington for war. Hawkish speakers had their say.

AIPAC president Michael Kassen welcomed participants. He lied saying Israel is threatened. He called America its most reliable ally. “Today, that relationship is more important than ever before,” he said. “Are we doing everything we can to ensure that America will stand by the side of Israel now and always?”

“For the sake of the United States; for the sake of Israel, our only answer can be and must be ‘Yes!’ “He’s concerned about America’s “growing allure of isolationism.” It threatens US/Israeli relations. It’s “extremely dangerous” for Israel’s security and well-being.” (1)

k): Who in the hell exactly gave Israel, or AIPAC, the right to speak to or for American Foreign Policy? For that matter how can Israel dare to assume that they’re DEMANDS must be taken seriously over the sanity and survival of the entire human race! Israel wants unending war. That is where and how Bush Jr., our first Dictator of the twenty-first century got his treacherous-justifications for his illegal-wars that he and Cheney so blissfully launched us into. While there were specific US policy goals as well, the bully behind the scenes has always been Israel and their blood-lusts that have no foundation except in global-greed and arrogance that has nothing to do with religion.

20120930-1For Zionist Israel everything is about their need for unchecked-power, their torture of other people, their murders of anyone they target and their dominion over the entire planet—using American policies, American money, and American troops to get exactly what they want. Simultaneously Israel is not willing to contribute anything at all, to achieve these crimes which they designed.

This tyranny was built-into their design of the current global-collapse, which they created, when they planned everything from their own slaughter of real-Jews in that Holocaust, which began with the Third Reich, in order to create the possibilities they are using now to force the world to give them everything they’re demanding—even if it costs the lives of four-fifths of the world’s global-population.

Those who call themselves Israeli’s today deserve nothing but the designation of “Global-Pariah’s” which they have unquestionably earned throughout the last 65 blood-drenched years that took place only because Israel demanded it!

“America’s leadership is changing, he warned. Over 40% of US legislators in recent years are new. Many never visited Israel. Many others never travelled abroad.

Many on congressional committees have no foreign policy experience. He stressed reaching beyond AIPAC’s traditional Jewish base of support. Silence greeted his warnings. Standing ovations followed his affirmation of US support.

Michael Oren is Israel’s US ambassador. He deplores peace. He prioritizes war. He disgraces himself in the process. He opened AIPAC’s conference. He addressed its plenary session. He lied saying “diplomacy hasn’t worked and sanctions haven’t stopped the Iranian nuclear program.”

“We seem to be negotiating with ourselves,” he added. “What is the price of inaction,” he asked?”

k): Again Israel feels free to DEMAND their “right” to set American priorities and foreign policies: To hell with consequences! The sheer arrogance of this shitty-little sewer of a nation to DEMAND policy changes because they are Israel and MUST be catered to—according to who? (3)

By what right does Israel DEMAND that we spend not just our much needed treasure, but our blood and our national sovereignty as well—in pursuit of what: The greater glory of this pack of lies that calls themselves ‘God’s Chosen-People”! This is bullshit no matter how anyone chooses to look at it.

In a world on the edge of oblivion to even listen to the insanity of Israel is a crime against humanity!

“He wants Israel declared a “major strategic ally.” AIPAC prioritizes it. Getting it will be unique. No other nation has it. It may exempt Israel from sequestration cuts. It advance(s) the ball for war. In Foreign Policy’s May/June 2011 edition, Oren headlined “The Ultimate Ally,” saying: Washington “has no better friend in the world than Israel.” Roots are longstanding. Most Americans support it.” (1)

20130205-2Illustration by David Dees

k): Now ISRAEL IS DEMANDING that we accord them “ULTIMATE- ALLY status to “prove” to the whole world “how valuable” they have been to this nation, which Israel is trying to annihilate more intently with every passing hour.

Afterall it’s ISRAEL that is also DEMANDING that Americans be DISARMED immediately and totally, as a priority before anything else can be allowed to happen. That would amount to Americas’


And would end both the Constitution and the Republic in one final and totally fatal blow!

At this rate it will not be long before the public in America will begin to hunt-down these hyphenated Israeli-TRAITORS to America over here: Insuring that they leave here now—butt-naked if at all.

Imagine what the world would look like without the Israeli-owned Media, or the entire film industry, the bankers, the FED, any and all of leadership throughout the government. Take a look at this newly constituted Department of State that is now nothing more than Israel draped in US titles and run by another non-American John (Skull & Bones) Kerry.

“WITH JOHN KERRY’S plan to aid Syrian terrorists, it’s time we exposed the State Department as a Jew-ridden organ of the Jewish Lobby.

It’s a well-known fact that the Syrian ‘revolution’ is a dire threat to the centuries-old Christian population. But when it comes to pleasing the Jews, Kerry couldn’t care less.

Added to Kerry’s Jew-pleasing diplomacy, he recently demanded that Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, apologize for calling Zionism a “crime against humanity”…which it most certainly is.

What’s behind Kerry’s Jew-loving actions?

Does he owe the Jews so that off to work for the Jews he goes? Yes indeed.

First of all, Kerry’s paternal grandparents were Jews named Ida Lowe and Fritz Kohn, who like many Jews in order to hide their identity, changed their surname to Kerry.

John Kerry’s father, Richard, (son of Ida and Fritz) was born in the Jewish area of Boston known as Brookline where John Kerry studied law at Boston College.” The article continues here (2).

When will Americans STOP bowing to every wish of the filth that is criminal-Israel? When will America begin to “Remember who we were” and see Israel’s fantasies for the global-power-grab for what they truly are? Everything Israel has done, from their use of phosphorus on hospitals and the UN in GAZA, back through decades upon decades of torture, mass murder and the unspeakable desecration of children that should have long ago earned all her leaders a very public trip to the Guillotine.

The world needs to hold a global-summit
To decide the fate of Israel
And rid the world of this non-human-curse forever!

Jim Kirwan

1) AIPAC Conference Promotes War

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3) It’s SHOWTIME – Compared to What!


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