America is Coming Back!

20120624Thirteen years is long enough even for those still slumbering in the afterglow of what used to be a vibrant place. What passes for this government would do well to pay close attention—because your days are definitely numbered.

All day long yesterday, in so many ways and mostly by press-releases you tried to ratchet-up the fake-terror. That seems to be all you know anything about—but even at that you consistently fail.

Those of us who fight for a living know some things about direct confrontations and about what you always do whenever you attack an unarmed population. But Americans have not been disarmed, and that will not change just because you’ve repeatedly given us illegal orders to “disarm”.

Looking back at what USI has always done, in every war, there are three pivotal parts of any society that cannot be ignored: The water-supply, food-supply and medical-services. All have to be protected if anyone can survive long-enough to resist, regardless of how many might still be armed. Americans will come together to find ways that go well beyond spiking military-gas-tanks or blinding the 2,700 new portable bar-b-que pits that you’re calling tanks. Americans will soon have plans in-place to interrupt your plot to destroy our access to food water and medicine – now that states are beginning to get their own militias up and running again.

Transmissions on your supposedly impregnable ‘tanks’ were shown exposed on the images for the pubic. But the bulletproof tires are not fire-resistant. Nor are the supposed “operators’ immune to something as simple as Molotov cocktails that will light up their Kevlar like Roman-candles inside that overly-tight interior of your latest intended-contraption, which is supposed to terrify the public.

In reality, those new tanks are nothing more than gas-guzzling, non-maneuverable coffins that masquerade as combat-vehicles. They were obviously designed to operate on a desert floor, not on mountain roads or on our crumbling roadways. In the mountains or on the decaying-bridges of this place—they’re just too heavy. They cannot respond if they need to swerve with any real success.  They’ll just end up like overturned turtles, totally helpless in the waste-lands. Congratulations, this turkey looks like the tank version of the Air Force disaster called the F-35’. Apparently the desire to buy so many toys outstripped any real need to produce an effective combat vehicle: Just as the desire to rip-off-the-government for extra cash overrode any real need to produce an effective fighting machine. But you’ll figure all that out when they get tested in the free-fire-zones you will no doubt try to create.

I wonder; have you investigated some of the newer versions of EMP’s to be used in the field? I doubt it. Now that you have become so totally absorbed with your fascination of everything made in the almost obsolete-field of DRONES: Apparently you believe in these toys or at least that they will guarantee your absolute-supremacy in order to allow you to remain “in-charge”. On that front; the feral government is already hopelessly outnumbered by the number of trained human beings that you won’t be able to field, no matter how “secure” any of your military areas might be.

Basically you have no idea of what you are about to be up against when the Americans take-you-down. Nor have you any real plans for survival because at every juncture there will be those that you will never be able to trust. Once the monetary component falls apart as is about to happen—what will happen with all those mercenaries that you won’t be able to pay?

Then there are all your business-partners: The drug-dealers and gang-bangers that work to keep the prisons at maximum capacity. Do you really believe they will remain loyal when there will be so many new and more lucrative targets for them to strip and use for other purposes?

Finally, of course, it will come down to who you individually are, or are not. None of you are worth anything. You’re too fat, and there is no strength in your pudgy hands or your flabby forms. Actual-skills are something that you’ve never needed: Especially when you’ve relied on cons and theft to get almost everything you ever thought you’d need. You’re all worthless when it comes to having to find ways to survive. It is a physical impossibility for you to know or ever trust anyone else with that which always concerns you most—the stuff you’ve stolen or plan to steal. This does not qualify you to do anything that is actually required, once chaos begins to overturn everything, with which you have surrounded yourselves with for decades.

Billions of people have died because of you and your less-than-human associates. What makes you think that any of you can survive what’s coming? You are not bullet-proof. You’re not even special. Except maybe when it comes to your overly-fed-egos or the appetite for greed and arrogance that uniquely qualifies you to become some of the first casualties of anything that might be mistaken for an actual revolution?

We know who you are. We know who all of you are. We don’t need a lot of electronic toys to track you down. You’ll do that for us by your excesses and your associates! You won’t need to wonder where we might be, or when we’ll be coming for you!

But I’ve got some questions for you, since we don’t often get the chance to talk much, especially since you’ve declared the entire country “THE ENEMY” now.

Why did you find it necessary to amass so much information on every single person on the planet, when you’ve already outlawed all legal proceedings? Why do you do these things when no one even needs to go to trial any longer? Why not just kill us outright and skip the bullshit? Cops don’t investigate anything anymore. Just look at that last farce—that false-flag you did? Blocking the families of the supposed-victims from even meeting with the public? Why withhold all evidence from the public—even going so far as to strip the coroner’s reports from any details and being allowed to block death-certificates from even being issued? Official records have always had the information that each one contains for the official record that has always been part of every public document for centuries? Now, because you supposedly don’t want hurt the feelings of some pampered-parents in Connecticut you want the whole world to “spare the feelings” of people that cannot admit to whether or not their kids were even actual victims or not.

I get it!  You needed to make everything, quite literally, ILLEGAL! But then you went way beyond any possible justification: Just like you’ve enshrined the lackeys in congress, as Americans, who have sworn to protect Israel (not America). What’s the point of pretending that these people are actually still Americans? Or that the congress isn’t totally in service to Israel? They are all TRAITORS. Anyone can easily see the naked-truth behind all that. Do you actually believe that ordinary people don’t already know the truth of who you are or what you intend to do with every man woman and child that you manage to get your fitly-paws on?

You are not smart enough to win this coming confrontation. Your so-called generals are no different than their political-counterparts. They just wear a uniform. They’re just a bunch of con-artists looking to get rich. They are not really generals any longer. Some of them actually might have played at being warriors, but they’re politicians now! Have you any idea of how many in uniform will never get to their headquarters when the day comes – in Vietnam it was called fragging!

The entire edifice that you and yours support is riddled with so many holes that the lamest consumer can easily see right through the schemes and frauds which you continue to perpetuate. The FRAUD is endless. Your lives are meaningless because they are so shallow that your existence will leave no trace, except perhaps to mark the passing of this colossal criminality that seized the world for but a moment, before you all implode or explode in paroxysms of everything you each and all attempted to steal or destroy upon the unforgiving stage of the wider-world.

You will be giving your final performances soon. All that loot you’ve stolen, that will disappear along with whatever else you might have had—just as did the antiquities in the Bagdad Museum. You and your owners made billions of us die: Before you managed to get this far with your SECRET plans to steal the universe.

The Americans are coming!  We will crush you as surely as Day follows Night. The only question is, “How long will you be able to hold out against the entire world?” The world too, has your number.

You and your colluding partners in your crimes-against-humanity can only destroy whatever you touch. You cannot succeed at building or maintaining anything because you’re all just users, takers and common thieves. You have tried to convince the world that you are so special that no-one on this earth can ever touch you. Be prepared to be corrected by the facts that you would not allow the rest of us to live by: It is way past-time for you to go…

Jim Kirwan


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