To attack illegal-gun-owners?

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What about the other side of the questions surrounding the use and abuse of all illegal-weapons? Drones have been cleared to track and destroy anyone with a weapon. What about ILLEGAL-WEAPONS in the hands of criminals—especially when they are detected inside.


It is clearly a fact that wherever GUN-FREE-ZONES are located n cities like Chicago, New York, or in thousands of municipalities and privately owned areas – where the murder rates have skyrocketed. Why then has the government not chosen to use their 30,000 drones to go after and kill illegal-aliens, gang-members or criminal activity in general?

Apparently our still-unindicted Attorney-General, who is guilty of crimes against humanity, has defended the drone-policies of the current criminal-administration.

“Although it was heralded as a clear signal that the Obama administration has been forced to acknowledge that it cannot drone strike Americans on U.S. soil, Eric Holder’s response to Rand Paul only serves to re-affirm the government’s existing position.

Responding to the Kentucky Senator’s near 13 hour filibuster, Attorney General Holder sent a letter to Paul’s office which stated, “It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: `Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ The answer to that question is no.”

The key to this is the phrase “engaged in combat.” What does the administration consider to represent an act of “combat.” (1)

Why is the use of Drones to hunt down and kill gang-members or criminals never mentioned? It is clear that anyone using an illegal weapon is most likely a criminal and capable of murder. Yet equally the above categories of criminals will never become targets for the still questionable but deadly-drones that are now loose in the skies over the USA?

Feinstein, Bloomberg, Biden, Obama, Boxer, Pelosi and other Israeli-Firster’s have all demanded that America be completely Disarmed—despite the death-confirming crime-rates in every city that has chosen to totally-disarm its legal-citizens?

The reasons are clear: Current-Drones along with the 70,000 more that are coming are to be used only against legal gun-owners and law-abiding citizens. These drones will never be used to combat crime, illegal-drug or gun-running, or government illegalities wherever they occur.

Don’t take my word for anything Ask the idiot-criminals in political offices all across the land about this clearly obscene policy. USI policies will not just further endanger lawful citizens everywhere: They will actually protect the growing number of criminals that are driving up the real crime rate all over the USA today, while they are being protected by the USI WAR-machine.

What if privately-owned drones were to begin to locate and eliminate the government control centers that operate these 30,000 hunter-killer drones, whose only function is to terrify or kill lawful US citizens?

Ah but I forgot: It is AGAINST THE LAW for anyone to protect themselves from anything in America—but especially from this three-headed mechanical-Cerberus (THE DRONES) anywhere inside the FATHERLAND of the Fourth Reich; formerly known as the United States of America.

Jim Kirwan

1) The True Meaning Behind Holder’s Response to Rand Paul


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