2009_april10_5I just re-watched “Braveheart” and was reminded of how crystal-clear the plot is and was, for exactly how our corrupted cess-pool has been stolen by horrifically-criminal one-world-fortune-hunters that are determined to own the whole damned world.

Most films are just movies. But this film is about the reality behind what happened in Scotland and which ended with the Freedom of Scotland from Longshanks and English-ownership in 1314. It’s about the victory of Robert the Bruce over the Crown. Bruce was the same Scots nobleman who had previously sold-out his own countrymen. After the death of William Wallace, on Longshanks orders, Bruce finally did what could have been done all along. The rest is history.

For viewers the key points so clearly shown are all about the way in which the Scots nobility continually “NEGOTIATED” away the rights and freedoms of their own people, in order to increase their private fortunes and holdings at each and every turn: Until under Wallace the people of Scotland began to triumph over the British Crown in battle.

There are a number of quotes from the film that tend to strike with a force that is no longer seen or thought about today. When the young Wallace begins his training his uncle reminds him: “It’s our wits that make us men.” Something that could serve Americans well today—who are still uncertain of how to proceed.

‘If we fight as free men & women – we can and will be free’

‘Government positions and powers exist
To provide that FREEDOM
For the same people who make
Their currently-corrupted offices possible.’

In the film, the behind the scenes trading between the so-called Nobility in Scotland that owned so much property in both Scotland and England, which had been obtained through traitorous-bartering, that kept the population enslaved while increasing onerous new taxes. The common-Scots had to pay, to avert each and every new-outrage visited upon them.  All of this was made possible by secretly-extorting ever-higher taxes and costs from the people by those that supposedly represented them: In secret-criminal negotiations on the battlefields that traditionally ended in pay-offs before the battles even took place. Wallace skillfully uses armed-force to frustrate the crown’s-bandits and end the one-sided powers in Longshanks Empire.

What the congress in this country has been doing openly since the end of WWII has been the current-day version of the same tactic. Yet we have not awakened, as the targeted-population we are, to what has already happened to each and every American in this country. In Scotland in the 1300’s results were controlled by the Nobles to bloat their already fat-coffers and increase their illegal holdings over their own people.

In the USA those doing this to us are the local, city and state politicians, along with the whole federal machinery which serves the monolithic Israeli and USI war-machines. These are the individuals that have stolen our every waking moment to feed their endless demands that can never be enough.

These are the people that have been selling us out for decades!

If this is allowed to continue it will end everything to do with “Life, Liberty” and the RESPONSIBILTY that will in-the-end yield “the pursuit of Happiness” again, inside these United States.

The criminality in this country is not limited to Zionists, NAZI’S or new world order monsters. The bulk of the crimes against the people of this country come from the small potatoes in every official function from TSA, DEA, IRS, townships, Boards of Supervisors, Members of civic commissions, along with cities, counties and government offices across the nation. “Negotiations and Compromises” must come to be seen as inferior-results to everything that matters. Primarily in those conversations, that do not take place, is the fact that bribery, extortion and the murder of private citizens is not part of any legal government and never has been—yet this is what controls our lives today.

‘If we fight as free men & women we will be free

NOTHING means anything without FREEDOM!’ (1)


Beyond the reality, so masterfully portrayed in the film above, there is a current-day nightmare that plays directly into the occupation and takeover of this country which began with a Fourth Generation Nazi and ex-U.S. President, George H.W. Bush. This video was uploaded in 2009, but is crucifyingly devastating to the coming situation, that was first described by GWH Bush.

“…the conversion of the United States as an asset for the United Nations.”

k): The 5th Army now belongs outright to the United Nations. It was a 20,000 man gift of American troops from Obama to the UN.

“The MJTF where it came from and what its original mission was, and what its mission is now. (this video was released in 2009) …In March of 1989 the federal government extorted resources from all 50 states simultaneously – within a two week period – passing laws in every state, authorizing the use of Federal Funding to convert local and state forces into National Police Forces. The MJTF police (Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force) Is in virtually every state in the union in the United States at this time”

k): – Exactly what any good Nazi like George HW Bush and his kid: George W Bush would want and NEED to do.

“Its primary mission is house-to-house SEARCH & SIEZURE, separation and categorization of men women and children in large numbers, and transfer to detention facilities; and the use of those facilities for interrogation purposes…

The MJTF are regular National Guard, local law-enforcement and street gangs converted to ‘National Police Services’…”

There is more at the link – remember that this was FACT as far back as George HW Bush the 41st president and member-in-good-standing of the Forth Generation Nazi party. (2)

A whole new kind of public-demonstration was begun today and should be repeated from coast to coast but especially in high-profile cities around the nation. (3)

Americans apparently have chosen “Security” over “FREEDOM”
There can be no life on this planet.
But especially here in the United States
Let 2013 be the Year Americans take back the nation!

Jim Kirwan

1) Find and See the 1995 Film “BRAVEHEART” (almost 3 hours long) starring Mel Gibson – Who is related to William Wallace


3) Armed Protesters “Swarm The State Capitol” In Olympia Washington


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