The Disunited States Of Murder


“In my recent article “Chavez: Another CIA assassination victim?” I argued that when the top six anti-US-empire leaders in Latin America all get cancer at the same time, it isn’t just coincidence.

The US government, and its Bankster owners, have been overthrowing and/or murdering the best leaders in Latin America, and the world, for decades. Iran’s Mossadegh, Guatemala’s Arbenz, the Dominican Republic’s Trujillo and Bosch, Ecuador’s Velasco and Roldos, Zaire’s Lumumba, Indonesia’s Sukarno, Cambodia’s Sahounek, Chile’s Allende, and Panama’s Torrijos are just a few examples.

The same killers, and the institutional forces they represent, murder the best American leaders too. John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Senator Paul Wellstone are notable victims. Two excellent books have appeared in recent years proving, to any reasonable reader, that a shadow government working through the CIA, FBI, and organized crime killed JFK and Dr. King. Those books are JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass, and An Act of State by William Pepper.

When the most powerful empire on earth insists on resolving disputes through murder, rather than reasoned dialogue, that empire has become a cancer on the world.

The US government’s “kill first, ask questions later” policy is exemplified by its drone attacks on political opponents. Senator Lindsey Graham recently admitted that the US has murdered more than 4,700 political opponents around the world in drone strikes. One of them, Anwar al-Awlaki – a US citizen whose criticisms of the US government were factually correct and morally justified – was silenced not by counter-arguments (apparently there are none) but by a drone strike on his house. His teenage son was also murdered. Mr. al-Awlaki had not even been accused of any crime, much less charged or convicted.

He was killed for one reason and one reason only: To silence his eloquent voice.” (1)

k): Freedom & Legitimate-Dissention have been erased as the pillars of this Republic, which they used to be, and has been replaced by False-flag TERROR and criminal-disbelief in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. This nation has been ‘At-War’ since long before Bush-junior stole the White House.

These facts can be directly traced back to his father, that NAZI-in-GREAT-standing, as a member in the Fourth-Reich. George Herbert Walker Bush brought all of this into play, to force the end of this nation, and to elevate his true-political-view of the Fourth Reich: To Full-Spectrum Dominance over the whole planet. The first article I’m quoting from today, spells out the specifics of that effort as it has finally come to be seen around the world today.

“The Empire’s preference for killing over dialogue is obvious to anyone who compares the current US military budget to those of other countries. The US spends $711 billion per year on organized mass killing (i.e., the military). The combined total for China, Russia, the UK, France, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Australia, and Canada is only $695 billion annually.

And the official US military budget of $711 billion is just the tip of the iceberg. A gigantic “black budget” funded by bankers like the Rothschilds, whose net worth is said to be over $100 trillion, using leveraged criminal activity including the $1.5-trillion-per-year money laundering industry, pushes the real annual cost of empire into the trillions. It is these black budget funds, not official military budgets, that are used to build the most advanced and secret killing technologies – the kind of technologies that were recently employed to afflict the Empire’s six leading Latin American enemies with cancer.

This gargantuan outlay on the Empire’s killing machine is a huge drain on the planet’s resources. And it isn’t just the US murder budgets, official and unofficial, that suck the life-blood of the planet. The US war budget forces other countries to hemorrhage their own money on death and destruction. Other nations would spend vastly less on defense if the US were not constantly threatening, bullying, and invading sovereign nations all over the world…while selling weapons to its puppet “friends” and slaughtering its more principled “enemies.

Obviously, the American exceptionalists are correct. The United States of America is an exceptional country: It is exceptionally evil.” (1)

k): While this nation is drowning in unemployment, starvation and thirst. The outlaws have taken over the economics of the virtual-world to try and force their ending on everything that could support any real effort to shut them down. The amounts of illegally-created and spent-money that prop up this global-rebellion of the rich, to seize everything that once belonged to the poor, the middle-classes and many of the otherwise ‘well-off’ – has been USED to finish the financial rape and plunder of everything that they have not yet finished stealing from those who had anything, which they still-insist belongs only to them.

These creatures are the same people who claim exceptional status. Accordingly, ‘they’ are the only beings allowed to live anywhere on the planet. As for the rest of us: It is our only duty “to serve” these imposters and die without complaint to make their twisted-nightmare which they’ve sought for hundreds of years – come true:

Because they are EXCEPTIONALLY EVIL!

“But when they say America is the one indispensable country, they are wrong. That would be like saying that a cancerous tumor is the most indispensable part of the body.

The US Bankster empire needs to be surgically removed from the face of the planet.

How did the USA, once a self-proclaimed light unto the world, become a festering tumor?

Before 9/11, American policy had a certain balance: Alongside its psychopathic imperial behavior were occasional flashes of genuine concern for human rights, democracy, and other humanitarian ideals.

But then on 9/11 – as the Neocon propagandists never cease to remind us – everything changed. Human rights, and the US Constitution itself, were thrown into the proverbial dustbin of history. The USA became like Mordor in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: An empire of pure, unadulterated evil.

One of the world’s leading moral philosophers, John McMurtry of the University of Guelph, has brilliantly analyzed this process. In his essay “The Moral Decoding of 9-11” Professor McMurtry argues that the seeds of evil were planted long before 9/11 brought them to fruition. He describes the murderous “morality” of empire as follows:

“The moral thought system (of the US-Bankster empire) is not unlike that of Mein Kampf without the racist rant, camouflaged everywhere in practice by the method of big lies – ‘noble lies’ as Strauss exalts them. The innermost value driver is a perpetual war of dispossession of the weaker for the private transnational money-capital multiplication of the rich.” ” (1)

k): This is how GHW Bush and George W. Bush, as fervent NAZI’S, have prefigured into this equation long before the events of 911.

There was a pre-quill for the World Trade Center Bombing in 1993, and again in 1996 (@1 hr 17min into this video) that was made into television programs. There was the 1997 HBO film called The Path to Paradise where the dimensions of 2001 were clearly explained, which also discussed the World Trade Center Bombings. There was also the pilot episode for “The Lone Gunman” which aired on March 4, 2001, which Condi Rice apparently was unaware of (@1 hr 19 min. into this film). That 2001 film was about blocking an aircraft, (on film) that had been taken over from the ground to blow up the Trade-Centers. This process used a product made in 1973, to control aircraft from the ground to prevent aircraft from crashing if the pilots were incapacitated. In this film this technology was ‘used’ to simulate the hijacking of an aircraft, as was done during 911. The film script called for this ‘frustrated attack’ that was later used without the saving intervention which did indeed Target the World-Trade Centers. The film the ‘attack’ was diverted—where on 911 targets were hit. The world was massively-CHANGED on that day! (2)

“John McMurtry sees 9/11 as the epitome of the Straussian neoconservative philosophy, which exalts bullying, murder, and the big lie, and scorns reasoned dialogue and cooperation.

What McMurtry doesn’t say is that the Straussian neoconservative takeover of the USA on 9/11 was a coup d’état by Israel against America.

The Israelis rely on lies and murder, and scorn reasoned dialogue, for a very good reason: The existence of the apartheid Zionists in Palestine cannot be successfully defended by reasoned argument. Its only defense is mendacity, torture, and mass slaughter.

By contrast, America’s core values – individual liberty, religious and ethnic pluralism, democratic republicanism, equality of opportunity, and the rule of law – can only be defended by reasoned dialogue. “Defended” by big lies and mass murder, these values die an abject death.”

Will planet earth ever be cured of its two biggest cancerous tumors, the US and Israeli empires? Will the USA return to its core values and abandon its attempt to dominate the planet?

I believe that this planetary cancer can be cured – but only through a very painful treatment: The official, public establishment of the truth about 9/11.” (1)

k): I believe that the world must directly confront these cancers that USI & Israel represent. We must block this last-step in their nightmare-scenario and STOP the GUN-GRAB in the USA. Americans must remain armed and use those arms to enforce our will over this corrupted government. So much of their plan has already come to fruition that our only real course of action must be poured into this effort now—by every sentient being left in this country—and that effort must begin TODAY!

Jim Kirwan

1) The United States of Murder: A cancer on the world

2) 9/11 Truth: Hollywood speaks out – full length film


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