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Two very-sloppily covered crimes were responsible for this column. We have no real reporting anymore. We have no ‘investigative journalists’ to look behind the policy handouts of the government. Scripts are distributed-daily through the Zionist-owned media outlets in this dump. It‘s no wonder that real information is never really discussed in this satellite-slave-colony of Israel. FEINSTEIN, the above obscenity, is my personal Senator. She needs to be indicted and convicted for the treasons she routinely commits.

The first instance came from a British publication

“Two plainclothes NYPD officers shot and killed a 16-year-old Brooklyn resident after police say he pointed a gun at officers on Saturday.

When police approached to speak with the young man, cops say he turned on them and aimed a .357 caliber revolver at them.

Peaceful protest for Kimani Gray turned chaotic tonight as 100 people rioted and threw bottles at officers.

An orderly protest over the death of an armed 16-year-old turned into a riot in Brooklyn tonight after young people started lashing out at NYPD officers.

Between 60 and 100 rioters gathered around Church and Snyder Ave. in East Flatbush and threw bottles and other debris at police, witnesses said, following a vigil for Kimani Gray, 16, who was shot dead by two plainclothes officers over the weekend.

One person has been arrested, though no injuries have been reported.

They were lashing out at the NYPD, who they believe are responsible for the teen’s death.

The unnamed NYPD officer told the Daily News that they saw teens jumping on cars and throwing bottles at officers.

Gray, 16, was shot eleven times after police said he pulled out a .357 revolver in East Flatbush, Brooklyn over the weekend.

Police say they came across a group of young men on Saturday evening and saw Gray acting suspiciously, walking away from his friends when he saw the officers approach.

Officers say the 16-year old began to adjust his waistband and started to act suspiciously. Gray then turned around and pointed a .357 caliber gun at them, according to police accounts. When the two plainclothes officers saw the weapon they responded by opening fire.

However, witnesses to the shooting say that the NYPD’s account is wrong. Gray’s older sister, Mahnefah Gray, 19, told the New York Times that one of the witnesses of the shooting told her that her brother was only fixing his belt.

She added that her brother had too much ‘common sense’ to point a loaded gun at an officer, and doubted that he was even carrying a gun at all.

A woman who lives across the street from the scene of the shooting told the Times that Gray was calling out: ‘Please don’t let me die!’ and said the officers yelled back: ‘Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.’…

“…One of Gray’s friends, Devonte Brown told the New York Post: ‘As the cops opened fire, he was screaming, ‘Stop! I’m not running!’

His friends have not explained exactly what caused the police officers to shoot. Police say Gray’s gun was loaded with four bullets but have not yet determined whether the teenager fired his weapon.

Gray had been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested three times since October and had previously been charged with grand larceny and inciting a riot.” (1)

k): This is typical of the reporting that the public sees about crime here. NYC is a gun-free-zone. The fact that this 16 year old was arrested numerous times, once for inciting to riot, (just since October of last year) might lead many to believe that the “officers” might have had a personal reason to kill him. Everybody knows these cops will automatically be cleared of any wrong doing. No one questions the fact that supposedly experienced “officers” needed to fire eleven shots into a 16 year old “suspect” rather than use their training to wound or disable him without assassinating him. That should have happened. Because it did not, the police will get away with murder.  Had Gray been arrested followed by a public trial that would have gone into why the plainclothes ‘officers’ acted as they did—truth might have ensued.

Instead the officers acting as judge-jury and executioners preempted any further ‘problems’ that any possible trial might have created for them. The victim was a child who deserved a day in court and not execution at the hands of obviously unqualified and questionable police-procedures. Before you go ballistic remember that these “cops” carry throw-away weapons to use in any such situation if the victim fails to provide the necessary weapon, needed to “justify the crimes” they eventually charge their dead victims with.

This isolated instance opens a huge can of worms that Gun-Grabbing-Politicians like Zionist-Feinstein don’t want to have investigated. This has to do with who is actually responsible for most of the gun-deaths on the streets of America—officially? Is it the legal-owners of legal-weapons or is it the criminals who are directly in league with the police, in every major metropolitan area?

If the Luddite cops knew how to use computers to check the stats the public might become very alarmed about who the true criminals actually are in America—because: On first glance it would appear to be the out-of-control police who routinely gun down “suspects”. Using out-of-state SWAT-TEAMS to kill people that have not even been arrested before they are murdered: This protects the cops as death destroys all questions of legality or the possibility of a trial.

There was a man in Phoenix who was shot 71 times within seconds, after he returned home from a night-shift on a regular-job around nine in the morning. He was suspected of having marijuana in his house. That turned out not to be the case. He was a marine-veteran of two-tours in Iraq and was survived by his wife and their children. The SWAT TEAM used assault rifles to murder him. NO CHARGES WERE FILED AGAINST ANY OF HIS FIVE ASSASSINS.

QUESTION: Of all the bullets fired during the commission of crimes in this country how many shots have come from the police or federal agents vs. the supposed-targets of their murderous exercises? A follow-up question has to be how many of the weapons used or involved in every crime come from hand-guns vs. how many came from assault weapons?

In Sandy Hook the alleged shooter (whose body has disappeared) was supposedly only armed with two pistols, inside the school. Yet the official story has the twenty-children being shot at least three-times-each with assault rifles. No evidence of this contradiction has ever been officially given to the public. Instead the government used that supposed tragedy in Connecticut to demand GUN-GRABS against all the lawful-owners of legal weapons throughout the US.


In view of the current POLICE-STATE we live in now, this is an illegal attempt to DISARM the entire civilian population—clear and simple! (2)

In the second article today

This story was reported by one of the four national-mouthpieces for the defense of the Police-State, NBC News.

“Chicago top cop said incident has “very strong gang overtones”
A 6-month-old baby has died after she was shot Monday while her father was changing her diaper. After several surgeries, Jonylah Watkins passed away Tuesday morning, Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks confirmed. Jonylah’s father, identified by family members as 28-year-old Jonathan Watkins, is in stable condition. He was changing the little girl’s diaper on the front passenger seat of the family van when the shooting occurred, police said.

“The city of Chicago should be outraged that a 6-month-old baby could be shot and killed in our city,” Brooks said. “It’s horrific.”…

…Police are still looking for the shooter, who ran up from behind Watkins, fired, and then took off to a nearby blue conversion van, department spokesman John Mirabelli said. Bullets struck Jonathan Watkins in the buttocks and on the right side of his face. His young daughter was hit five times: in the thigh, shoulder, lung, liver and bowels, the family later said.

Witnesses reported hearing at least 10 gunshots.” (3)

k): It must be noted here that cops & gangs go together like ham & eggs. They work together to profit from huge illegal-markets in major cities. They are especially successful in every major city where “GUN-FREE-ZONES” have not only been established, but where major-crime flourishes. This is possible because the public has been DISARMED in some key locations already. The same can be said of major-crime & illegal-drugs: Here again these two also go together just as day follows night.

The reason that “Amerika” has sponsored so many wars, War-on-Drugs, War-on-Poverty and all the rest of our phony civilian WARS, not to mention the GREAT-SOCIETY from LBJ’s crime-spree: These ‘WARS’ licensed the government to clearly-create these “wars’ which were supposedly declared to permanently end illegal-profits forever.

In Amerika the gangs the cops and the corporations work together to run the privatized-prison-systems. Private-corporate-contracts require a 90% fill-rate. That’s how the privatized prison-labor-profits can remain so successfully high. Given that the corporations are in business with the cops and the gangs they can continue to pay the prisoners next to nothing for the privilege of having corporate jobs. Here’s the real kicker! The cops the gangs and the corporations all get total-immunity from-any-prosecution across the board:

Because of the total co-operation behind all nationwide-corruption and INTERNATIONAL CRIME,


 If Americans are to ever have any chance to end the corruption; We MUST STOP the GUN-GRAB and reinvigorate the 2nd Amendment


Jim Kirwan

1) ‘It sounds like a war zone’: Chaos in Brooklyn as 100 teenagers ‘riot’ on the streets following vigil of 16-year-old who was shot dead by NYPD plainclothes cops

2) The Failure to Communicate

3) 6-month old girl shot 5 times dies


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