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Or Face the Consequences
20120307-1This hellish confrontation between the lawlessness of USI combined with the barbarity of Israel has been growing like a poisonous cancer for the last 65 years. It is way past time that we finally face the very real consequences which such tactics have earned us, over all the time we’ve been chasing this unthinkable nightmare, since long before the fraudulent creation of Israel.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has been leading us since the beginning of ‘America’. Yet it is only now that all our crimes have finally caught up with us, to force the world to deal with us, on their terms not ours!

Russia has declared that since we have chosen to ignore their national-sovereignty along with so many other nations in our arrogant and illegal-assumptions: Thermo-Nuclear-War is again on the table: Internationally, unless Obama is absolutely-removed from power.

2008Four_Horsemen_med“Russia’s probable retaliation measures to the missile defense system also were on the agenda of talks which Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin had with French members of parliament in Paris Naryshkin stressed that Russia needs “guarantees backed by objective technical parameters that this system will not be targeted against Russia…. When someone tells us in words that this system is not targeted against Russia but refuses to sign a legally binding agreement in deeds, this certainly raises doubts in us,” he said, insisting that security should be equal for all countries and indivisible. Naryshkin warned that Moscow “cannot twiddle its thumbs while its U.S. partners make decisions on deploying missile defense elements in Europe and putting them into practice…. But this is surely not our choice.” Naryshkin said Russia will have to take measures in response to the missile defense system’s deployment.”

It’s common knowledge that, when it comes to protecting us from a nuclear launch by a major power such as Russia or China, missile defense has been found woefully lacking.

I don’t blame Russia for feeling boxed in and do you know what happens when you corner a bear? Yeah, I think you know. The game the west is playing is dangerous and is going to lead to World War 3. Not by accident, by design. – Mort” (1)

The world has basically only watched while USI has devastated nation after nation while totally disregarding the lawful sovereignty that we, (along with NATO, the UN and various other co-conspirators) have employed, to crush whatever constitutes the nations we target. USI has clearly become an outlaw-nation, a pariah nation that is savagely-preying upon the community of nations worldwide.

Here in the United States Obama’s Outlaws are going after “the right to keep and bear arms” as their international right to destroy the Constitution, the Bill of rights and the American Republic. Ironically this will do unto the USA exactly what Obama wants to do to the remaining international states in the world-wide Community of Nations.

If Americans cannot or will not stand up in their own defense of themselves, their way of life or for their own constitution—then we shall deserve what will directly come to each of us because of that failure. A DISARMED America will be nothing but the slave-state we already are, in everything except the name. Cowards do not deserve to live free, anymore than OUTLAWS deserve to profit from their global-crimes.

Ironically we have a unique opportunity now to overturn everything that has been haunting us since JFK was murdered. This is about smashing all those that have tried to play fast & furious, with our rights, under the U.S. Constitution.

Either we draw our own lines in the sand as individuals and order the government to stand-down; or we can say good-by to ‘life, liberty or the pursuit of anything worth having,’ and especially any personal joy—ever-again.

What might have begun here, for many, as a need to keep our right “to keep and bear arms” might well become the right of the citizens of this country to indict and evict the illegal-alien who has declared himself Dictator for Life. Obama has followed in the steps of Stalin or Hitler—if left unchecked he will slaughter more people for himself than both of those war-criminals combined.

We have a nation composed of hundreds of millions of mindless ignorant creatures that have no idea about politics law or this Republic. But there are others among us who know and understand what must be done before the world is allowed to descend into global-thermo-nuclear warfare.

On the dark side of my youth I was as ‘at home’ in the darkest of alleyways, as I was in unfamiliar courtrooms along the way. I was never a lawyer, but I grew to understand the law. I was never a gang member, but I fought gangs in spite of that. It’s a very different time today. Virtually all the unsaid rules have changed and changed again. Each of us must do whatever we can to alter whatever has been pre-planned for each and every one of us—if this place or the world is to continue to exist much longer.

The despot in the oval-office is a global-war-criminal and more. His aggressions backed up by our accession to presidential-decrees go all the way back to JFK. It is partly this that has created this global-insanity. USI and those of us that did not object are responsible for this outlaw at the helm of what was the United States. Unless Obama goes the world will be condemned to obliteration or worse. A partial obliteration of the planet will not support life any longer, much less human-societies. The choice is ours to make and we are almost totally out of time.

In barbarian-Israel Netanyahu is still unable to form his own pathetic-government. Hence he’s desperately in need of cover to disguise his weaknesses. His next move is possibly to hysterically launch air-strikes on Iran, which USI will then supposedly to be forced to support – yet none of that is set in stone or sand.

All of this is being played out while the world is still poised on the precipice of a global-financial collapse that will exceed anything else the planet has ever experienced before. Israel now has its hundreds of nuclear missiles pointed directly at every major-capital in the world that it can reach. That’s the Israeli-Sword of Damocles with which it has threatened the entire planet since just after JFK’s assassination. The world must end that threat, as impossible as that might seem. However “key people” have always been able to make real differences in the outcomes which the world has faced through the darkness of time—and yet has so-far managed not to lose the entire human race…

There has never been so much riding on any series of issues which faces the planet—thanks to our failure to take responsibility for those we allowed to destroy the power and the base of this country, along with billions of innocent people the world over.

Ironically the entire agenda and the methodology for creating the global-police-state and the slave-state of America has been operating now for at least 65 years in the open. But the people of the United States have totally ignored this. This video prefaces each allegation with What If?” But the truth is all of it has already happened, thousands of times over. (2)

Obama is our problem. If we care enough about survival we will “REMOVE OBAMA NOW” and join the rest of the world in dismantling this illegal war-machine and all that it has created.

Jim Kirwan

1) Russia Threatens USA With Nuclear Attack – 10 min video

2) Judge Napolitano – What If We Are Already Living Under A Dictatorship  – 4 min 51 sec video


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