The Artificial Calm Before the Storm


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People are trying to ignore the deadly-severity of what is happening to them now. The public feels the creatures coming closer and closer to them every minute—their claws outstretched and hungry for blood. There is only one thing that we must do. STOP! Turn around, and refuse to let them touch-you. Cut off the hands that reach for you and chase them for awhile—because the time has come to change course and end this here and now.

What happens instead: Is that the servile-public still courts-favor with criminals and captors alike. The public still uses formal titles, trite and artificial courtesies when what we should do is to treat these thugs for what they are and have always been—


If this entire charade were part of a screen-play the audience would walk-out of the theater in disgust! This is so unreal that nothing about what we’re doing now is real. It can’t be real because ‘the servile-public’ is about to be murdered by the thousands, and yet they appear to not have even noticed that their so-called president (Dictator-for-Life) now has his own murderous and illegal-private-mercenary-army that daily executes those on the White-House Kill lists; as if that’s a legitimate use of American global-power?

This latest overarching reach by Barry Soweto says it all: Yet the public says not one word by way of
Over this total-BETRAYAL of America
By the so-called leader of the “Free-World’

Not only do we not IMEACH HIM
We still listen to his bullshit as if he were one of us!

“The film Dirty Wars, which premiered at Sundance, can be viewed, as Amy Goodman sees it, as an important narrative of excesses in the global “war on terror”. It is also a record of something scary for those of us at home – and uncovers the biggest story, I would say, in our nation’s contemporary history.

Though they wisely refrain from drawing inferences, Scahill and Rowley have uncovered the facts of a new unaccountable power in America and the world that has the potential to shape domestic and international events in an unprecedented way. The film tracks the Joint Special Operations Command (JSoc), a network of highly-trained, completely unaccountable US assassins, armed with ever-expanding “kill lists”. It was JSoc that ran the operation behind the Navy Seal team six that killed bin Laden.

Scahill and Rowley track this new model of US warfare that strikes at civilians and insurgents alike – in 70 countries. They interview former JSoc assassins, who are shell-shocked at how the “kill lists” they are given keep expanding, even as they eliminate more and more people.

Our conventional forces are subject to international laws of war: they are accountable for crimes in courts martial; and they run according to a clear chain of command. As much as the US military may fall short of these standards at times, it is a model of lawfulness compared with JSoc, which has far greater scope to undertake the commission of extra-legal operations – and unimaginable crimes.

JSoc morphs the secretive, unaccountable mercenary model of private military contracting, which Scahill identified in Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, into a hybrid with the firepower and intelligence backup of our full state resources. The Hill reports that JSoc is now seeking more “flexibility” to expand its operations globally.

JSoc operates outside the traditional chain of command; it reports directly to the president of the United States. In the words of Wired magazine:

“JSoc operates with practically no accountability.”

Scahill calls JSoc the president’s “paramilitary”. Its budget, which may be in the billions, is secret.

What does it means for the president to have an unaccountable paramilitary force, which can assassinate anyone anywhere in the world? JSoc has already been sent to kill at least one US citizen – one who had been indicted for no crime, but was condemned for propagandizing for al-Qaida. Anwar al-Awlaki, on JSoc’s “kill list” since 2010, was killed by CIA-controlled drone attack in September 2011; his teenage son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki – also a US citizen – was killed by a US drone two weeks later.

This arrangement – where death squads roam under the sole control of the executive – is one definition of dictatorship. It now has the potential to threaten critics of the US anywhere in the world.” (1)

I’m not as young as I used to be, but I will not bend over for these traitors and neither will the millions of us that are still young and angry, as they should be! These people are not going to over-react. We have cleaned and oiled our weapons: Especially the mental weapons which must precede the use of physical weapons. Millions of armed Americans are more than ready for these assassins to make their coming next-step. That will bring the spray of blood and gore wherever the government decides to take their next false and now deadly action…

People all over this country have to start treating even the lowliest government people, but especially the highest ranking criminals in every department. as the scum they are—because these people are the true ENEMIES of AMERICA! Do not treat these creatures as if they are civilized: They are no different than rabid-dogs, loose in the land, and need to be dealt with accordingly!

Whether its taxes or any of the 40,000 new laws, just spit on them! Tell these criminals to go straight to hell, and MEAN IT! Then watch the looks on their faces once they begin to see the truth of what they’re hearing and beginning to see in the mob they’ve always treated as nothing more than human-garbage: Let’s reverse these roles and dump the whole lot of them as excess and totally-toxic human-waste!

If this was our land and our Constitution was still alive,

We would NOT hesitate to do that in a flash!

The Constitution & the Declaration of Independence are not just pieces of paper. They are universal-IDEAS that can’t be killed with bullets, or phony laws.

They can only be harmed by killing the strength

Of the core-ideas behind them.

There are huge changes coming. Yesterday’s arrival of the appointment of the new Pope is horrifically damning. See the entire top of the right hand column of today if you want absolute proof of just how hideous this “election” will very soon become. The series of articles begins with Malachy Prophecy: Next Pope Will Be Last and scroll down to include the next four articles – then think about all of that!

Many might also remember that the announcement by Iran concerning ‘FREE Energy for the world’, along with interstellar space-travel, the end of the current war-machine: And  because of the breakthroughs just discovered, this has made both thermo-nuclear war and the war-machines of the planet obsolete – ? There is about to be a radical shift on the planet in mind; not unlike a total polar-shift that could take us all back to a place where not only can we obliterate the nightmares, but we could employ most of the world in changing everything from what it is to today to a world where life and energy are valued once again – but it’s founder is waiting until the 20th or the 21st of March, to bring the formal-announcement of these breakthroughs to the world… (2)

Between what will happen to the Pope, possibly the Queen of England and the head of Canada, possibly followed by the entanglement of the FED, the Zionists, and the crimes of USI—if  global indictments filed in Brussels go forward. Compound that with the Iranian discoveries then the brittle and extremely dangerous Zionist threats that desperately want to derail all those positives, by bombing Iran and ending anything that could have come from them.

This is critically important as never before—and America’s alteration in the way we treat the OCCUPYING-FORCES inside this country must reflect a truly-new awareness of the end of our slavery—even though it has still not-yet been proclaimed by the direct actions of the Dictator-for-Life who is determined to finish the enslavement of the planet—which the Zionists have ordered thru the N.W.O and all of their Down & Dirty colluding-global-criminals… (3)

The time to change sides and to end this self-enforced slavery over here: is here. Each one of us must chose now, because there will not be another chance to do the right thing!

Jim Kirwan

1) JSoc Obama’s Secret Assassins

2) Does Iran Already Have Free Energy That Could Render the Military Industrial… – 1 min 55 sec video

3) Down & Dirty And Out of Control


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