Slave Owners

When Everyone Old is New Again

When the world was old, long before there was a Christian era; slavery was part of everyday life in almost every society. At the moment the world is facing what has been described as the beginning of World War III. But I suggest that we are in fact already inside World War Three: Because what is happening now is not about global nuclear war: This is about global slavery between an illegitimate global power that seeks to enslave the entire world and the global population that’s been targeted for permanent slavery or death. It’s both as simple and as complex as that.

There was a case before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1839 that dealt with the Revolt of Slaves aboard the Spanish Slave Ship, the Amistad. A film was made about the incident, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1997. It’s available free on Netflix as “Amistad”. There are transcripts on-line that note every word said in that Supreme Court proceeding, but the transcript of the speech given by Anthony Hopkins, as John Quincy Adams is so stunning to the unfiled case of slavery incorporated which the world now faces, that it bears repeating here, in part, for your consideration: As to merit and the time worn issues around slavery that have always been at stake.

“Why are we here? How is it that a simple plain property issue should find itself so ennobled that it should find itself to be argued before the Supreme Court of the United States of America? I mean do we fear for the lower courts which found for us easily, somehow missed the truth – is that it: Or is it rather our great consuming fear of Civil War that has allowed us to heap symbolism upon a simple case that never asked for it: And now would have us disregard truth, even as it stands before us, tall and proud as manly.

The truth. The Truth has been driven from this case like a slave, flogged from court to court retched and destitute… It’s with the long and powerful arm of the executive office. Yeah this is no mere property case gentlemen. And I put it to you thus; this is the most important case ever to come before this court. Because what it in fact concerns is the very nature of man.”

k) Just as the case for the freedom of the people throughout Ukraine and Lithuania, Poland and everywhere else in that region of the world: Where people should be free to choose their own governments and the way they want to live their lives. Because if they can’t do that, then they, just like the Palestinians, the English, Native Americans, the French, the Germans, the Americans, the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Cypriots and the Muslims around the world that are already enslaved today; to the illegally contrived one-world government  that’s killing the entire planet.

The enslavement of humanity is the issue now. Russia has held a steady course against the Tsunami of USI, EU, UN and NATO lies that are plaguing the entire planet: Because there is no truth in any of what any of the so-called G-7 counties are now promising to do, to further degrade the situation in Ukraine, not to mention the already devastated places around the planet where they have already brought their targeted killings and international-crimes into play already. If that doesn’t constitute international-slavery then nothing does!

“These are transcriptions of letters written between our Secretary of State John Forsyth and the Queen of Spain Isabel…  I would not touch on them now except to notice a curious phrase that is much repeated. The Queen again and again refers to our incompetent courts. Now what I wonder would be more to her liking – huh? A court that finds against the Africans? I think not. And here is the fine point of it. What he majesty wants is a court that behaves just like her courts. The courts this eleven year old child plays with in her magical kingdom called Spain.

A court that will do what it is told, a court that can be toyed with like a doll. A court that which our own president, Martin Van Buren would be most proud – thank you!

This is a publication of the office of the president. It’s called the Executive Review and I’m sure you all read it. At least I’m sure the president hopes you all read it. This is a recent issue and there’s an article in here written by “a keen mind of the South” It’s my former Vice President John Calhoun perhaps. Could it be – who asserts that “there has never been a civilized society in which one segment did not thrive upon the labor of another: As far back as one chooses to look, to ancient times, to biblical times.

History bears this out. In Eden where only two were created, even there one was pronounced subordinate to the other. Slavery has always been with us, and is neither sinful nor immoral. Rather as war and antagonism are the natural states of man, so too slavery. As natural as it is inevitable.” Well gentlemen I must say I differ with the keen minds of the South, and with our president who apparently shares their views, offering the natural state of mind is instead – and I know this is a controversial idea – is ‘Freedom’. And the proof is the length to which a man woman or child will go to regain it, once taken.

He will break loose his chains he will decimate his enemies; he will try and try and try against all odds, against all prejudices to get home…

…yet if the South is right, what are we to do with that embarrassing annoying document, the Declaration of Independence? What of its conceits? ‘All men created equal, inalienable rights, life, liberty and so on and so forth.  What (?) to do with this? I have a modest suggestion. (Here he tears the document in half and returns to his seat).

The other night I was talking to my friend Sneak. He was over at my place and we were out in the greenhouse together and he was explaining to me how when a member of the Mende, that’s his people: How when a member of the Mende encounters a situation where it appears there is no hope at all; he evokes his ancestors. It’s tradition. You see the Mende believe that if one can summon the spirits of one’s ancestors, then it is as though they never left. And the wisdom and strength they fathered and inspired will come to his aid.

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams. We have long resisted asking you for guidance, perhaps we have feared in doing so we might acknowledge that our individuality that we oh so revere is not entirely our own. Perhaps we feared an appeal to you might be taken for weakness: But we’ve come to understand: Finally that this is not so. We understand now. We’ve been made to understand and to embrace the understanding that who we are IS who we were.

(Addressing court): We desperately need your strength and wisdom, to triumph over our fears, our prejudices, ourselves. Give us the courage to do what is right. And if it means Civil War, then let it come. And when it does, may it be finally the last battle of the American Revolution. That’s all I have to say.”

11 min 11 sec of the 12 min video.

What came to mind here was that as far back as the discovery of this place, the slave trade was owned and run by Jews. There were no Zionists that far back, but the ships and their cargos were owned by Jews, and that trade was a thriving one indeed for the “New World”.

The list of the crimes committed by these living dead – the Zionists of our time is long. It gets even uglier each and every year.

20120409-2Israel leads the world in sex-trafficking, the illegal sale of human body parts, pedophilia, gross perversions of every aspect of sexual deviations and perversions. Murder, torture, brutality and slavery of every type have always marked their passage wherever they have left their scent. Israel owns the global illicit drug trade, equaled only by the legal drug trade which they are coming to dominate as well.

Israel ‘improved’ on our slaughter of the natives in this country, and its visible for the world to watch in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank – perfect examples of the current Apartheid state that claims to be a democracy while it plans the destruction of the human race.

The Israeli’s invented ‘assassination’ in the modern age; it was their primary weapon which they used to steal Palestine for the Jews. Israel has improved upon their original crimes during the Inquisition. Political corruption, deceit and global lies are their strict diet in politics. And war, war, lots more war has become their by-line in global politics as well.

Israel has mastered the art of political and corporate deception which they have frequently enhanced with sabotage of everything from Fukushima’s nuclear power plants, to dozens of false-flag attacks on America, and other countries, at virtually every opportunity.

The world will breath again, but only when Israel is gone forever!

The Fourth Reich has been alive since the end of WWII, without the former armies of the Third Reich. Today they have the Right Sector who does their bidding for them. Hitler’s reign lasted just twelve years, before the end of his era. The current 4th Reich has been alive since 1945. That’s 69 years that they’ve been pushing their creeds, schemes and blackmail upon the planet. That, as it turns out is just three years longer than Israel has been tormenting the planet with their current insanity. It’s way past time that the world begins to take these creatures for what they really are, the real-undead of the existing world!

At the moment Israel is waiting to attack Iran Syria or Lebanon; while they wait for a stronger distraction to happen in Ukraine, for them to light the nuclear fuse they’ve planted in so many countries, just to start that long dreamed of nuclear nightmare, which they require, so that Israel can finally own everyone else on the planet. Well at least the survivors, if there are any from the extermination of 95% of the current global population.

What keeps getting overlooked is that everyone on this planet has already been targeted for global slavery as the first step in the current WWIII. Whatever comes next will decide how many that are still breathing, will be allowed to stay alive, during WWIV which is what is currently being arranged at the behest of USI, Israel, the global-bankers and the gluttonous corporations wherever they’ve decided to nest among the vultures; while they wait out the interim measures that are going through the motions now.

Humanity has been cursed by these parasites for literally centuries. It’s time to end this plague upon the world, while there is still time to finally end it all.

Jim Kirwan

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