Rebalancing American Basics

Since 1973, American’s wages have become stagnated. Instead of either keeping pace with the rising costs of everyday-life, they have been going backwards.

With Trumps’ speech on the State of the Union last night I thought about the one huge gap in his “great news”. There are several giant holes in how this billionaire views the world of work & survival in America Today.

The first thing is the stagnant Social Security Checks to the people who have paid into this government promise, for their whole working-lives, under threat of IRS and federal government legal action against anyone that failed to comply. Now that the time has come for over 80 million people to collect on the government’s promise – we find that since George W. Bush, according to the governments’ literal cost of living has only gone up a few pennies per month—for all “poor-recipients”.

Meanwhile, creatures that have no education, no papers and who are not inspected medically are flown into the country in the middle of the night and resettled here with free everything, including cars and money as well as medical care: All of it paid for with money stolen from Social Security, whose American ‘beneficiaries’ do not qualify for any of the special benefits that now are going to hostile ‘immigrants’, many of whom practice “honor killing” and or shariah law, and are part of families that feature many more than just one wife—all of which makes their arrival in the USA very, very expensive. Meanwhile actual American Social Security recipients often cannot both pay the rent and afford basic food, this number includes me.

This must be immediately-changed.

If Trump were to write an Executive Order, forbidding anyone that believes in Shariah Law over the United States Constitution, Female Gender Manipulation, or “Honor Killing” as some of the things which they have “a right to do” (all of which goes against the U.S. Constitution)—that would be a start. Those people should be immediately sent back to wherever they came from.

As this was done illegally “by the stroke of a pen”. It stands to reason that it can be undone in the same way?

Migrants should not be allowed to enter the US with more than one wife—and there must be strict-caps placed on how much they receive upon entry, or at any time afterward. And those people who “hate America” must be denied.

Meanwhile the hundreds of billions of dollars this would save the government and Social Security; must go back into the looted Social Security funds, from which it was stolen – for the last 18 years. That money needs to be spent on current day Social Security checks for all those years that the administration has been lying about the actual cost of living. Each current recipient should receive no less than $1,000 a month in untaxable monthly Social Security payments.

In addition to the trillions we will save, by cutting off payments to the people that do not meet US standards under the Constitution – combined  with making 80 to 85 million Social Security recipients “whole”: This would amount to a major change in the  lives of those that paid into the program, and who need these changes now – just to stay alive.

If the Trump-government does not address this urgent imbalance in everyday American Life then it will be clear just who will be “made-whole, under the new “Make America Great Again”. If this is not done it will be clear that there is no room for those of us that actually did make this nation a better place to live – and we bet our lives on the fact that the government would not lie to us once it was time for the government to make good on their promises to over 80 million of us!

Jim Kirwan


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