From the Past To Now

Many people seem to lack real knowledge about the way that “America”
came to be what we so casually call America now. So I thought that some general information about that ‘beginning’ along with some truth might be helpful.

“A bold, revolutionary nation, from the start. America has grown and flourished for more than two centuries in the rich soil of idealism and hope. Promising opportunity, freedom and equality immigrants fled to the New World in droves. Liberty, was not then for all – some were dragged to America in chains – but it came eventually, bit by bit, keeping the promise alive. As Americans matured, it also set its sights outward, exerting power in its “national interest”, and extending its promise of freedom and democracy in the world. There have been some real high points along the way, like WWII, and some low moments like Vietnam…”

From ADBUSTERS, “HOPE AND MEMORY” May/June 2004, number 53

But there has been much that wasn’t focused on, which each of us needs to discover for ourselves. Officially this saga began about 1492 in this land which was not empty—far from it. The civilization that was here had been in the America’s for something like 5,000 years – and in many ways their way of life was superior to the imported “civilization” which came with the white men and later with their imported-slaves. ‘Slavery’ did not begin with America, it had been practiced for thousands of years in Egypt, Rome and Europe including among the native population in the Americas; long before it was imported to the this place by Kazarian traders that owned the ships and supplied the slaves.

There are still two wars that cursed America from our earliest days. The slaughter of the native population and the theft of their lands, coupled with the oppression and slavery of the black race, that has survived for hundreds of years with some changes but thanks to the same creatures that brought them to America, the racial topic is still a cauldron that’s still being stirred in the New Millennium.

As we moved through the 1800’s the mindset of being a Constitutionally driven nation was still alive in the country. But by the time we came to 1913 apparently our forefathers had begun to forget the Constitutional Republic entirely…”

* * *

As the nation began to weave its way through “Manifest Destiny” that ended with “the Monroe Doctrine” as we approached 1900; the idea of “The Exceptional Nation” had been born in selected foreign and corporate wars with the US military acting as enforcers for the corporate international banks and corporations. This was testified to by U.S. marine general Smedley Butler who documented his 33 year career in his own words.

But with the theft of the U.S. Treasury by the Rothschild s and their foreign collaborators, in 1913, which was aided and abetted by Woodrow Wilson who signed that TREASON into law – the United States had officially broken with the U.S. Constitution, and that crime has never been challenged. This is what our forefathers left to their children and grand-children.

WWI then set the early stages for the take-down of the what remained of the Republic which had already been privatized by the creation of the Federal Reserve – under the auspices of the United States Incorporated, that had already unofficially-killed “the United States of America” with their takeover of the printing of all U.S. Currency, by foreign powers that were a product of private and foreign Kazarian powers; which are the same creatures to which every man woman and child in America now owes the thirty trillion in debts – that must be obliterated by a national-jubilee that is the only way to clear the totally illegal field.

Harry Truman came along after the Second World War and began the dismantling of the old US of A. He created the CIA, sanctioned and introduced the totally illegal ‘State of Israel’ and was responsible for the creation of the UN and other obscenities that diminished the sovereign rights of Americans around the world. For instance under Obama the UN was tasked with taking away all privately owned weapons in America (this failed big time) As the illegal legislation demanded that Americans surrender our guns to the UN in that first Trojan Horse that was called Agenda 21.

In November of 1963 the same creatures that did 911 murdered JFK. And shortly thereafter his brother Bobby, Peace activist Martin Luther King and numerous others, to clearly send the message that “functional-investigations into those foreign sanctioned-murders would never be tolerated.

LBJ & Israel were the primary actors in the JFK assassination, and from that November Day, in 1963 until today – America has been a criminally owned and run slave-state: The Constitutional Republic having been long since silenced. The links on our chains are attached by “a symbolic US” link which attaches the chains to the ankle-bracelets.

With the above as backdrop, a new set of TREASONS was created and used to allow the Supreme Court to appoint George W. Bush as the 43rd U.S. president. The five justices that participated in that TREASON were not held to account in that case either. And this is how American entered into the New Millennium with traitors throughout the congress, the courts, the Entire Executive Branch; not to mention the BLM, the DOJ, the FBI, the FISA courts, the CIA,and the now totally corrupted US media, the illegal UN, NATO and the globally-criminal banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the Israeli-trained US police-forces, along with the Deep State Enforcement Departments at virtually every turn – while the nation wavers on the edge of oblivion and all because the last four decades of Americans have been sold into serving in the global SWAMP composed of pedophiles, rapists, cannibals and mass-murderers as the mindless-idiots that ‘no-one has yet arrested’, and yet they still prey upon the innocent around the world.

America has lost its spine and forgotten its supposed pledge to future generations, while becoming the world’s leading criminal nation,

The U.S. currently “OCCUPIES the ENTIRE PLANET” – With military bases in over 130 nations and over 6,000 military bases in the U.S.
Clearly the U.S. is the greatest threat to humanity
and has been since the end of WWII.

Add in the over 200 nations we’ve illegally attacked over time
before we embarked on WWII
And it’s clear that if anything is to ever change, America must stand-down.
No one is perfect, but what this place has done to the world
is intolerable by any standard,
We need to Remember Who We Were
And move to outlaw and obliterate the real enemies of humanity,
wherever they exist in the world today.

Jim Kirwan

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