Defiance ~ Submission

Defiance - Submission

Throughout the struggle for “LIFE” that created the basis for the supremacy of civilization, there has been this ever-present battle between ‘Defiance’ and the ‘Submission’ that stands for the slavery, the torture and the slaughter of the human race. The world has at last reached this final crossroad, in the fifth generation of global-dominance, over how we will finally survive this eternal battle: As soon as we embrace the ‘actions’ required to crush the 3% that are determined to kill the world, along with all the races and colors of humanity that had come together to create the vibrant world, that’s now the global-target for all the lawless barbarians that must be ended, if there is to be a future for this world. The Video is old, but the topic’s have not changed. We must “act”!

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting – 8 min 39 sec VIDEO

800,000 paid demonstrators, along with no-doubt some convinced snowflakes who took to the streets of America, supposedly to protest the existence of guns in America – demanding the disarmament of all Americans! Most of those demonstrating were not sentient before the criminal US Military attack upon Iraq, when billions marched in opposition. Had they been alive and part of those demonstrations they would know that the powers that own us didn’t miss a beat—“Shekinah”—’Shock & Awe’ went off without a hitch: Since that momentous global-crime, billions have now died worldwide, with more to come unless they are stopped cold—around the world.

The age of the demonstrators matters greatly because most of those who were ‘out there on parade’ are part of “the new generations” – who are confused about everything, but especially about even what sex they are. These are the same people that have demanded that our supposed “institutions of both higher and lower education” – have banned all communications that might ever involve speaking or even noticing any of the global crimes that are invading the artificial “safe-spaces” that have become their basis for everything they are demanding, along with their major-overhaul of everything sexual in America today.

Children are now being educated in even the third grade about sexual unions, sexual organs and with permissions being handed out to “parents” to have sexual techniques with their children The terms men and women have been banned, along with boys and girls, and public restrooms are open to all forms of sexual identification, for anyone who can’t decide what they are—never mind who they are or will be—hell no wonder they cannot decide anything, if they cannot decide who or what they are: How can they “demand” anything from the supposedly adult world that was supposed to protect them? And all of this has still not been able to get through the fake-protections by the Media, that has still not told the truth behind this obscenity.

Pedophilia now covers the planet, along with global-war and Child-slavery, that’s feeding the appetites of perverted outlaws and cannibals to satisfy their global obsession with perversions of every kind, in a world gone mad with every facet of crime and all the perverted passions beginning at all levels of government world wide. Among the “great nations” only Russia has stood firmly opposed.

“Political-Correctness” is their weapon of this war that we must destroy,
if we are ever to become human again.
With rights and dreams of our own, in a world
where there is still a real tomorrow.
Because “Today really is, Yesterday’s Tomorrow”!

On the political side: Here’s just how much we have all been lied to!

New CIA Agent Whistle Blower Risks All to Expose the Shadow Government

Jim Kirwan


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