The New Amerikan Cebris

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At this stage of the collapse of the Amerikan Empire all you need to look at are the three faces of our latest downfall. Lead by Nikki Halley at the UN, followed by the evil spokeswoman Heather Nauert, from the State Department and to complete this trio we now have Susan Rice the traitor who is going to “manage” NETFLIX – something which is producing a colossal-surge of subscription cancellations from the public against NETFLIX.

Halley, has been insulting the intelligence of the global population from her “post” at the UN, since she arrived. While Trump’s latest addition to the Department of State, Heather has created a new level of ignorance & insults, in her “management” of the press, at what are vacuous daily briefings that are marked by the number of times she admits to zero-knowledge of anything and everything she’s asked to comment on.

Why do these token representatives of the press not just walk out-en mass from that farce, because it’s a total obscenity in every respect. And as for what is happening now on Netflix, their phone lines are jammed with people that are quitting NETFLIX, because of their choice to hire Susan Rice, a political-TRAITOR, to direct their choices in film—which s growing by the hour.

Behind the scenes, this three-headed dog from hell is being directed by Gina Haspel, the new head of CIA.

“She once orchestrated a last-minute operation that captured two terrorists linked to the bombing of an embassy — earning one of the agency’s highest honors, according to her official biography.
When she appears before the U.S. Senate as President Trump’s nominee to run the agency, however, all that could fade in the glare of one chapter in a long career — her role after the Sept. 11 attacks, when she was stationed at a “black site” in Thailand where detainees were waterboarded.
Haspel’s supporters, who include intelligence veterans from both political parties, say the full measure of her experience has perfectly prepared her to head the nation’s premiere spy agency. Not only would she be the first woman to hold that job, she would be only the second director in the agency’s history to have spent an entire career in its clandestine service — responsible for the difficult decisions that officers in the field face every day…”

After a CIA career in the shadows, Gina Haspel to face the spotlight of controversy.

The ordinary people of this place are being spat on (again) by the government via what is supposedly being chosen to represent policy in US Inc – If this doesn’t change, almost immediately the public will have no choice but to take this government to the streets, to clean out these traitors and drop the thundering war-drums being beaten to death by Trump, by John Bolton, NSA – by Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State & of course by Gina Haspel at CIA which combined now equals the WAR CABINET, with no relief in sight.

Enough is Enough – It’s way past time for change and these changes that were just ordered by Israel must be thrown out now…


Jim Kirwan


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