The Imbalance

Between Patriarchal & Matriarchal Society
There has been a total imbalance in the world between the matriarchal and the patriarchal worlds since the biblical severance of these equal components that make up human life. We went from ‘Seeking & Finding’ to ‘the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ as described in the Bible, that brought in the Patriarchal chaos that has come to dominate the war-addicted world of today.

Four HorsemenWhat has been at stake has always been the survival of that balance between men & women, which when both are healthy, equals real life: Whereas when one or the other has dominated completely all that humanity gets; looks exactly like what we have today all around the world. The latest version of this obscenity can be directly attributed to the insanity of Political-Correctness, and LBGTQ, in all of its perverted-protections that have murdered social & political life, along with the inability of the people of the planet to protect themselves from everything that is dead-set on slaughtering the planet and everyone on it.

If people now had known anything about the nations that we have obliterated, the differences would have been clear, and the planet would have rebelled over our barbaric destruction of so many thriving states.

In Saddam’s Iraq: Medicine, mathematics and technology was all ahead of the pitiful U.S. and women were able to chose to work in any area of society, for real money. Life in Iraq was modern, open and damned near equal.

The same was true in Qaddafi’s Libya. He shared Libya’s oil profits with his people, and life there was the highest standard of living in Africa. Medicine was free, and he sent the afflicted to whichever country in the world to obtain care, if they could not be treated in Libya. His programs for his people were mind-boggling, and life there was far beyond anything that we had in America, before we attacked him: And women had an equal share in life in Libya.

Qaddafi, found pristine arctic water, (the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System) under Libya with which he had begun to build tunnels from – to spread that water to all of North Africa, that would have turned the arid deserts into lush forests that would have changed everything for the people of not just Libya, but the whole of Africa. He backed his money with gold, and challenged the U.S. Dollar, which got him killed. Libya had no Rothschild Bank, but after Qaddafi was slaughtered, the first thing we did, after stealing his gold, was to institute a Rothschild Bank, while we finished obliterating the underground arctic water and the pipelines that would have distributed that resource. The people in Libya, just like in Iraq were light years ahead of the crumbling US: All of which was covered up by our claims of murdering his own people. Libya today is an open cesspool that Hillary created, while the world’s courts & criminals looked on in silence.

After Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the US continued its totally failed war-machine, that to that point had only achieved chaos everywhere we went:

But we continued with Syria where we again dragged out all the same old shit about slaughtering his own people in order to give Israel what they have always demanded which is more and more divided nations on their borders, stolen for Israel by the USA.

Now we’ve moved on to sponsor Saudi-Arabia, against Yemen, creating the world’s worst famine in human history; while we continue to sow discord, famine human-trafficking, rape and mass murder throughout the Middle-East, not to mention Ukraine, the Korean Peninsula, and everywhere else throughout the EU with sanctions against Russiaand with no end in sight.

Meanwhile everywhere we go, women have always become less than human slaves: forced to become baby-making machines, with no rights and no future for themselves, or their countriesthis has to end, before the entire planet becomes the totally inhuman sewer we are so desperately trying to become.

That said: The magnificence of a real-balance with a real Matriarchal-society and a sane Patriarchal partnership could not only have ended these endless wars, but that kind of life could have paved the way to a world that’s free from this tyranny of endless wars. This was what both Saddam and Qaddafi knew and had begun to create, through business, progress and real education which we were determined to obliterate.

Women the world over, need to regain their place in the wider world with equal tasks and equal pay for the Matriarchal world that the illegal state of Kazarian-Israel has been trying to kill, outside Israel, for thousands of years…

The natural laws of nature and humanity abhor the current imbalance that is destroying this planet just look around.

Jim Kirwan

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