Will Trump Shutdown the World Cup

Russia has been preparing for this year’s World Cup in Football for many years, building new stadiums and preparing to host the 2018 World Cup of Sports.

US Inc, cannot allow the rest of the world to go to Russia, to see the games and meet the Russian people or to see that country and its people at their best, for themselves; when and IF Russia ‘hosts the games’. Consequently, since the only ‘tool in USI’s quiver is still WAR’:The global-stage is currently being set to create border incidents that will of course be blamed on Russiawhich can then be easily used to cancel the World Cup while blaming Russia for yet more war?

NATO has been pushing at Russia’s Borders since Obama’s criminal administration. Currently the War Machine has been intensifying the policies of Obama and now Trump has decided to get muscular with every diplomatic quagmire he encounters.

Read the link below and note the importance of the international-pipeline that USI has been using illegal-sanctions to prevent. Until now the fake-West has been using every excuse that can be conceived, to prevent Russia from succeeding with either their pipeline or the opportunity to host the World Cup in Football. In this endeavor the Westand the dying EU have assumed that Russia will just sit still and take all the illiterate abuse and the lies without responding.

Apparently Russia has decided to defend her positions and to remind the world that there are limits on her patiencethis is something that neither the fake-West nor the crumbling EU ever anticipated.

I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It” – Russia Declares ‘Unusual’ Missile Drill, Just Miles From Sweden.

US expulsion of Russian diplomats from UN HQ violates all international deals envoy.

The US acted unlawfully when it expelled Russian diplomats from the UN headquarters in New York and has failed as the host country for the international body, Gennady Gatilov, Russias envoy to the UN Office in Geneva, said.

“One more time…..since it makes more sense played to this “background music.”

The thought that comes to me to symbolize the geopolitical test of strength between Russia and the West is this: An image–seen from a far away distance–of two muscular gladiators, side by side, symbolizing the West and Russia, standing in the center of the Coliseum’s arena. Upon closer inspection and testing, we see one’s muscles are the product of artificial plastic surgery with silicon implants pretending strength; while the other’s muscle’s have been grown naturally, from powerful tests and exertions and discipline.

In other words, America’s artificial “military industrial complex” has created weapons and military missions for the purposes of vanity and empty lies, and decayed the spirit of truth and purity in the military oath; while the Russian people have sought leaders from among their best citizens, and looked to the development of the military to only protect their territory and culture and people–and not to enrich themselves. It is why the F-35 has cost 100 times the original contract; why toilet seats cost $15K; and why politically correct surgeries have replaced “raw manhood and leadership” with the castrating effeminacy and lobotomized philosophy of money, hedonism, and power.

This is why the US military has become an arms factory of defective items and defective minds; while the Russian is designed for one purpose: defending the motherland against attackers.

That is the fundamental difference, and it defines those who nourish their body politic with either integrity, or insanity. Before Americans and the West in general can change into what they dream of becoming, they must first view themselves in the mirror of reality and history and reason; and embrace truth by pushing away fantasy. …from Scott Bennett.

k – It will be very interesting to see just how this new challenge will be viewed by the most cowardly world which has ever lived upon this planet. This is but the latest test of actual-reality that cannot be ignored.

Remember: A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.

Jim Kirwan


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