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When the Founders put together the U.S. Constitution and the first Ten Amendments
They did so with an eye toward what happened to the ‘rights’
in the Magna Carta – which were overruled by the English King.

When I put together the graphic description of “the State of the Nation in 1966”
I did that to show the nation just how far we had fallen, as a people at that time.
Look at these images and know that we were already right there in 1965 & ’66:

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The chain gang held together by the ‘US link’ that connected each person, in the world of LBJ. The Congress likewise was already nothing but a House of Cards; just as “The Great Society” was already a national crime against the public – and CENSORSHIP had already dug our collective grave in the shape of the USA. And our children then had already become “The Children of the Empty Promise”.

The people of this country were supposed to have been officially captured, long ago—but partly because of dumb luck and excessive hubris on the part of the Deep State, they screwed up. And then again in 73 when our wages were frozen and again when 911 was created by Israel & the same Deep State: That too was supposed to end our lives forever — yet here we are, still precariously balanced on ‘The Edge of Oblivion’ – but we have still not even glanced for the most part, at the reasons WHY we have survived — till now.

In San Francisco, when the new public library was stolen by AT&T and the politicians, we fought that for four long years. Eventually we lost, but it cost them a great deal and it was the public that held off the Barbarians…

The Barbarians At the Gates, Politics in San Francisco

Consequently all these snowflakes and cowards that are refusing to understand why the 2nd Amendment exists – need to arrested, and sent to whichever city in the world, like London or Sydney, Paris or Berlin, or to anywhere here like Chicago, New York City, or anywhere here where the public is not allowed to defend themselves or their loved ones. That would be anywhere that has chosen to make everyday life into gun-free zones: Leave your possessions behind and look at the statistics, then ask yourself if you really want to DISARM YOURSELF, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW?

Living through what’s coming will be difficult enough – so we will not comply with disarming ourselves before the chaos comes.

Jim Kirwan


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